Why Nursing Makes a Fantastic Second Career

If you have been working in the corporate world for a long time, you may be thinking that it is time for a change of career. The problem is, once you have had a lot of experience in your own industry, it can be difficult to find a new one as recruiters don’t always think outside the box and see your transferable skills. Getting your foot in the door of many industries can be tough as a graduate and even more so once your career has found direction. However, nursing likes to buck the trend and welcomes applications from people who have enjoyed other careers first. Here are just some of the reasons why nursing makes a fantastic second career.

You Can Make a Difference

One of the main reasons why people get demotivated by their first careers is that they don’t see themselves making a difference to other people or the world around them. Most corporate jobs involve working hard so that someone else can reap the rewards. You have to keep the cogs of commerce turning while being unable to make much of a difference to anything outside of your company or even your department. Nursing isn’t like this. You will be making a huge difference in people’s lives at a time when they need it most. It is a very rewarding and satisfying career and one in which you can really feel that you have made someone else’s life better.

You Can Qualify While Working

You can study for your nursing qualification without having to give up your day job. This means that you won’t have to give up your salary while you are training for your new career. Baylor University offers online accelerated nursing programs that allow you to get the qualifications you need in as little as a year without having to give up your day job.

You Can Use Existing Skills

A lot of the skills you have picked up in the corporate world can be utilized in nursing. For example, admin duties, communication skills, patience and prioritizing your workload are all things that you will need to use as a nurse and probably have years of experience in. Soft skills are important in nursing and the ability to empathize with the sick and their families and be a good listener are fantastic qualities that can’t be taught. You will know instinctively if you have the right soft skills for the job.


Nursing is a career where no two days are the same. You have a constant turnover of patients with different ailments to take care of and you will find that the job offers you a huge amount of variety. This can differ from the corporate world where you may feel like a small cog in a big wheel where every day is the same and nothing ever changes.

Diverse Work Setting

Many people think of nurses having to work in hospitals. However, there are many different options for nurses such as doctors’ surgeries, private clinics, schools, private homes, and specialist facilities. You may need to get some experience of working in a hospital but that doesn’t mean you have to stay in that environment forever if you don’t want to.


Nurses usually work shifts rather than a regular 9-5. This could suit you well if you want to work around other commitments such as childcare or family responsibilities. Many nurses work part-time or have some say over their own shift pattern which could offer you further flexibility.

The Chance to Specialize

You may work in general nursing for the first few years of your career, but you could then specialize once you have some experience. There are many different fields of nursing you could specialize in such as oncology, mental health, or pediatrics. You may need to undertake additional qualifications to work in specialist fields, but other areas just require dedication and a willingness to learn. You will never have the chance to get bored in nursing as you could find yourself specializing in more than one area over the course of your career. The great thing about being able to specialize is that you can concentrate on the areas of your job that you enjoy the most while moving away from areas you don’t enjoy as much. This means that you will always find your job interesting.

Promotion Prospects

The promotion prospects are fantastic in nursing. Not only can you move into a more senior role by specializing, but general nursing requires a vast number of supervisors and managers too and once you have proved yourself as a great nurse, your company will be keen to move you through the ranks. It is such a massive industry that there will always be an opportunity for you to move up and you won’t be stuck in the same position for longer than you want to be. Of course, your level of seniority will influence your pay scale and will keep you motivated and interested in the job you are doing.

Job Security

There will always be sick people so there will always be a demand for good nurses to look after them. This means that choosing nursing as a career means that you will always have job security. There are more positions for nurses than there are qualified people to fill them so even if one facility closes, you will be inundated with offers to take your skills elsewhere. This can feel very different from the corporate world where many people feel as if their job is constantly hanging in the balance.

These are just some of the reasons why nursing makes a fantastic second career choice. Every year, thousands of people make the switch to nursing so that they can feel fulfilled, make a difference, and live their best life. If you have considered becoming one of these people, then perhaps it is time to find out more about this rewarding and diverse career.

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