Elevator Pitch: Why and How to Master It?

How to Master Elevator Pitch

You can give a reflection about your personality to anyone by summarising about yourself.

This brief introduction of you, which is proffered to other prospective clients is known as an elevator pitch.

“Who are you?”

“What do you want to do?”

“What do you do?”

Such questions are answered in an elevator pitch.

You can even incorporate your introductory speech outline in an elevator pitch.

Why Should You Practice an Elevator Pitch?

You should practice the elevator pitch to reap the umpteen benefits of it. You should fabricate an intriguing elevator pitch.

This is because it is a speech in a condensed form by which people analyze you.

An elevator pitch proffers the first impression about you to the listeners. So you should make this first impression the best.

An elevator pitch also creates a networking channel for you. It helps you to bond with your colleagues as well as other people during social events.

If you have already formulated an elevator pitch, then it would assist you at networking events. You could tell people professionally about yourself without any awkward pauses.

People can even know about your skills, aptitude, and your talents in this elevator Speech. This would help you to fetch job opportunities and expand your career base.

Besides this, an elevator pitch for interviews and resume can also be formulated.

You should create an intriguing and compelling elevator pitch to inculcate professionalism in your tone.

How to Master in Creating an Elevator Pitch?

Mastering in an elevator pitch can help you to augment your job opportunities.

Students can follow several tips and ways to create an elevator speech.

Define Your Target Audience and Goal

Before forging your elevator speech, you should pay heed to your target audience and your goal.

Your goal answers the question- what do you want from them?

Your elevator pitch should be constructed keeping your target audience in mind.

You should use words that are easy to understand by your target audience.

You can modify your content depending upon the preferences and needs of your target audience

Deliver a Short Speech

An elevator speech got its name from an elevator ride. Elevator ride gives a very short duration to talk to someone.

Hence, the elevator pitch should be a short speech of not more than 60 or 75 seconds.

You should proffer the significant information about yourself in this short and engaging pitch bout yourself.

Elevator Pitch Format

A low-quality elevator speech delivered in a perfect way is of no use.

Moreover, the content should be organized in a way so as to spark the listener’s interest in you.

You should incorporate the following points in your content.

Brief Introduction

You should commence your elevator pitch with a brief summary of you. It may include your name, your age, etc.


The question “what do you do” should be answered next in your elevator speech. It may include your education qualification or skills and talents.

Aim of The Elevator Pitch

Since the elevator pitch is a short speech, you should straight come to the point. The question “what you want”  from your listener should be answered in this section. You can solicit your aim in a persuasive way.

Call to Action

In the end, you should procure the result of your elevator speech. It could be a negative or a positive one.

Your listener may be impressed by you and may offer you some job opportunities as well.

You should not demand the result of your elevator speech. Rather, you should politely ask the listener about his or her interest in you.

Exhibit Gratitude

You should always thank your listener for listening to your elevator pitch.

Even if the result of the pitch was negative, you should try to speak some words of gratitude to your listener.

Incorporate Statistics in The Speech to Depict Your Credibility

When meeting a person for the first time, it becomes difficult to arouse faith in that person.

You should always incorporate stats in your speech to augment your reliability. You can do this by adding your previous successful assignments in your elevator pitch.

Compelling and Persuasive Speech

Your elevator speech is useless if it does not ignite any sparks in the listener.

So as to arouse the listener’s interest, you should always fabricate a compelling and persuasive speech.

You can even learn persuasive speaking to create a good elevator pitch.

Confident Body Posture

Your body language exhibits much about your personality and character. Good body language also exhibits your credibility and reliability. It assists in making your speech compelling and persuasive as well.

You should therefore not deliver your elevator pitch with a bent back or a frown on your face.

Simple Language

Your elevator pitch must have the use of simple yet intriguing language. The listener can easily absorb simple language.

Hence, he or she can quickly grasp an idea about your personality. A difficult language is of no use.

The listener cannot understand your aim and hence, you may receive negative results.


As it is said, practice makes a man perfect.

To master in delivering an elevator speech, you should practice it several times. You can avoid rambling if you practice your speech well.

Try practising it in front of the mirror so as to have cognizance about your speaking skills.

You could also practice it in front of your friends who can point out your weaknesses.

Avert a Monotonous Tone

You should always avoid a monotonous tone while delivering your elevator speech. It is useless to deliver high-quality content in a monotonous tone. Such an elevator pitch will yield no results.

The listener would never want to talk to you again. In this way, you could not only lose your present job opportunity, but also further job opportunities.

Maintain a Uniform Speed While Delivering Your Content

You should never speak fast to accommodate more content in your elevator speech. This is because the listener cannot understand your speech when it is spoken fast.

Such an elevator pitch is completely useless. It is not only boring but can also frustrate the listener.

Natural and Flexible

You should not memorize your elevator speech, word to word. This will give you a robotic voice and will not make the elevator pitch a natural one.

You should adopt some flexibility and modify the content according to your target audience.

Wrapping Up

Elevator pitch definition. An elevator pitch or an elevator speech is a short, brief summary of yourself for 40-60 seconds.

It got its name from an elevator ride which takes just 40 to 60 seconds to have a spare talk with someone.

Elevator pitch is very important to expand and augment your sales in a business.

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