I Have a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology, Now What?


A Bachelor’s degree in Sociology is a three-year undergraduate program. Generally, people who have a keen interest in society, its issues, and solving them through their critical thinking, pursue this subject.

Many times, the way people speak, act, or think may entice you. This is due to excellent social skills or their formal credentials in sociology.

You can talk about countless topics in the domain of sociology like marriage, divorce, sexuality, social issues, criminology, cultural inequalities, racism, attacks, feminism, etc.

This behavioral science requires individuals to conduct extensive research on various topics of society. After conducting the research, individuals tend to analyze and assess it through their viewpoints.

In the end, they are required to create reports relating to their perspective on the topic.

To concoct a good report, individuals may also need to procure suggestions from their colleagues, friends, or relatives.

In such cases, they should have excellent communication skills which facilitate practicing sociology. Students may obtain their degree in sociology, along with various other subjects.

For example, you may get your B.A. in Sociology, or in Behavioral Sciences with Sociology and Psychology, or Psychological Science and Sociology, or even a B.Sc. in Sociology.

But why do people procure a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology? The American Sociological Association (ASA) conducted research to answer this question.

The research exhibited two reasons for individuals to pursue this degree.

First of all, the students receive a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology to understand their lives, the relationship between individuals and social forces, and society.

The second reason for the students is to find a job or a postgraduate degree in the same domain.

So, after getting their degree, the individuals can either pursue a job in the same field or become a postgraduate.

Human Resources (HR) Representative

Human ResourcesWith a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, you can amass the necessary skills required to become a human resources representative.

Such a person should have great communication skills and should be able to understand the needs of an individual.

Sociology helps you to align the requirements of the job post with the skillset of the individuals, and thus fill the position with the best option.

A human resources representative performs several functions. The organization may require them to interview the candidates, hire them for the post, resolve issues using decision-making skills, and formulate the benefits for employees.

Students interested in the field can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in this subject from Penn State University or Florida State University.

These universities provide an insight into the principles of sociology, their methods, and processes.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the median annual wage of human resources representative was $61,920 as of May 2019.

The growth rate in this profession is approximately 6% from 2019 to 2029.

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Urban and Regional Planner

Urban PlanningAn urban and regional planner performs a plethora of duties for an organization. Most of the duties are related to land usage.

These people meet with many officials related to the land use plans, assess the data, form their land-use decisions, formulate plans for development, etc.

Though there is a high growth rate in this profession, the demand may change due to economic fluctuations.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, there is a high growth rate in this career. The median annual salary for an urban and regional planner is $74,350.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, you will have a strong base in communication and can make deals according to your benefits.

Sometimes, individuals may even take a master’s degree to become an urban and regional planner. The planning accreditation board should accredit this program.

You can acquire a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology along with an Urban Studies degree program at Saint Peter’s University.

Various classes taught here include Statistics in Social Sciences, Sociology of Intimacy, Cultural Anthropology, etc.

Another option to get a Bachelors’s degree in Sociology is Arizona State University.

You can get an online bachelor’s degree related to the course of urban planning from this University.

Various topics of the University include Cultural Diversity, Statistics for Planning and Geography, Global Awareness, etc.

Management Consultant

Management ConsultantManagement Consultants assess the issues and environment of the business to resolve them.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, they know how to research a particular topic and use their analyzing skills to assess it.

Effective communication skills help the management consultant to fabricate reports regarding the researchers and communicate such reports orally to colleagues, superiors, or juniors.

Generally, you may initiate your career in this field as a research assistant, junior consultant, or marketing research analyst. Such people should have critical thinking skills and a problem-solving attitude.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, a management consultant can amass a median annual salary of $85,260. This statistic is from May 2019.

The top 10% of the management consultants fetched approximately $154,310. The bottom 10% of the management consultants amassed $49,700.

The researchers have found out the growth rate from 2019 to 2029 as 11%.

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Social Worker

Social WorkThe knowledge gained from sociology related to the aspects of society helps people to become a social worker. One can examine the problems of different types of clients and offer them solutions.

Social workers should have excellent listening and communication skills for this job.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the median annual wage of social workers in May 2019 was $50,470.

The bottom 10% tier of the social workers earned approximately $31,790.00 during this period. The top 10% of this group amassed more than $82,540 in May 2019.

The growth rate from 2019 to 2029 is expected to be 13% in this period. This growth rate is higher than the average for other professions.

Market Research Analyst

Market ResearchWith a clear cognizance of the trends of the society, a person with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology can become a market research analyst.

In this position, an individual conducts extensive research to deduce the demand in the market.

One studies the marketing trends to know the demand in a particular sector or industry.

For this, the market analysts collect huge chunks of economic data, apply economic principles to it, and prepare the necessary reports for the companies.

The growth rate in this sector is comparatively higher because organizations are in need of analysts who can add value to their data.

Market research analysts with good mathematical and statistical skills are at an advantage over their competitors.

The median salary for a year in this profession is $63,790, according to the Bureau of Labour Statistics. However, individuals can procure a salary as high as $122,630.

A person with a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology can initiate their career as a market research analyst.

The employers fetch candidates who have a Bachelor’s degree in various subjects like Sociology, Communications, Business Administration, or Statistics.

You can procure a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology online from the University of Texas.

The University requires the student to opt for a minor subject, which can be Communication or Psychology. Various courses of this program include Population Dynamics, Social Laws, etc.

Another University that helps you to get an undergraduate degree to become a market research analyst is Washington State University.

Apart from providing formal educational credentials, the University also helps you to amass experience through internships, abroad programs, and marketing research.

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A Bachelor’s degree in Sociology provides lots of options for lucrative career opportunities for students.

Students can take up any job opportunity according to their preferences, skills, and needs. They may even further their studies into a postgraduate program to get themselves more refined for jobs.

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