Deliver for Grubhub: How To Become a Grubhub Driver?

How To Become a Grubhub Driver?

With the unemployment level reaching its peak, individuals are continually looking for new gig opportunities. Such opportunities help people to amass income during edgy times.

Moreover, some people like to drive. But they do not prefer ridesharing or going with people. Delivering food is the best option for such people. Hence, there are many companies like Grubhub, and, Ubereats which proffer such facilities.

Such flexible gig jobs do not require the services of any professional driver. Moreover, they can pay you a good side income with flexible schedules.

But first, let us know what Grubhub is?

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What is Grubhub?

what is grubhub
What Is Grubhub?

In 2004, Michael Evans and Matthew Maloney founded Grubhub. This company helps to deliver food on the doorstep of the people.

Founded by two software developers, the company consolidated its efforts with another food delivery service named Seamless in 2013. This decision has helped Grubhub and augmented its networking outreach.

So, if you become a driver for Grubhub, then you need to serve the clients of Seamless also.

The services of this delivery platform are available in more than 1600 cities.

Moreover, there are more than 80,000 restaurants in the US and UK that use the assistance of Grubhub.

Its list of food outlets contains not just restaurants but all type of food points like Proper Popcorn. The company has its application on which the customers can give their orders.

After downloading the app, the clients insert their payment information as well.

Responsibilities of A Grubhub Driver

Grubhub Driver
Grubhub Driver

For becoming a Grubhub driver, it is crucial to know the responsibilities of this profession. This is because you should work as a driver only if the conditions entice you.

Grubhub driver has two primary responsibilities. The first duty is to collect orders from the respective restaurant. Secondly, the drivers have to deliver the food to the clients timely.

So, before initiating the day as a Grubhub driver, the individual is required to log onto the app. After logging in, he or she can select an order.

After choosing an order, the driver goes to the restaurant, picks up the ordered food and deliver it to the address of the client.

The driver can find the client’s address in the app. Moreover, the driver does not need to collect money from the people. This is because they have already paid through the app.

If you think that you can perform such activities to the best of your potential, then go ahead and read the following article.


become a grubhub driver
Become a Grubhub Driver

Before becoming a Grubhub driver, you need to qualify and adhere to specific requirements from Grubhub. First of all, the company requires individuals who have a positive attitude.

Secondly, the individual should have excellent communication skills which will help them to give the best customer service to the clients.

Moreover, the prospective Grubhub driver should know the meaning of punctuality. This is because delivering food late to the clients will proffer a wrong impression about the company.

Other requirements to which the prospective Grubhub drivers must have to are as follows-

The applicant should be more than 19 years of age. However, the age limit augments to 21 plus in Las Vegas and Chicago.

The individual should have an Android with a 5.0 or higher version. If he or she does not have an Android, then an iPhone with iOS 11 or higher version is also compatible with the job.

Apart from a smartphone, the company also requires the applicant to have a good Internet connection to take orders and deliver them.

The applicant should have his or her details of her checking account, which can facilitate direct deposit.

Once the applicant fulfills such requirements, they should pay heed to other needs regarding their vehicle.

Car Requirements

The prospective Grubhub driver should have a valid driver’s license.

Moreover, the license should be valid for at least two years. The company also expects the applicant to have auto insurance.

Motorcycle Requirements

In case the driver uses a motorcycle, then he or she should have a valid state ID.

Apart from this, there are some states which permit the drivers to use electric scooters or bicycles.

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How to Apply?

If you think that you have the requirements to become a driver for Grubhub, then you may apply for it. There are two ways to apply for the same.

First of all, you can refer to the website of Grubhub. You may open the website through your PC or smartphone. In case you are operating it with your PC, click on the “apply to drive” button. This button is blue and is available on the top of the screen.

You may even open the website through your mobile. In such cases, you need to click on the options menu. The Options Menu has three lines and is located on the top right corner of the screen.

Secondly, you may apply for a driver for Grubhub through the Grubhub for drivers application. After opening the app, click the link on the bottom of the screen. This link will help you to apply for the profession.


You can become a Grubhub driver by following these procedures:

Flexible Schedules

One of the best attributes of Grubhub is that it allows drivers to create flexible schedules. Such flexibility reduces the stress related to working within the deadlines.

Moreover, according to research, flexible schedules are likely to augment the productivity of any individual.

Hence, you can fix your hours when you would like to work and deliver food items.

Create an account

To deliver food and apply for the post of Grubhub driver, you need to sign up in the app. There are five categories which you must fill to create an account in the Grubhub for Drivers app.

Profile Section

You need to fill in your first name, middle name, last name, and email address in the profile section. Background check section. The company requires to substantiate your background to integrate your services with them.

New Driver Paperwork

As the name suggests, you need to proffer your driver’s license and other documents that are required by Grubhub.

New Driver for Onboarding

Onboarding procedure is of two types, online and offline.

Grubhub Availability
Grubhub Availability

However, the offline onboarding or in-person onboarding is applicable only in some states. These states are San Diego North, Orange Country, New York (Manhattan), Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Boston, Los Angeles Houston, Schaumberg, Philadelphia, Portland, Orange country, and Minneapolis.

If you do not reside in any of these cities, then you may apply for online onboarding. The onboarding helps you in knowing how to work as a driver for Grubhub. It has a slideshow in which the prospective drivers are given cognisance of below-mentioned six essential topics.

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. How to Schedule Time Blocks
  4. How to Make Deliveries
  5. Tips and Tricks
  6. The Payment Procedure

Direct Deposit Account

In the last procedure, the applicants need to fill in the details of the bank account. This is the place where they can keep their hard-earned money of driving.

Approximate Amount

One of the essential attributes for which people indulge in any profession is money. Hence, before working as a Grubhub driver, you may check out the approximate amount fetched from this profession.

If this amount satisfies your budget requirements, then you may continue and apply for a Grubhub driver.

Earnings of any Grubhub driver depends from city to city. This is because various local laws regulate the amounts proposed to the drivers.

Moreover, such an amount is not related to the deliveries made by any driver. Through such laws, the state helps the drivers from getting exploited and make a fair amount during any crisis.

But roughly a Grubhub driver can procure approximately more than $20 per hour. Sometimes people with proficiency in this field can even acquire $30 per hour or more.

Apart from this, Grubhub ensures that cent per cent of the tips is advanced to the drivers. With the help of this, the company appreciates the good services of the drivers financially.

Moreover, drivers can augment their earnings by making deliveries during lunch or dinner time.

Grubhub has furnished an amount more than $3 billions as tips to the drivers till date.

You can even surf through the “Guide To Tipping” of the company to procure more information in this regard.

Apart from that, the drivers pay the maintenance expenses including vehicles gas, fuel and repair. If the drivers can seek the option of early guarantee, then a minimum amount of $11 per hour is offered to them.

There is a formula which the company uses to determine the approximate earnings of the drivers. This formula goes as follows:


$.50 per mile (Distance from the restaurant to the address of the customer) + per order rate + tips (100%).

However, the per-order rate is different in different cities. If the cost of living in a city is high, then the per order rate will augment and vice versa.

You can enhance your chances of acquiring greater profits during bother some times by following these tips.

High volume

As the number of orders augments, your profits expand. You can find a higher volume of orders through good experience in the field.

However, there may be circumstances when you have initiated your career in this field. In such situations, have a word with any prior driver who has proficiency in the domain

Good Customer Service

Good customer service entails having a polite conversation and proffering the best to your potential during the delivery. If you satisfy the clients, then they are likely to propose you more excellent tips which can augment your earnings.

Moreover, Grubhub is hiring employees, even during the coronavirus. It is better than other delivery platforms because of many reasons.

Firstly, you can order from 2 software – Seamless, and Grubhub. Apart from this, Seamless itself has millions of users which can help you to earn significant profits.

Secondly, with the help of schedule delivery blocks, there are chances to procure greater profits. Such facilities help you to get flexible schedules. Thirdly, the hourly pay guarantee gives you a stable amount during bothersome times.

Apart from this, the age limit required by Grubhub is lower than Uber and Lyft. Uber and Lyft need people who are more than 21 years of age. Some states even require people to be more than 23 years.

Moreover, according to the statistics of the Grubhub’s driver page, Grubhub has relatively more orders. This results in more significant salaries of the drivers.

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