Postsecondary Nondegree Award: Definition and Programs

Postsecondary Nondegree Award

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Different types of job opportunities require other educational qualifications.

Such certifications help you to procure the necessary technical skills which will be required to practice the job.

It is necessary to procure such technical skills as they are the parameters of selection in different organizations.

For example, you may require other credentials to become a doctor or an engineer.

So there are different categories of Education and training. Let us have a look at them.

Education and Training Data

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is responsible for classifying the education and training data according to various requirements.

As per the Bureau of Labour statistics analysts, there are three major categories of Education and training data.

These types have been developed as a result of various occupations in the year 2016 to 2026.

The three types of Education and training data are as follows:

  • 1. Educational knowledge required for entry,
  • 2. Work experience needed for a particular job opportunity,
  • 3. On the job training required to obtain proficiency in a particular field.

Postsecondary Nondegree Award

The first type of Education and training data entails the Postsecondary Nondegree Award.

These are the programs which help you to attain education and information in a required subject with a certificate or any other award.

However, no degree is proffered to the candidates who pursue the Nondegree Award.

The educational institution which conveys you formal education is responsible for issuing the certificate to the applicant.

There are various programs of Postsecondary Nondegree Awards.

Such programs can range from a few weeks or may take approximately one to two years.

The various Postsecondary Nondegree Award Program entail Paramedics, Hairstylists, nursing assistants and emergency medical technicians (EMTs).

The professional institutions submit the certificates to the students, which signifies the proficiency of the student in a particular field due to the courses.

The importance of the Nondegree Award is exhibited from the fact that the six fastest-growing and lucrative job opportunities require such certificates.

Out of these six, five job opportunities related to the healthcare industry.

Moreover, the healthcare industry has more than 60% of women who hold the Nondegree certificate. 

But what is the benefit of such certificates or rewards? How can they help you to procure various programs and occupations?

healthcare industry has more than 60% of women
Healthcare Industry Has More than 60% of Women


The certificates of the Non-degree Award are of two types. Both types of certificates make the employees adept in their required services.

Hence, they augment the chances of procuring the job opportunity.

The two types of certificates are pre-baccalaureate and Post Baccalaureate credentials.

As the name suggests, the Pre baccalaureate certificates help you to move up the career ladder and work as an incentive for you to procure your dream job. 

According to research, 1/3 of the applicants with a pre-baccalaureate diploma have an Academic degree along with it.

Moreover, 2 out of 3 such people have procured their certificate before the degree.

On the other hand, the Post Baccalaureate certifications help to enhance the original degree qualifications of the students.

This means such certificates work as a cherry on top of the cake to bolster the knowledge of the students.

But how can you procure such a non-degree award?

You can fetch such a secondary non-degree award by working for additional time than in the Bachelor’s degree in your field. The period for working more is at least 18 credit hours.

However, if you want the Post Secondary Nondegree Award in the Post master’s domain, then the requirements are different.

The time for working is augmented to 24 credit hours more than in the master’s degree.

Postsecondary Nondegree Award Programs

Specific programs do not require you to procure a degree but a certification.

Let us have a glimpse at the various Nondegree Award programs which proffer you high salaries.

Electrical Repairer

As the name suggests, an electrical repairer performs the functioning of repairing electronic devices or power plants.

Such substations or relay stations help to proffer electricity to the consumers.

So the Technicians play a vital role, and hence, they can work under any company or government. 

The non-degree credential includes various apprenticeship programs.

The technicians can procure an annual salary of $65,230.

Commercial Pilots

The significant advantage of commercial pilots is that they can take flights to unorganised routes, unlike the airline pilots.

Hence, commercial pilots fly planes or helicopters and conduct other activities. Such functioning includes monitoring air traffic, newscast or hospital transport.

FAA regulations administer the Nondegree credentials of a commercial pilot. So the certificate includes a licence proffered through civilian flight school or military.

The commercial pilot can get an annual revenue of approximately $67,500. The experience in this field is varied.

First-Line Supervisor, Prevention Workers and Firefighters

The local government seeks the services of the firefighters and other workers.

There are different credentials which the applicants can procure to practise this profession.

The primary certification includes an emergency medical technician or a paramedic certificate.

However, the applicants may attain different on the job training according to their state’s requirements.

For example, some states need the applicants to undergo the local Academy four week training protocol or other local projects.

A firefighter can amass an annual income of $68,240. However, he or she should have experience of one to five years in the field.

Postsecondary Nondegree Awards Types

The Postsecondary Nondegree Awards and certifications are of three types.

These types are inferred based on the duration of completion of the course. The average time is 1.9 years.

The three types are as follows:

Short Term

As the name suggests, you can obtain the short term Nondegree certifications in less than a year.

However, the short term certifications proffer fewer benefits. You can achieve these certifications by working for a period of only 30 credit hours.

Due to such attribute, these diplomae are quite popular. This is because approximately 4% of the applicants attained the short term credentials in 2010.

Moreover, they help you to augment the benefits of your high school diploma by 10%.

Medium Term

The medium-term credentials compete with the associate’s degree of an applicant.

As the name suggests, you can secure such certifications in more than a year. But they do not cross the two-year mark.

The popularity of the medium term diploma is sighted from the statistics of 2010.

According to this data, approximately 41% of the applicants retrieved the medium-term Nondegree Award.

However, you need to work for more than 30 credit hours. The duration should not exceed 60 credit hours time limit.

Long Term

The credit hours for the long term credentials range from 60 to 120 hours.

As the name suggests, you can fetch the long term certifications only after procuring a minimum course of two years. They are relatively less beneficial due to the longer time.

According to research, approximately 5% of the students achieved search credentials in 2010.

Other Certificate Programs


Short Term Program- Office Aide

Credit Hours- 16

Salary- $21,000

Medium-Term Program- Office Support Specialist

Credit Hours- 33

Salary- $21,000

Long Term Program- Administrative Professional Aas

Credit Hours- 66 

Salary- $26,000


Short Term Program- Nursing Assistant CNS

Credit hours. 5

Salary $21,000

Medium-Term Program- Practical Nursing

Credit Hours 35

Salary $32,000

Long Term Program- RN Nursing

Credit Hours 77

Salary $46,000

Science and Engineering

Short Term Program- Information Technology Support Specialist

Credit Hours- 18

Salary- $46,260

Medium-Term Program- Information Technology Management

Credit Hours- 30

Salary- $32,350

Long Term Program- Surgical Technology

Credit Hours- 83

Salary- $39,920

Postsecondary Nondegree Professional Institutions

From where do you get the Nondegree Award? Are these professional institutions public or private?

You can get the Postsecondary Nondegree certifications from private or public institutions.

The private establishments are the private for-profit societies, whereas the public associations are two-year general federations.

Let us have a glimpse at the data of the year 2010.

The two-year public foundations had proffered approximately 52% of the Nondegree certifications to the students.

On the other hand, the private for-profit colleges had furnished approximately 44% of the applicants the Postsecondary Nondegree credentials.

The public establishments are responsible for proposing mostly short term credentials to the applicant.

On the other hand, the private foundations are responsible majorly for the long term and medium term diplomas.

The public institutions or community establishments cost approximately $8000 per year. In contrast, private foundations cost roughly $33,000 per year.

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