KnuVerse Voice Recognition, Voice Biometrics – Case Study

KnuVerse Voice Recognition, Voice Biometrics

KnuVerse Voice Recognition, Voice BiometricsIntroduction: KnuVerse

Have you ever wanted to be able to get things done just by talking or enumerating instructions? You must be thinking this is precisely what voice assistants do these days, don’t they? Well, not exactly. Voice assistants comply with your instructions of opening the door by sending IR rays across your device to the nearby placed sensor on the door that needs to be opened. The door then interprets the signal, makes sure it matches it’s known array and then opens.

We’re talking about the revolutionary concept of speaking directly to your door or appliances or anything to make it do as you wish. Kind of like a voice biometric[1]. It would be pretty cool to have it all around us.

KnuVerse is one such company who’s work-force thought the same. Which is why they produced, for the very first time, cutting-edge voice biometric solutions to help enterprises and SMB customers alongside OEMs and SI partners.

It worked extensively to provide perfectly advanced speaker solutions for mobile applications and similar IoT devices. It offered API technology to all.


Before we get into what the company’s innovation consisted of, a little about them:-

KnuVerse was founded in 2015 in Redwood City, California by Dan Goldin. It started off as a tech solutions company for enterprises and firms. However, it wasn’t until November 1, 2016, that they offered a speech surrounded innovation that embraced the future expectations of man-machine affinity. With the help of advanced algorithms, they released a cloud-based voice and speech recognition service (active recognition) and authentication software.
This was accomplished with the help of a very enthusiastic and hardworking work-force which backed the company’s entire project. The company anticipated the success of this project immensely. It kept it’s employees the happiest when compared to other commercial sources and corporate businesses. A satisfied employee is a happy employee. Moreover, KnuVerse followed this by heart to increase the productivity of their employees.
So this is how things kicked off for KnuVerse.

How it went on

The whole idea of having a speech recognition API was introduced at the 2016 Knurld Hackathon. KnuVerse invited developers to witness and use their API service to not only develop but also use the apps that were created. This API used their latest configurations for the ground-breaking innovation. It being voice and speech recognition.

Developers loved their idea and API so much that the created apps were then nominated and evaluated for various awards. One such application stood out when it won the award in the “Innovation” category for both Android and iOS devices. This application was known as “Crypto Chat.” It used Knurld technology to provide users with encrypted communications on a mobile. The honourable mention went to an amazing idea which involved ‘hotel room access’ to guests by using voice recognition. Ideas like “Biometric Lock Screen” and “Biometric Cash Box” soon saw great applause in the technological market. And all this was possible only because of the advancement in the digital world that was provided by KnuVerse.

More after launch

KnuVerse claims that it’s API was tested for months before actually being made available to developers in the Hackathon to use. They quietly led out a campaign which later went on to attract several Fortune 500 members. It made its official launch in June 2016. The ability to build applications with voice authentication tech was very limiting to a small number of enterprise companies. However, with the API of KnuVerse, developers were able to implement biometric voice capabilities into their web and mobile applications.

The main attracting feature which amused many was the ability of this ground-shaking technology to assess recognition even in the noisiest environments correctly.

Once the hackathon was over, KnuVerse soon released it’s most advertised products which allowed the general public or more specifically business enterprises to utilise the voice recognition tech. These were designed to integrate powerful voice recognition into firms daily work-flow. These were to be included in a variety of products which allowed employees to use their voice to unlock certain portions of a file or an application.


The two products released were:-
1. AudioPass – This was a customizable speaker which made the user say a series of 3-4 words to validate themselves.
2. AudioPIN – This was a more controlled device which made the user give in the pre-determined PIN and then speak a series of already entered-in words to assess their identities successfully.


Voice tech is a practical and secure way for enterprises by developing into a means of security measures. In addition to voice authentication measures, KnuVerse has opened its API free of cost. Developers can create an account for free on their online casinos website and then move on to develop applications which support the speech identification API for added security measures. It also allows developers to add up to 10 people to simultaneously work with. And has the option of indulging around 100 authentications within 60 days. This is an excellent way of securing one’s digitally stored content, be it online or offline.

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