What Job Should I Have? How To Decide Best Career Option?


One of the most critical parts of your life is to create a productive career for yourself. The jobs you do provide you with experiences and frame your personality.

However, before initiating your profession, several questions cross your mind.

What job should I opt for? What kind of a career should I aim for? What is the best career option for me? This article is meant to assist you in procuring a relevant job according to your skillset.

Here are specific tips and strategies which you must follow to know which career is suitable for your personality and skills.

Analyze Yourself

This is the foremost step that you should conduct before finding your career path. Reflecting internally on your skill sets and needs is very crucial.

To analyze yourself, you should ask the following questions.

What are my strengths and weaknesses? Which tasks interest me the most? Do I possess soft skills like leadership and a functional decision-making capacity? Do my ethical values align with the companies’ culture?

You can also analyze yourself by participating in specific career tests or using certain self-assessment tools. The help of a career counselor can also be procured in this regard.

Analyzing yourself is necessary to identify your attributes which are crucial for a particular industry.

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Identify Mandatory Attributes for A Job

job applicationBefore selecting a suitable job for you, you should also identify the attributes that you need an organization to have to attract you. This is because you would love your work only if it attracts you.

An organization can satisfy you if it has all the necessary attributes that you want. The must-haves of a job can differ from person to person.

Attributes integrate different needs of a person. It may encompass a fixed salary and benefits such as health coverage or various incentives.

Flexible working schedules, remote working norms, or adherence to a specific job role also influence the decision of the individuals before acquiring any job.

You may be requiring a job that proffers you part-time employment or freelancing opportunities. On the other hand, you may not be willing to work if the salary is low and without any incentives.

Hence, before knowing your career, you should know the necessary attributes of an organization.

Explore Several Job Opportunities

Now comes the time when you should explore the job opportunities according to the research that you have done previously.

This is an essential step of your procedure to find a good career. There are various social means to find jobs.

With the development of technology, various websites and applications have been fabricated to help you in this regard. You could register on applications like Internshala or LinkedIn.

These applications are free to use and provide you with job opportunities according to your skillset and needs.

On the other hand, there are various websites like Upwork, Indeed, Fiverr, etc. that can also proffer you job opportunities according to your strengths

It is advised to make use of your networking opportunities to recognize the job vacancies. According to research, most of the job vacancies that you find are based on networking outreach.

Thus, take the help of your family and friends to procure a job in an industry that favors your self-development.

You should also keep your goals, ethical values, strength, and talents in mind while exploring job opportunities. You are likely to procure a job in case of impressive talents and refined skills.

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Truncate Your Researched List

After exploring multiple job opportunities, it is time to shorten the list. This is because applying for hundreds of jobs is a cumbersome and time-consuming task.

You can follow various strategies to pick out the relevant job opportunities for you.

First of all, you can shorten your list based on your requirements. Strike off the job opportunities which do not foster your needs. Your requirements are the must-haves that you mentioned in the second step.

Secondly, surf the researched list to find out the growth opportunities. Industries providing the least growth opportunities should be written off.

Then you can also lookout for the company culture and the working environment.

The most crucial attribute that you must practice to shorten your research list is to imagine a day in the industry.

This helps you to take care of each characteristic which influences your career growth. In this way, you can estimate the stress relating to the commute and other features of the companies.

Know Your Career Job

happy with careerAfter performing the research and exploring numerous job opportunities, identify your career job. You can do this by taking a glance at your shortened list of job opportunities.

Compare the different industries according to your skillset and growth opportunities. You should work in a sector that fosters your self-development and refines your skills.

Update Your Resume and Train Yourself

After getting the answer to the question, what job should I have, it is time to refine your talents. Since you know the industry in which you want to work, you should work hard to procure a job in it.

If your career requires you to procure any training, then you should do so. This will help you to improve your skills to fetch an entry into your prospective organization.

However, some of the organizations provide on-the-job training to their employees. On the other hand, others employ people who are already trained.

So, you should carefully search the job postings of different industries. Pay heed to specific columns that talk about experience, qualifications, and education.

Moreover, a career change requires you to update your resume. You need to modify your skillset and talents according to the requirements of the industry.

Once you are satisfied that you do not need any more credentials for a company, then you should update your resume.

Make your resume concise and write all the qualifications which are required for your job. Proofread it thrice to avoid typing and grammatical errors which can exhibit your amateurism.

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Apply in Your Selected Organisations

After updating your resume, it is time to apply to organizations according to your selection. You can apply in your respective career fields through various websites like LinkedIn or Internshala.

Such apps require you to jot down your skills according to which they show you the job opportunities. The “filter” options on the sites help you to choose your favorite jobs.

You can choose various options according to your preferences like self-employment, part-time employment, work from home option, or full time working option.

Writing about your past experience improves your chances to get a job in the organization.

Create a Career Action Plan

different professionsCreating a Career Action Plan helps you to be organized and systematic while pursuing your goals. First of all, determine your short term and long term goals.

Then, you need to write down the steps, following which you can pursue these goals.

Also, mention the prospective barriers that you can face during your journey. Such a Career Action Plan helps you to procure the best career option.

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Grow and Learn

When you decide on your career option or switch off to a new career, it is necessary to keep learning.

The world is full of vast knowledge, and refining your skills will help you to give the best of your capabilities.

A challenging career helps you to ameliorate your personality. To amass growth opportunities, you should keep track of your goals and try to pursue them. The best job aligns with your goals.

If there is any activity that lightens the spark inside you, then you should continue to practice it. Following your interest is another right way to identify the best career for you.

Try to give your best in the first year. This will help you to learn more about all the attributes of your industry.


Deciding on the best career option is a daunting task. You will regret any carelessness or rash decisions, perhaps throughout your life.

However, following an organized process can help you to avoid lousy decision-making.

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