Building High School Student Resume with No Work Experience

Building High School Resume

Fabricating a high school student resume can be a daunting task, especially when you do not have any formal experience. However, to procure experience, you need to apply for a job and create an effective resume. Exhibiting the credibility of your skills without work experience can be difficult while creating a resume.

But, you should never underestimate your skills and capabilities. This is because an individual has enough relevant work experience to formulate a high school student resume. You could incorporate your relevant work experience like babysitting, pet sitting, or umpteen voluntary activities to exhibit your skills.

Modifying your skill set according to the needs and preferences of the company is the only strategy you need to learn. With no work experience, you can exhibit your reliability by telling small stories that display your skills.

Let us have a glimpse of the various tips and strategies to create a high school student resume.

Resume Structure

Creating a high school student resume without any work experience requires you to be very particular about its structure. This is because the right structure could fetch you additional points and make a good impression on the recruiters.

The three most used resume formats are chronological, functional, and hybrid resume format. As the name suggests, a chronological resume format is used to exhibit the activities of an individual in a reverse sequential series. On the other hand, a functional resume structure represents the skills and achievements of an individual. It emphasizes on the talents of the applicant rather than his or her work experience.

A hybrid resume structure integrates the elements of both a chronological and functional resume format. Thus, an education resume gives preference to a functional resume structure as it emphasizes less on work experience.

You can also choose the chronological or hybrid resume format to create your education resume. The only thing you should ensure while selecting the format is consistency. Sticking to a particular format is essential.

Intriguing Objective Statement

The first few lines where you condense the entire essence of your resume is the resume objective statement. It proffers the first impression on your recruiters and thus should be compelling enough to move them.

You should resist adding the summary of your resume in the resume objective statement. Incorporating the top three things that you want your recruiter to learn about you is a good idea.

The three questions that you must answer in the resume objective statement are:

1. Who are you? It integrates a small description and introduction of you.

2. What do you want from the organization? In answer to this question, you should solicit the job opportunity from the organization.

3. What can you give to the organization? Mentioning your skill sets, which can help the organization to mushroom, is essential in this answer.

Thus, try to formulate a quirky resume objective statement that helps you to stand out from the rest. It should be concise enough to catch the attention of the readers in a short time.


An education resume without any work experience is likely to be less credible. Hence, to make it more impressive, you should integrate your achievements into it.

However, incorporating all the achievements to date will only make your resume lengthy and monotonous. So you should pay heed in modifying your achievements according to the requirements of the company. Mentioning only those achievements which are related to the skillset and company culture of the company is essential.

Say, for example, you want to apply for a content writer in a company. In such circumstances, you should incorporate your achievements related to writing blogs or articles, creative essays, etc.

Your achievements here could incorporate your role as a magazine editor or as the head of the Creative Department in your school. You can also mention national or International Fests where you participated and won some prizes.

Such achievements help the recruiters to have cognizance about the types of skills you possess. They serve as relevant work experience for you.


An essential attribute to incorporate in a high school student resume is the education section. With no work experience, education works as a catalyst in boosting your chances of getting the job.

A high school student can put the education section on top of the resume. This is because the education section neutralizes the absence of work experience.

You can incorporate the name of your school and the year of joining it in your education section. Apart from this, mentioning your percentages and marks of various subjects is also advised.

Since your education is your strength, you could also mention the different courses which you procured during your study. Writing the highest marks which you secured in a subject related to your business will make your resume effective.

Informal Work Experience

You may not believe it, but a high school student also has some relevant work experience. The work experience may not be related to a paid job in an organization.

However, it may integrate the various activities which you have practiced refining your skills.  Be it babysitting, pet sitting, being the monitor of your class, or the leader of an informal organization in the school – such activities exhibit your soft skills.

If the hiring manager considers your soft skills ideal for their company culture, then he or she may hire you. According to a survey, the recruiters consider the volunteering experience along with the working experience. Hence, incorporating a voluntary activity in your education resume keeps you at an advantage from others.

Key Skills

Informing about your skillset to the recruiters is necessary for them to analyze you according to their requirements. You may possess umpteen skills. However, you should only mention those skills which are relevant to the company and the job.

Apart from the key skills, you should also incorporate your soft skills. Such soft skills are useful for the recruiters to know about your decision-making capacity and the way you react in edgy times.

Writing your primary skills in an education resume is one of the most important attributes. This is because you need to convince the recruiter that you have what it takes to be in this position. Jotting down your key skills in the education resume can help to avoid the negative impact of the absence of work experience.

Some prominent skills that you can integrate into your high school student resume are as follows.

  • 1. Efficient oral and written communication skills
  • 2. Leadership skills
  • 3. Management skills
  • 4. Organizational skills
  • 5. Creative thinking
  • 6. Teamwork skills
  • 7. Quick grasping power
  • 8. Marketing efficiency
  • 9. Analytical skills
  • 10. Soft skills
  • 11. Moral ethics
  • 12. Self-confidence and a positive attitude
  • 13. Presentation skills

Compelling Story

Incorporating an honest story in your resume builds the interest of the reader. An intriguing story also verifies your credibility and makes the recruiters believe about your skills.

Such a story should exhibit your skillset, which is required by the organization. It should integrate a time when you excelled in the activity and exhibited your ideal soft skills relevant to the company’s culture.

Say, for example, you are fabricating an education resume for a content writer role. In such a case, you could tell a time when you wrote an article of 4000 words in one day. Delineate the details about the way you wrote the article and the way you managed the time.

In this way, the hiring manager can have cognizance of your time managing skills, and effective written communication skills as well. A hiring manager has many job applications for a role. With the aid of a compelling story, you can grab his or her attention and force him to read your resume.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is a one to two-page reflection about your personality and gets attached to a resume. Attaching a cover letter with your resume already puts you at an advantage from others.

You can add up the details in the cover letter that you have not written in your education resume. Fabricating a compelling introduction in the cover letter is essential to maintain the interest of the reader.

With umpteen resumes with the hiring manager, he or she first aims at reading the cover letter. Do not forget to jot down your exceptional skills in the cover letter. According to research, approximately 50% of the employees integrate a cover letter with their resume.

The other two attributes which you must incorporate in a cover letter are-

Why you want the job in this company?

Demand for a call to action from the hiring manager or the recruiter. A call to action is very crucial to fetch you the result regarding your resume and cover letter.

Create a lucid and concise cover letter. You should format and proofread it in the end to evade any mistakes which can tarnish your professional image. Make sure that you are honest while jotting down your skills in the cover letter.

Concise and Clear

A high school student CV should be concise and brief to entice the reader till the end. If you incorporate irrelevant details in your resume, then it can become monotonous, and the reader may avert reading it.  Hence, aim at encompassing the skills and activities which are in relation to the context of the organization.

A lucid and unambiguous choice of words in your resume will make it clear. This is because your education resume is of no use if the hiring manager cannot understand it.  Avoid writing the words with double or relative meanings in your high school student cv.

Be Honest

You should be honest while jotting down your skills or activities in the education resume. This is because the recruiters can verify your content in the interview. A dishonest content of your resume may reveal your amateurism.

However, you should focus on being honest in a tactful way. You can modify your skill set according to the requirements of the company. Balancing the absence of work experience by mentioning the voluntary activities is instructed.


With hundreds of resumes with a hiring manager, he or she uses an applicant tracking system (ATS) to sort them. So to boost your chances of entering the organization, you should use suitable keywords that can be recognized by the applicant tracking system.

But where to get these keywords from? You can get them from the job advertisement itself. You should make sure to incorporate them in the best possible manner in your resume without changing the meaning of the content.

Avert Amateurism

To maintain professionalism, you should avoid incorporating the following attributes in your education resume.

Never mention any references or photos of yourself. This only enlarges the length of the resume and makes it monotonous. You should also make sure not to include your writing samples in your high school student cv.

Evade from writing unprofessional emails in your high school student CV. Say, for example, an email id [email protected] is quite informal. Hence, it is better to fabricate a new email ID for your resume.

Format and Proofread

In the end, the most crucial step before sending your resume to the organization is to proofread it.

Formatting the resume involves a series of steps. First of all, make sure to place the recent information at the top of the resume. Maintain this order until the end of the resume. Incorporating headings in your resume entices the readers at once.

Make use of the professional fonts and sizes for your content. A relevant margin space should also be left to integrate clarity in your resume. Paying attention to such technical details is necessary to exhibit your professional nature.

Then, you should proofread your education resume to avoid any grammatical errors. Such errors can truncate your chances of gaining the job opportunity. You can also get your resume checked from any friend or relative. Send the resume once it is thoroughly checked.


Before fabricating an ideal resume, you should search for various terms on the Internet. You can look out for high school resume template, high school resume examples, resume examples for teens, high school student resume with no work experience template, high school graduate resume or sample high school resume. This can help you to formulate an intriguing and compelling resume that can fetch you entry into the organization.

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