I Accepted a Job Offer but Got Another Interview, What to Do?

Finding an ideal job is a daunting process for everybody. You may be full of tensions and worries while finding a job. You would have a fear that you would not get a job in any organization.

To combat such emotions, you apply in several organizations. This is done to truncate any type of risk and fetch a job in a company.

Now your hard work yielded productive results. You got a job offer from a company. You were full of passion and vigor in your eyes to work in this company.

Without much thinking, you accepted the job offer and sent the job offer acceptance email.

However, the other day you woke up and got a call from another organization…

“Hello, you are selected for the further job procedure and are called for the interview.”

Now, this may be your dream job. Feelings of passion, anxiety, and excitement dwell in your heart. This is because you accepted the job offer but have another interview now.

“I accepted a job offer but got another interview.”

You told this to your parents and friends. Now you cannot put your legs in two boats. You would have to climb one boat.

This article delineates the various steps you should follow in such a situation.

What to do when you accepted the job offer but have another interview?

Consider Your Priorities

You should always know that you are working to build your career. Hence, it is your priorities that matter in the end. You should be selfish here and consider your satisfaction.

You can have two priorities. It could either be earning significant revenues or satisfying yourself.

There can be a possibility that one of the jobs is offering you high income. However, you do not like the work culture of the job. This means that you would not be satisfied while working in this organization.

On the other hand, the other organization may proffer you low incomes. But the requirements of this organization would suit your skillset. You would enjoy working in this company.

So you should weigh money with your satisfaction. Your satisfaction should outweigh income. This is because augmented revenues are of no use if you cannot utilize them properly.

What is the use of working 40 hours per week and not enjoying your weekend? Or what is the use of earning with a sad heart and a dull mind? So you should consider your priorities between the two jobs.

Compare The Workplaces

You should imagine a typical day in the offices of both the jobs. In this way, you can compare even the minor attributes of the organizations. Hence, you can directly compare the tasks and their functioning.

You can compare various attributes like commute, salary, schedule, remote working options, etc. The pay you get for your working hours should also be examined.

You already know about the working conditions of the company which proffered you the job offer. So you can research about the working conditions of the other company. This would also help you to estimate your satisfaction from working in both jobs.

In the end, you should opt for the job which satisfies you the most.

Which Job Fits Your Career?

You are working in any organization to enhance your career.

A suitable organization would help you to refine your skills and augment your networking outreach. It would also help you to explore future opportunities ideal for your career.

Hence, you should compare both the jobs regarding the growth opportunities they offer. This is because it could significantly change your future and career.

You should opt for an organization whose requirements meet your skill sets. Since you have two options now, you should not modify your skill sets according to the companies’ needs. Instead, you should opt for a company whose needs suit your skill sets.

Research About The Employers

An employer is the center of attraction around whom the employees work. He or she affects the productivity and efficiency of the employees. So you should always compare the nature of the employers of both the jobs.

A good employer may motivate you to perform the best of your capabilities. He or she would even help you to refine your skills and talents. He or she can also help you to grow your networking outsources.

This will help you to procure more future job opportunities. You would give your best under the guidance of a skilled and polite employer.

On the other hand, a lousy employer may affect your efficiency. Your productivity is likely to deteriorate under the guidance of a bad employer.

You may not be comfortable to work in the workplace with him or her. He or she would always point out your weaknesses.

Hence, you should research the employers of both organizations. You may know the employer who has proffered you the job offer. You could examine the employer of the second company from the existing and past employees.

Companies’ Culture

The coworkers and the environment of the workplace would also affect your efficiency and moods. So before deciding any suitable job, you should consider the company’s culture.

A bad company culture would truncate your relations with a coworker. You would not be able to survive for long in the company. You would always have low efficiency.

On the other hand, a good company culture could brighten the number of your further job opportunities. There would be space for you to enhance yourself and refine your skills.

So you should not modify your values according to the companies’ culture. Instead, you should choose a company whose culture matches your ethics.

Clasp to Your First Acceptance

Once you have accepted a job offer, you should cancel the interview for another job. You should try to go with your first option after considering the above conditions.

This is because rejecting a job offer after accepting it reveals your amateurism and lack of wisdom.

The hiring manager of this organization may even spread a negative word about you. This would result in the loss of future job opportunities for you.

Hence, it is advisable to accept your first job. You would not have to undergo the tedious interview process all over again.

Also, your entry into this organization is final. However, you could fail in the interview for another job.

So, rejecting your job offer after accepting it is not a very good option.

Reject Your First Acceptance

The second option is to decline the job offer after accepting it. You should stick to this option after considering the points mentioned above. Hold on to this option only if you know that you could clear the interview.

Don’t leave your dream job just because you have accepted another job offer. If you do this, then you are truncating your future career growth opportunities. Hence, if you think that your new job is worth rejecting the earlier post, then you should go for it.

However, you should reject your first acceptance formally and professionally. For this, you could send a job offer rejection email or a job offer rejection letter to the company.

Future Consequences

If you are rejecting the job offer of an organization, then you should be aware of the consequences. At first, it would be difficult for you to fetch a job in the same organization in the future.

Secondly, rejecting a job offer after initially accepting it could even tarnish your professional image.

Your relationship with the hiring manager may even get spoiled. In the heat of the moment, the hiring manager may also spread a negative word about you. This can truncate your future job opportunities from other organizations as well.

If you have signed the contract of employment, then you should also consider the legal consequences of it. You can hire a lawyer to perform the legal activities required after rejecting the job offer.

So you should opt for the new job only if you think that the consequences are worth it.

Negotiate for Your Problems

You may be declining your acceptance for a job offer due to some problems. But, If these problems are sorted out, then you may not do so.

So, you can try to sort these problems out by negotiating with the hiring manager.

Say, for example, you are unsatisfied with the amount of your salary. In such a case, you can share your problem with the hiring manager and negotiate about it.

You can tell him or her the situation about the other interview as well. This may compel the hiring manager to come to an agreement and not lose you as an employee.

Thus, you should know your negotiation limits. This would help you to choose a suitable job out of the two positions.

Avoid the Interview

You should not attend the interview in case you are not satisfied with this job. Attending the conversation without any aim is entirely useless.

You are instead taking the seat of another individual who has the required skill set.

Trust Your Intuitions

Always trust your gut feeling. This is because the inner voice never lies. Your intuition knows what is better for you. So you should calm down and close your eyes for a second.

You should maintain your composure and think about both the jobs. Try to follow the voice which comes from your inner self.

Take advice from your friends and relatives. This would help you to understand the attributes of both organizations. However, it is you in the end who has to make the decision.

Wrapping Up!

There can be situations when you accepted a job offer but have another interview.

In such cases, you would have to choose the suitable job according to the salary and your satisfaction. You can procure information about both the organizations and research about them.

In the end, you should always trust your gut feeling. You can even cancel the interview by sending an email.

You can write in the subject line the following phrase:

“Interview Cancellation Email, Accepted Another Offer.”

On the other hand, you could stick to your dream job as well to enhance your career growth.

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