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With the growing rise and popularity, freelancing has become one of the most common methods of earning for freelancers. College students and other online geeks keep looking for freelance projects to make some extra cash in their spare time. The major reasons for the increasing popularity include the ability to work whenever and wherever you want. However, it is not as easy as it looks to get projects that might be interested in. There are a lot of people out there who might possess better skillsets than you. This is why you need to apply on platforms that allow freelancers to showcase their talents and scout for prospective clients. We here at broxer have compiled a list of the best freelance websites in India. Please check it below.

Best Freelance Websites:


Broxer is a website for all kind of freelancers. You can search for a wide variety of freelancing jobs which include digital marketing, designing, writing, voice recording, music, programming. The website is frequently visited by a number of entrepreneurs who are looking to hire talent for short-term projects. Broxer is one of the best freelance websites when its come to low commissions and customer service.


Another great website for both experienced and novice freelancers. Upwork is probably one of the most popular platforms for freelancers to find work. Upwork has a lot of options to choose from. It ensures that both the client and the worker find what they are looking for. Upwork has an impressive clientele which includes companies like Panasonic, Unilever, Pinterest, Zendesk, and more. Freelancers on Upwork can pick from a variety of high-paying gigs that make for a welcome addition to their portfolios.


Freelancer is a platform that usually welcomes small business. It allows you to view all relevant postings and bid on the jobs you find most promising. it is one of the unique things about Freelancer. At first, you might not find it very easy to find jobs but as soon as you start building up on your resume jobs start to roll in with a greater frequency.


99designs is exclusive for freelance designers. Here clients can find freelancers who provide services related to graphics and designs. They can be logo making and designing, Website Designing, T-Shirts designing, etc. Freelancers submit their work on 99designs. If the client likes and chooses their work they earn a pre-determined sum.

Envato Studios

If you are someone who’s interested in services like animation, video editing, graphic design then Envator Studios is the platform for you. First, you will need to get accepted on the platform. Once you do, you can then start posting about your service along with your fees, sample work, testimonials, and client requirements. Clients then choose and select from a range of freelance offerings and select the one that best suits their needs.


With more than 3 million services to offer, Guru is one of the most famous freelance websites for inexperienced freelancers. Guru essentially works on a bid system where freelancers have to submit quotes in reply to client postings. Unlike other sites that have the same kind of practice, Guru follows an escrow payment process. This is to ensure that freelancers get their pre-determined amount and no fraud happens with them.


Toptal is a freelancing site where you will find only very skilled and experienced freelancers. Fields include working as a freelancer in software development, web design, or finance. Since the platform is selective while choosing its freelancers, you get the perks of working on projects for industry heavyweights. The list which includes Airbnb, J.P. Morgan, Hewlett Packard, Emirates is quite long. Unlike some other freelance websites, there is no bidding for projects or anything of that sort in TopTal. The Platform finds freelancers, prospective clients based on their requirements and connects the two directly.


Founded by Kumar Mukul and Manish Prakash, WorkNHire aims to provide quality work to Indian Freelancers. WorkNHire looks to provide a platform for businesses and freelancers to collaborate and grow. Just like Upwork or Freelancer, WorkNHire allows you to sign up, fill out your profile, mention skills and experience and start bidding on projects. It pays freelancers in Indian Rupees instead of US Dollars.

So here you have it. A list of the top seven freelance websites in India to find work. Do note that these sites not only help freelancers but also Entrepreneurs and other small and large-scale Bussiness to find skilled workers. 


It is the world’s number 1 custom design marketplace which records very high indulgence of freelance designers. There are over 6,50,000 designers who are a part of this great venture and help this company tread through unchartered territories. The unique thing about this website is that it asks designers to stay committed and provide the clients with at least 25 self-made designs for a project. The designers work on a diverse variety of content such as graphic designing, product designing, web designing, etc. The completion rate is very high and the time taken is comparatively low which makes this website a pleasant visit for all the firms or individuals looks for some critical art design either for a project or a programme.


This is probably the only platform which allows developers and designers to be a part of the same bilateral project. They build specifically designed and developed software which helps their clients take control. It helps them in daily and essential business dealings (assisting consumers to, planning job candidates, exercising employee options, etc.). It is a freelancing service for companies interested in testing and creating different types of software or web pages or apps for a better business model. They’ve recently added a ton of freelancers who indulge in AI Machine Learning algorithms which have been in high trend.


This is an online portal which helps potential clients and freelancers communicate. Their site design is unique. The freelancers over here specialise in writing, planning, building and marketing. This attracts clients who are interested in getting their entire project completed online. There is no transaction cost, it is very convenient, and parties can communicate via their online portal or exchange social media profiles or business profiles for talking off the site.


With over 150,000 registered users, this freelancing websites offers a ton of enticing features to keep it’s user base consistently growing. It has a cost-free membership and allows freelancers to apply for unlimited proposals. The freelancer, of course, has to upload his profile and resume. One significant feature is that once deal formalised, the website takes zero commission charges. Along with all this, it lets clients advertise their projects and work profiles for free. The maximum population of freelancers registered with this site are programmers and developers who are willing to provide on-site services to required clients. It is heaven for the tech-based firms.


Nexxt, as they describe themselves, is the all-in-one platform you need to hire the right individuals, for the right jobs, at the right place and time, and with the right price. Their site works very directly. Clients visit their website and let the algorithm know what type of an employee or more specifically a freelancer is the company in need of. Following this, they will provide a job description to their base of freelancers matching the restrictions given by the client. This platform also helps its freelancers in uncovering their lesser-known talents. All this makes Nexxt a very friendly site for freelancers to work with.


This is a site who’s main work-area revolves around application developers and web app programmers. This great platforms homepage proudly asks you for your hiring preferences when it comes to professional developers. They provide you with Java, Node.js, Python, etc. programmers willing to work as a full-time freelancer with your firm who will work remotely. They have their freelancers activities and projects recorded to maintain a transparent system amongst the site, freelancer and client. No intermediary is getting in the way of the freelancer and client, not even the site officials until asked to. This ensures more transparent communication between them. All freelancers on this site have to pass a rigorous 4 stage testing. This site attracts many clients due to its success rate. This site boasts a success rate amongst projects of around 99%.


LocalSolo is one particular platform which allows you to extensively search for freelancers in your preferred city or your vicinity. This allows the small businesses to take part in the “hire-a-freelancer” race. It primarily provides local freelancers who will be willing to work with the client’s firm or just individuals. It is still a growing site and only has around 28,000 active members. However, it is soon expanding to a global section which will boost those numbers up as well the job earning possibilities. It is the best way to hire people from around you and directly communicate without any interface.


This is an all-out website for fresh entrepreneurs looking to make it big in today’s market. It works like any other primary freelance website, where you create a profile, post a job or a resume and start looking for work or freelancers. What makes this website special, is it’s full support to the entrepreneurs. It allows the registered members who are also entrepreneurs to post their short-term projects online which are then extensively circulated amongst their freelancers base. If the entrepreneurs don’t have enough funds to hire a freelancer, the website helps them raise some funds by highlighting their idea and reject. They can use the platforms crowdsourcing campaign system to build the required amount of funds and then use them to hire a suitable freelancer.


TaskRabbit is what would’ve happened if Fiverr and LocalSolo had a baby. This platform allows you to look for freelance helpers willing to help you with and around silly jobs. It has everything a person needs when he/she switch house or move to a new location or need help in general. If you want any sort of help with a rather troubling job, this is the site to visit. It can be anything, from mounting or installing to moving, packing, assembly, lifting, handyman work, etc. You start by describing or choosing the category of the work that you need finished. You are then locally matched with freelance workers who will, later on, assist you in the completion of the small job.


Like any other freelancing service, Transformify is an excellent platform for freelancers and employers to interact and solidify a business deal. This site is particularly useful for the employers. It uses a special recognition algorithm which uses complex commands to rightly march you up with the best professional according to your needs. It also gives the employers the option of either self-paying or automated paying the professionals working for them. In fact, it’s a uniquely well-built UI allows employers almost fully to automate all tasks including hiring and testing the freelancer. It is a great website to hire freelancing professionals.


This platform is very specifically designed for freelance writers, translators, strategists, calligraphy, and poets. It is one of the fastest growing sources when it comes to content writing and has been growing exponentially. It only has a small number of writers, compared to other freelancing sites, but that is because if the laborious and extensive screening the candidates go through before being given a spot here. Those writers are then forwarded to the 25,000+ businesses to go through and grab a contract. It has a rather strict policy against the freelancers which says employers are free not to pay if they don’t like the work done by the freelancer. There have been zero instances where freelancers haven’t been given their remunerations.


This is one particularly exciting site for freelancers in the design and creation field. It works just like any other freelancing site, but instead of freelancers being able to post their portfolio publicly, they have to testify to their skills. The company or individual out for hiring a freelancer posts a contest on their site, which notifies all available freelancers, and around 71,000+ freelancers participate in that contest to prove their skill and get hired. Also, this is probably the only site which also allows brainstormers to be a part of the freelancing gig.

Gun is a site for all the engineers out there who are looking to be a part of the freelancing gig but don’t want to give up their comparatively well-paying jobs. It offers the world’s most sought-after freelance engineers, risk-free and at the click of a button. Unlike other services mentioned previously, they rely entirely on human verification of data. They first interact with the employers to correctly asses what their requirements are. Following this, they check their databases and find out freelancers who will be suitable regarding the employer’s needs. They then process a little until finally having the engineer and the employers interact on their own. So far this has worked very efficiently for them.


It is a crowdsourced platform which is the one-stop-shop for any individual or firm looking for professionals in the videography and film-making industry of the market. This site connects business in need of creative work or creative films and matches them up with a creator or a freelancing company with a dedicated staff for film-making. It is one of the most famous websites which allow freelance creators to work. The site itself operates on around 50+ employees who are quite fascinating to know considering their line of work is vast, as they cater to around 50,000+ business every day and help them by arranging a freelance creator.


The guys over at SkillGigs have a unique viewpoint when it comes to hiring the freelancer. They challenge the status quo by using user-friendly design and essential data analysis to accurately find out talented freelancers, and then they ask them to work for their company. By doing this, they have been able to get companies the right talent they were in need of, and their success rate has been off the roof. It is very widely known for the enormous amounts of talented professionals working under them and the tiny amount of time it takes for them to match an employer with the freelancer of their need.


This is another site which matches freelancers and employers on its own but allows them to freely talk and involve themselves in an agreement with zero participation or interference from the middle-man. It is an efficiently curated marketplace for One primary uniqueness this site holds is that it an invitation-only platform and any other freelancer just wanting to “create a portfolio” is never going to happen here. There are zero half-made profiles or any hiring consultants required.


Hireable lets you find jobs or look for freelancing employees locally or regions wise. On the very homepage, it asks you to put in the credentials regarding the job title and location which are then used as standards while looking for the most suitable job for you. There is nothing you won’t find on this site. The ability to be able to define where you want to work on is just icing on the cake already.


People often describe this site as the easiest way to get affordable, high-quality custom logos, print design, web design, and the naming of your business or a particular product or just any business venture in general. It has around 2,00,000 talented creatives representing approximately 195 countries who work tirelessly to complete given projects. This site has a customer satisfaction rate of roughly 99% which is ridiculously high. Apart from all the cheesy features, crowdSPRING allow it’s creators to take a step forward and protect their intellectual property. It is a site to look out for.


This platform can be called the all-in-one considering it handles everything in a business. This site is very widely used to build and give work-force its tech and programs that enable you to access the talent that you need along with outsourcing of your daily tasks. It is just tough to explain what this site does. It is like a one-stop-shop for everything related to hiring or managing employees/freelancers. Helps them be more productive by integrated system information sharing. You should check this platform out for a better understanding of the complexities it offers.


A site meant to be a heaven for freelance programmers, it helps your company grow most efficiently and securely by rapidly giving you access to their exclusive global network of pre-qualified and tested software and programming officials. All developers available on this site are individually handpicked to avoid any turmoil and disappointment for the companies hiring the professionals. It lets you effortlessly communicate and engage the professionals you think are worth your firms time.


This is the #1 website when it comes to micro-jobs. This is the site you’ll want to visit if you’re a freelance worker or a contractor and are in desperate need of a new project. The jobs on here don’t pay much, considering they are rather simple jobs and require workers to be done, but it is a great site. The pay you can expect from typical situations ranges from $10-$50. Apart from workers, the site also welcomes professionals like designers, coders, programmers, photographers, writers, etc. However, then again, the pay for the jobs of that calibre are not high.


It is the world’s leading giant when it comes to creating portfolios or managing a professionals business identity. It has around 500+ million members, and the number keeps on growing. And is a fundamental but rather well-known platform which helps business professionals, interns, and even freelancers portray their skills while applying for jobs worldwide. The option of you signing-up using any of the social media accounts which shows how diverse it’s working is.


It is a somewhat widely known web platform which is focussed on developers. Approximately 50 million developers log-in into the site on a monthly basis to get hired, share their knowledge and help other fellow developers. It is quite possibly the world’s largest developer community. The database of this site is just enormous which submissions, proposals, applications and even tutorials coming in almost every minute. This is the real deal for all developers out there.

AngelList is India’s leading platform for people and professionals looking to work with a start-up. You can apply for precisely 86,284 startup jobs as of this moment. The one convenience you have is that you can use to all of the positions with just one application, the website helps in circulating. However, start-ups are current businesses an hence they will be in eager need of professional help. This is where you as a freelancer come in. Being in this symbiotic relationship helps you earn a livelihood, and it helps the start-up get it’s crucial and indispensable work done.


This is the largest site for work-from-home or remotely working freelancers who are always on the go. It offers many flexible jobs to freelancers with no restriction on working hours or a designated place. The positions listed here are excellent and pay well alongside giving you enough experience. It has had a very decent track record and a good history working with employers and employing freelancers. Freelancers can even look-up the company they’ve been made to work for and gain full knowledge as to what exactly it is that they want them to do.


As the name suggests, this is a place where companies and firms post jobs with descriptions for the creative professionals. It is one of the best sites to post your job relating to marketing, media, advertisement, publishing and more, and get suggestions regarding the best freelancers who also happen to be the best talent in India, to hire and work on your project.

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