20 High Paying Part-Time Jobs

20 High Paying Part-Time Jobs

The “work hard” mentality has been instilled and trumpeted to us since the past years. But, if you work all day and night crazily, then when you would reap the benefits of your hard work? The good news is that many companies proffer job opportunities that facilitate high earnings and require you to work only part-time. Some even offer flexible hours or allow you to form your schedule. You can truncate your stress alongside earning a wholesome amount. The annual earnings by engaging in these part-time jobs can be as high as $40,000.


Exceptional proficiency in marketing and communication skills may find you a job as a salesperson. This may assist you to earn tremendous revenues depending upon your flexibility. Your income depends upon the category of your business and your proficiency. You have greater control over your income in case of Commission based sales. A salesperson may earn revenues ranging from $12.42 to $50 or more, relying upon the number of transactions they generate.

Occupational Therapist

In this part-time job, the occupational therapists aid people to recover and generate attributes required for daily living and working. The therapists with their therapeutic activities treat injured or disabled patients. A Master’s degree is crucial for this job, and you could conveniently generate $38.61 per hour.

Freelance Writer

The whisk of excellent communication skills and creativity produces a great writer. The writers can use their talent and expert skills to fabricate articles of varying length and subject matters. This could yield them $100 per hour. The revenue generated would increase with experience as well.

Massage Therapist

This part-time profession could fetch you revenue anywhere between $11 to $58 per hour. The income generated can be augmented with elevated work experience or the location where you work in.

Speech Pathologist

A speech pathologist’s job is to avert communication disorders in individuals. A pathologist performs therapeutic sessions to treat clients with vocal impairments. They may even draft a treatment plan or a schedule of various activities and exercises based on the patients’ needs. This part-time job may fetch you $44.52 per hour.


A psychologist attends mental disorders and disabilities in patients through therapy sessions. He or she may even implement behavior modification programs to assess the mindset of the patient. A psychologist can earn up to $39.50 per hour. However, you will need a doctoral or professional degree for this job.

Real Estate Agent

Being one of the highest-paid part-time jobs, a real estate agent generates an average salary of $82,646 per year. The attributes of the job encompass searching for potential clients and transforming them into your customers. This can be done by delivering compelling and intriguing content about the properties. A real estate agent negotiates contracts and assists in the process of selling the houses. A valid license is required to indulge in this profession


This is a very well known part-time profession which could fetch you significant revenues depending upon your skills. Tutors, on average, can earn $24.40 per hour by teaching pupils and assigning them with tasks. Proficiency in the required subject is essential for this job.

Personal Shopper

A personal shopper should have cognizance of various stores and their products. He or she should be able to deliver consistent and high-level shopping experiences to the clients. This part-time profession yields 21.62 dollars per hour. An augmented customer base may even intensify your income.

Brand Ambassador

Excellent communication skills and a high inclination towards marketing may aid you in procuring $17.44 per hour.  The attributes circumscribe the distribution of marketing information and answering questions about the brand, thus, strengthening the brand image.


With a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field, you could pursue the part-time profession of being a bookkeeper. All you have to do is maintain and balance the ledger and accounts of the company, and this could render you an income of $17.24 per hour.

Warehouse Worker

Maintaining the inventory and delivering it whenever needed, is the main component of this profession. Doing the job in an organized and scheduled manner may furnish you $15.42 per hour.

Travel Agent

You can fulfil others travelling aspirations by working as a travel agent. Top travel agents can procure over $40,000 per year. Extra commissions may yield augmented incomes as well.

Administrative Assistant

These assistants can work for a CEO from home or part-time as well. You can procure an income ranging from $10 to $25 per hour.

Private Fitness Instructor

Procure a yoga license and start proffering private lessons from your lodging. An individual fitness instructor can amass $20 per hour or more hingeing on their services and clients.


Secure your valid phlebotomy certification and indulge in this part-time job to earn $14.85 per hour. A phlebotomist draws blood for medical tests and labels them with the respective patient’s information.

Delivery Driver

An organized and punctual individual who has a valid driver’s license can quickly obtain $14.85 per hour through the profession of a delivery driver. A delivery driver needs to receive orders and safely deliver them to the specified locations.

Management Analyst

Management consultants aid in improving the brand image. He or she helps in earning augmented profits by truncating the costs. They make as high as $29.71 per hour if they own a bachelor’s degree and the relevant experience.


With extensive knowledge in the field of food and nutrition, a dietician can advise people to achieve a healthy lifestyle. This profession needs a bachelor’s degree and internship experience to gain $26.56  per hour.

Insurance Sales Agent

Amassing $20.96 per hour is not a daunting task in this profession. All you have to do is sell various types of insurance to the customers and meet the clients to satisfy their needs.


There are umpteen options to choose the right part-time job for you. You need to enhance and refine your skills and talent to get hired for these jobs. The most significant advantage of these jobs is that you could earn well and enjoy at the same time, or perform any other task during your free time. This article would assist you in choosing the best part-time job according to your inclinations and preferences.

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