Pros and Cons of Freelancing, Freelancing vs Salaried Jobs

Pros and Cons of Freelancing, Freelancing vs Full Time Jobs

Freelancing vs Full Time Jobs….

There is a continuous fight between the freelancers and the salaried job employees – which system is more beneficial and which one makes you more stable financially. This freelancing vs full time jobs battle has been going on since freelancing gained popularity. Even though both the systems have some pros and cons, it depends from person to person whether the pros are more significant or the cons.

Freelancing in all its glory is impressively increasing, but the salaried job system is excellent too. Here are some pros and cons to determine which earning system works best for you. You can evaluate the differences to decide which system is better for you.

It’s all about money

The one con about freelancing is that it does not provide financial stability, at least in the beginning stages. Once you set up your image and become successful, you can get more projects and hence maintain balance. But being a freelancer, you should be ready for some dry spells. Being a freelancer means that sky is your limit, you can earn a full-time job salary and probably more than that, but it takes a lot of time and effort to reach that stage.

On the contrary, when you are doing a salaried job, you will get a paycheck at the end of every month. There are possibilities of improvement in this system as well. You can get promoted if you work hard consistently. And hence earn more and more as the time passes.

Flexibility of time

Freelancing provides flexibility of time, which you don’t get when you work in a cooperate system. When you are working for a firm, you have to go by the company’s all fair and unfair rules and regulations.

A freelancer decides his own schedule and works according to it. There is no specific time for which you need to work. The time flexibility is one of the reasons why people quit salaried jobs to become a freelancer.


The one significant advantage of having a salaried job or working in a firm is that you get medical benefits. Some offices provide benefits like mediclaim to their employees. It helps the employees financially when they are going through a tough time. Employees get many other benefits as well when they work for the same company for a specified number of years.

On the contrary, one doesn’t get such benefits when they are freelancing. So on the stage of job security and extra benefits, Salaried Jobs wins the freelancing vs full time jobs battle.


For all those free souls out there who don’t want to be bound under the restrictions of a firm or company, freelancing is the right option. Freelancing provides freedom to decide your own schedule, you make your own rules. People these days don’t like to be ordered around, they like facing their challenges all by themselves. You don’t have a boss ordering you to meet the deadlines, you set your own deadlines and work according to them. They have freedom of time, creativity, etc. The credit for their hard work will always go to them which is a problem in salaried jobs. Someone else might take the credit for the work you do. Freelancing gives a chance to stay away from the biased office atmosphere. ( Although not every office works that way.)


When you are freelancing, you can set up your own level of creativity. If you are a freelance graphic designer, it is you who decides the level of simplicity you want to implement in your designs. But when you are working for a company, there is a certain level of quality you need to maintain. If you are a freelancer at heart, being restricted on how to present your designs will lead to dissatisfaction.


The cooperate work system provides job security to their employees. As an employee with a nine to five job, you would know that your family would be well fed the next day as well, although this is not necessary as companies go bankrupt and employees lose their jobs. However, the probability of such an event is quite low. For a freelancer, there is no surety of work. Some days you will have cabinets full of files and work. There would be some days you will have no work to do at all. On some days you wouldn’t have time to sleep at night because of the due dates, and you will be up all night wondering how you would make it. On some days, you will struggle with the availability of jobs.

In general, the risk factor in freelance jobs is very high. But, this is what makes these jobs exciting. It can be concluded that in the freelancing vs full time job battle, every person will get a different result depending on his/her interests, priorities and profession.

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