Freelancing – Is it really that good as it seems?

Analysis – Is freelancing really that good as it seems

Freelancing seems like the easy job, but in reality, it is not a cakewalk to go through all the phases of stress. Is freelancing really that good as it seems? The answer to this question is that it depends from person to person whether freelancing is right for them or not.

Analysis – Is freelancing really that good as it seems

Freelancing is as good as it can be but it does not work for everyone. Freelancing provides one with a comfort level to a certain extent. It is for people who want to be their own bosses and don’t want to work under anyone. If you can handle the first few stages of hardship, you can excel freelancing in no time.

It is tough getting clients for the first few times, and the struggle continues.

Flexible timings

Many people think that freelancing provides the comfort of flexibility, you can work according to the schedule that suits you. But in today’s time, the employers ask for full-time work from the freelancer they hire. So the “flexible hours” is not really applicable in most cases anymore. Even so, it does let you decide when you work and how much time do you give to a particular project. And if you are not an early morning bird, you can work for long hours in the night according to your preference

It’s all about money

There is no guarantee that you will be earning great in a few months of starting freelancing. A significant drawback in freelancing is that there is no flexibility in the work you get. Even if you have a lot of experience in your field, but still your online portfolio might not be as good. It takes years of experience to earn in large numbers. The amount you will make as a freelancer will change drastically as the time passes by.

There will be times when you will be working on five projects altogether. Your brain will be flowing in the sea of stress, and there will also be a time when you will barely have any work to do. There is no specific amount of money that you will get at the end of the month. But being someone who wants to be a freelancer, you should change your perspective on monthly income.

Personal or professional

People who take up freelancing as a career option often find it difficult to separate their personal lives from their professional lives. In that sense, one might wonder whether freelancing is really good?

A significant point of consideration while thinking of freelancing is that you will be able to give your family more time when you don’t go to the office. Also if you are not spending time working away from home, you’ll get a few extra hours to spare. But most freelancers use so much of their time for work they are unable to enjoy the presence of their loved ones.

Freelancing can take a toll on your relationships. If you don’t pay the right amount of attention to the work and give time to your family as well, it might create some issues.

Stressing out

It is not fair to say that freelancing is the only stressful career choice, that it is so difficult that people are unable to give time to anything else. But it is noteworthy to say that being out there on your own is very difficult. All the questions like “How am I going to make it in the world?” “Is it really worth this much effort?” keep haunting you day and night.

But in conclusion the first few stages of freelancing including sending pitches, trying to find the clients are demanding to go through.

Is freelancing better than salaried jobs?

This is one of the major questions asked when one is differentiating between freelancing and an office job. But in reality, there is no specific answer to it. When you take up freelancing you lose some advantages you get from working in the cooperate world. Giving an example, many offices provide mediclaim to the employees and their family members. It is a great help financially and it helps the employee in times of despair. And freelancing has its own advantages. You are not bound to any firm when you work as a freelancer. You get to work with many people which also enables you to have more experience.


In conclusion, freelancing might seem as fascinating as it is but it is not easy. You can become a freelancer and come out as a shining star. There should be nothing stopping you from working hard to achieve it. It is just important to remember that you have to go through various pitfalls. You can overcome them if you are dedicated enough.

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