What Are Google Tags? How to Hire a Google Tags Expert?

What Are Google Tags, How to Hire a Google Tags Expert


Google Analytics is being used by business and entrepreneurs in a very effective and efficient way. It has been around to help firms collect, cumulate, assess and utilize web and app data to further chalk-out their strategies. This has been essential in creating workarounds or procedures to handle a particular type of problem. However, this didn’t seem enough. Businesses wanted more control. They wanted data that could help them grow their popularity.

Google answered this in 2012 by releasing yet another ground-shaking service known as the “Google Tag Manager” (GTM). Since then it has been a dream-run for the firms using it. However, this also meant several don’t know what exactly are Google Tags. Alternatively, even how do they work?

Let’s start by answering the basics.

What Is Google Tags Manager?

It is a tag management system created by Google to monitor basic HTML and JavaScript tags. These are then used for tracking the data flow on a particular website or a mobile application. It is a somewhat user-friendly way to manage tags which send information to third-party service providers.
You no longer have to go through the tedious and cumbersome process of writing new code for your applications or websites. You don’t even have to update the code anymore. All you have to do is use the UI to decide what needs to open when a particular action is committed by a user. GTM then does all the editing and snippets work for you and your website.

Pre and Post GTM Period

Before the release of GTM, the JavaScript or HTML code on your website was required to be updated for such features. Also, sometimes, an entirely new code was needed. Your firm was required to have developers/coders to make changes to your code. You were required to correct the coding flaws of the website or app first and then make changes to your roster or add a particular event or notify users about a decision. This took much time. Firms often used to miss their notification declines because of this.

Now, all it takes is a step-by-step guide through the user-friendly interface to eliminate the gruesome process of sitting down for hours a day to correct your JavaScript or HTML code. All the user has to do is add a custom tracking code or a container tag. You can even add your partners who, once given the authorization, can add, delete or change these container tags.

Why Use GTM?

It is imperative to know how much traffic your site experiences and what is the user-age cumulation. Let’s take an example, that you’ve given some files on your webpage. You will have to assess who correctly and what type of a user downloads your given files (whether it is a PDF, .docx, or anything else. You will need to know how did that user got the reference of your website and other crucial information. GTM helps you with this.
Here are some other useful features –

Zero Cost

GTM has several features which even paid services to wish they had. It has features ranging from usability, accounts, user roles, tag firing rules, supported tags, and many more. All this being free for users or firms to use. It is both, free and excellent.

Self Work

All the work is done is entirely on you. Insert tags, update previous tags, delete tags, change tags, review traffic, debug and what not, all by yourself.

No Limitations

Unlike many services, GTM allows integration with other Google services meant for businesses like Google Analytics, Google AdSense, etc. It doesn’t solely have to Google too. Services like Marin, comScore, AdRoll, etc. work flawlessly with GTM.


All features of GTM are centralized. Meaning it will need administrator authorization for other parties or users to interfere or tweak. Security is an essential aspect of GTM. Even for just the admin, log-in requires a pre-determined password followed by a numeric code which is sent to a trusted device.

Ease of Tracking

One can easily track all sources which are placed on one’s website or mobile app without any hiccups. And the ability to track things like, videos, AJAX, and a print is even more comfortable and much more straightforward with GTM.


If you’re already a Google Analytics, or an AdSense, or any other service user, we suggest you immediately connect or port your work-flow to GTM as soon as possible. Ease of use matters a lot when there’s a lot to do but very little time. GTM was meant to ease the firms work-flow by an immense amount. And it has succeeded in doing just that. There is no service like GTM where you will be able to effectively and efficiently consolidate analytics with marketing so flawlessly into a centralized system. On top of it, they can easily be negotiated with, with the very intuitive user-friendly interface created by Google to help even the technophobes.

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