How Long-Tail Keywords Can Improve Organic Traffic?

Long-Tail Keywords Can Improve Organic Traffic

We all want our website to be on top of the Google search index. Wouldn’t it be easier if we had a magic formula for it? Today Search engine optimization is essential than ever. Also, it is crucial for everyone in this digital marketing era to learn the art SEO. Ever heard of the ‘long-tail keywords’?. It helps you to target a large number of specific markets with a product or service.

What is a long-tail keyword?

A long-tail keyword could be a keyword phrase that accommodates a minimum of 3 words or more.

The name long-tail keyword is used because it is the most extended tail in the search demand curve. The search demand curve is a graph that plots all keywords against the search volume. Therefore, long-tail keywords are not defined by actual keywords but by their search volume. Long keywords always do not result in lower search volume.

Long-tail keywords help you to measure niche demographics instead of mass audiences. In alternative words, they are additional specific and infrequently less competitive than generic keyword terms. Owing to that, they supply each short-run and long-run advantages.

Since they are accurate, they permit you to rank higher in search results for hot trending topics comparatively quickly. And, can still gain ground on head terms. Plus, they have a tendency to draw extremely qualified traffic that helps in lead generation.

How long-tail keywords improve organic search?

People often neglect long-tail keywords while creating their websites. The same applies when they create AdWords campaigns. The added advantage of long tail keywords is that your site will not have a lot of competition. This assists in reaching higher search engine ranking. Hence, your effort reduces, also the Cost Per Click for ad campaigns decreases. And results in increasing the applicability of your ad promotions resulting in a positive influence on your quality score.

There are numerous objectives to optimize your site for long-tail keywords. As an SEO starter, you might be failing to adopt the long-tail keywords completely. As a result, you will miss some great SEO opportunities. After reading the below benefits you are more likely to level up your SEO strategy.

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Narrows down Competition

When your business purpose is to convert your traffic to sales long-tail keywords are the best option. Say, for example, you have silver satin pillowcases as your product. When you use the keyword ‘silver satin pillowcase’ you are narrowing your competitors. As a result, you will instantly help customers looking mainly for silver satin pillowcases to land on your website.

Targets better

When the shopkeeper asks the customer to describe what exactly they want to purchase, they hope to get as many details as possible, since this will help them find the right product. Same applies to keywords. If it describes what customers are considering of, the bigger the possibilities that they will discover just the product or service they require. Therefore, visitors who stop by your site after entering long-tail keyword phrases are naturally just your target audience.

High-rises in conversion rate

Customers who type in additional specific terms are most of the time are a step ahead in their buying cycle compared to customers who search for generic terms. Therefore, on the whole, long-tails drive in visitors who convert a cut above. Hence, funding in long-tail keywords is often an unquestionable Return On Investment. Also, it is a top-scoring “quality to quantity” policy.

Makes optimization easier

Optimization of long-tail keywords results in creating a smooth performance of real on-page optimization. This is for the reason that, before anything else, you do not require a heap of them on your website. Also, a set of long-tail keywords look more presentable in your page than many short-tail keywords. As a result, it brings forth more excellent overall experience. Furthermore, it makes better conversions.

Long-tail keyword owns personalization

With the improvement in technology, the personalization in search results has become more comfortable for a specific geographical location, age, gender, interests. Users checking out for a similar keyword may end up getting different search results. However, fortunately, long-tail keywords can assist you to optimize your site for a various group of customers since they are more specific. For example, you can have a separate landing page for college student backpack, and a separate webpage for working professional backpack. Hence, one may reduce the adverse result personalization may have on their SEO. Additional long-tail search terms can do this in their SEO strategies.

Ideal for Pay Per Click

A lot of internet marketing experts admit that PPC advertising should be typically long-tail. And we have an explanation for this. Usually, in PPC, we pay for every click on our ad as we invest in less specific, very general words resulting in smaller click-through rates. And end up having lower conversions. Therefore, it is a big waste of time and efforts investing on off the track words. Consequently, you need to bid on more particular keywords that better represent your products and offers. By doing so, you are surer to captivate the right customers to your website. And as a result, your PPC strategy will become effective at the earliest.

How to find long-tail keyword

You can use the Google keyword planner to research and understand what the audience is looking for.  For instance, let’s say you are about to write a blog on a banana diet. Simply type banana diet in the search bar and observe all the search modifiers. These searches are usually based on the search volume and popularity algorithms. You can use this for your initial research.

Long-tail keyword

Further, you can narrow down the search by typing more to know what exactly the user is looking for. Here, we type “banana diet before and after…” And the suggestion modifier is showing before and after pictures. This suggests that the user is curious to see the before and after photos.

Long-tail keyword

This kind of keyword is dead sure to attract vast amounts of traffic to your website. You can use long-tail keywords to build awareness about your brand. Building awareness is the first step in sales conversion. The strategy is to find a good, sustainable source of right long-tail keywords that is apt for you and your domain.


As long as keyword research is considered it is essential for you to know the ways to study search volume. This will give an obvious picture about the market research. In spite of that, you can still disregard search volume of a keyword if you want your audience to end up shopping on your site. Or, knowing your audience and fixing on the keywords.

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