Remote Job Search: How To Find and Apply for Remote Jobs?

Finding Remote Jobs

Remote work or work from home requires the employees to work flexibly from their lodgings. The remote working structure is gaining much essence during the pandemic. It has now become a necessity instead of a flux. To avert the dispersal of the Coronavirus, the people are working from home.

Hence, the remote working structure is now becoming the norm. This is because of its umpteen advantages over the traditional working system. People can avert commute and hence, use this saved time to augment their efficiency in their working activities.

Remote working structure is also ideal for the people who prefer communicating via online mediums rather than face to face.

Are you more of a night owl than a morning person? If yes, then with the aid of the remote working option, you can work even at night.  To find a remote job, you can search through various remote job sites or platforms.

Let us have a glance at various steps that you should follow to find a remote job. How to find a remote job?


Before you find a remote job, you should answer specific questions.

  • 1. Is remote job right for you?
  • 2. Will you be able to maintain your efficiency while working alone at home?
  • 3. Do you possess exceptional communication skills that facilitate remote working?
  • 4. Do you have more love for your passion rather than for procrastination?
  • 5. Do you want to combat the confines of working from 9 to 8 in the office?
  • 6. Do you dread going to the office?
  • 7. Do you prefer flexibility over the traditional working system?

If your answer to the above questions is a big yes, then remote working is meant for you.

However, sometimes the distractions at your home may lead you to procrastinate your work. In such a case, you should drop the idea of remote working as it will hinder your efficiency.

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Do Your Research

You should research the advantages and disadvantages of remote working structure. If you think that the benefits outweigh the cons, then you can opt for remote working.

On the other hand, if the disadvantages dread you more than the advantages, then you should prohibit indulging in this structure. Before choosing the work from home option in any job or organization, you should research it thoroughly.

You should have cognizance of the working structure of the company. Knowing whether the organization is partially distributed or fully distributed is crucial. The word distribution here refers to workplace management in an organization.

So, knowing whether all the employees of the organization work from home or not is helpful. This is because your manager may sometimes require you to visit the workplace in case of a partially distributed company.

You should also know about the fixed hours when you should be available to your managers and superiors.

Knowing about the deadlines to submit the work and the flexibility of working is also essential.

Keywords Search

While conducting a remote job search on digital platforms, you should facilitate the use of various keywords. Keywords like “remote,” “virtual,” “completely distributed,” “100% distributed” need to be searched on the search engine.

Such keywords bring out organizations that don’t even have a central office or workplace.

Ultimately, such fully distributed organizations require you to work from home.  They do not contemplate your location as a factor while considering your application.

Hence, if you prefer complete work from home, then using the keywords can be helpful in this regard.

You can save the “career” pages of such websites and compare them with others later.

You should finally choose the one that best suits your skill sets.

Best Websites for Remote Working

With the spread of a vicious wave of the Coronavirus, many websites have come up to offer remote working options to the people.

However, knowing the best sites that propose fully distributed work from home options is critical to saving your time. In the absence of such knowledge, you would surf through the web erratically.

So here are some websites that proffer you the best jobs regarding the remote working structure. is a global job posting platform. You can find tons of jobs, including on-location, contractual and hourly jobs. The platform is gaining a lot of attraction lately.


The best feature of this website is that it is free to use. New job postings are augmented every day. This site integrates some of the best startups that proffer remote working options.

Though this website is free to use, you need to fabricate a profile before using it. This profile works as your resume for various organizations and companies.

Another best attribute of this website is that it is elementary to use. You just need to click the “Yes, I am interested” option, to make any hiring manager glance through your profile.

Not only this, but the website also displays the “last seen” of the hiring manager.

You should remain away from the organizations that were last seen two months ago or more.


Lots of full time and part-time job opportunities are displayed on this website. You can find ideal jobs for you to initiate your career into a freelance business.

However, you have to incur some expenses to procure the facilities of this website. The cost of the website for the candidates is $14.99.

But, the organizations post about their jobs for free. Despite the paid feature, there are many resources which are available for free as well.


This website connects remote workers from more than 121 countries. Hence, it is one of the best and fastest growing communities for finding and surfing remote job opportunities.

The best attribute of the website is their chat forums that help you to exchange information with various experienced remote workers. This platform advances more than 12,897 jobs from 312 companies.

Be it small startups or significantly large traded companies; this website offers you umpteen job opportunities. This is another freely used website.

However, the premium option of is available at $19.00. With the premium version, you can go through the company’s page and even see the compensation proffered by them before applying for the job.

The responding time of the companies through this website is also speedy. Once your skill set matches the requirements of any company, you can contact them.

Tap Into Your Network

Researches show that most of the job opportunities are filled through networking. Surfing job websites and digital platforms are not enough to procure the best work from home opportunities.

You should reap the benefits of your augmented networking outreach. It can be a possibility that any of your friends or relatives know an organization that advances remote working jobs.

Tap Into Your Job Network

So you should have a word with your connections regarding the availability of remote working job opportunities.

Then you can compare the various job opportunities that you procured digitally as well.

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Employers Searching Remote Employees

After researching about remote working opportunities online as well as offline, you may come across many companies. You may hear the name of some organizations many times regarding their excellent opportunities.

Hence, you should look out for the key employers who advance such remote working opportunities. They should proffer you an augmented income as well.

You should also know the key employers who possess fully distributed or partially distributed work from home options. Having cognizance about the onboarding structure of the companies is also crucial.

To clarify your queries related to the work from home option, you can also read the blogs of such companies.

Some companies which propose remote working job opportunities are as follows:

Fire Engine RED

This search engine proffers 100% distributed or fully distributed remote working opportunities throughout the US and Canada. The company brags about its isolated working structure.

Hence, if you dread commuting, then this is one of the best data solutions company for you.


This organization is not remote, but it is distributed. You can access it from any device which has an Internet connection good enough to use Google Hangouts.


Despite having no workplace, the company has umpteen attributes that facilitate the growth of the employees. This social media management company owes a large fan base.

It facilitates working from any place, which makes you happy and augments your productivity.


This global company operates in six countries and 49 cities. It has only one physical headquarters, and the employees have no tension regarding the stressful commutes.

The board is managed by the self-described bots and is cent percent distributed.

The best attribute of this company is that they have a very suitable and excellent company culture despite the absence of a workplace.

Needs of Remote Employers

Before applying to any remote working job, you should have cognizance of the needs of the remote employers. This is because the hiring managers select the applications of only those employees who match their requirements.

For remote working structure, the employers require trustworthy employees. This is because, during work from home, managers cannot have a glimpse of the practical activities of the workers.

Hence, the employees should be trustworthy enough to complete their errands before time and by themselves. They should not indulge in any sort of cheating with their employers.

Secondly, the hiring managers also required their employees to have a passion for their work. They should be dedicated enough not to get swayed by the distractions at home.

Such distractions incorporate televisions, video games, Netflix and chill, having a fun time with family, etc.

However, if you are dedicated enough and love your work, then you would not Indulge in procrastination as well. Because in the end, it is your passion that makes you complete your task.

Hence, you should have some entrepreneurial and professional skills to work as a remote working employee.

Proximity to The Location

Proximity to The Job Location

In the case of partially distributed companies, your location is also a determining factor. This is because partially distributed companies have a workplace.

Hence, they may require you to visit it at certain intervals of time. So, the hiring managers would procure and give priority to employees who are closely located near the workplaces.

So, before applying to a job at any company, you should know their location and your proximity to them.

Tailor Your Resume

The resume of a remote working job differs that from the resume of a traditional job. You need to modify your skill set according to the remote working norm.

This means that you should make the hiring manager believe about your passion for the work.

You should entice the hiring manager regarding your dedication towards work. Making sure that there is no room for procrastination in your life will heighten your chances of procuring the job opportunity.

You should remain cautious while mentioning any side projects that you want to indulge in or are presently indulging it.

This is because some organizations may not want you to work anywhere else apart from them. They may think that this can truncate your efficiency.

However, if you come to know that the organization has no problem with side gigs, then you can mention them.

But you should try to direct your focus on the organization only.

Fabricate a Cover Letter

A cover letter is a one to two-page necessary insight about yourself.

However, a cover letter of a remote working organization should incorporate two main points.

First of all, you should integrate your reason for joining the organization. Here, you can mention the remote working facility of the organization which has enticed you.

Moreover, briefly appreciating the various other attributes that have allured you to enter the organization is suggested.

The second point that you should integrate into your cover letter is your contribution to the company.

  • 1. How can you help the company in improving its work?
  • 2. How could you integrate your skill set with the requirements of the company?
  • 3. How does your presence benefit the company?

Answers to such questions are written in the cover letter. Fabricating a cover letter is crucial to give an insight into your reason for working in the organization.

If you do not formulate a cover letter, then you are already at a disadvantage than the other employees who have done so.

The remote working organizations require a cover letter to get insight into your communication skills as well. This is because, in a remote working facility, you have to formulate various written texts to communicate with your superiors and colleagues.

Thus, your practical written communication skills are analyzed via your cover letter. With umpteen cover letters and resumes with them, the Hiring manager only goes through the central points of your cover letter.

So you should make sure to keep your cover letter concise, accurate, and proofread it before sending it.

The cover letter also exhibits your professionalism.

In case of any grammatical errors or lack of credibility, the management may analyze your amateurism.

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Avert a Generic Cover Letter

A cover letter is generic when it can be sent to many organizations.

Thus, a generic cover letter is fabricated by an individual only once. He or she can send it to many other organizations.

In such a cover letter, only the name of the organization is modified by the applicant.

However, in the case of a remote working option, the generic cover letter may not amass you a job. This is because different organizations have different remote working facilities.

Some may be partially distributed, whereas the others may be fully distributed.

So you should modify your skillset remembering the requirements of various remote working organizations. This is because the conditions of joining different organizations are different as well.

Exhibit Your Capabilities

The remote working norm has been facilitated only by the development of the software tools. This era of digitalization has made remote working possible.

During these edgy times of the Coronavirus, many new remote working software tools have been founded. The hiring manager will only select you as a remote employee if you have full cognizance about the usage of such applications.

Remote Working Apps

Various software like Trello, Google Drive, Google Sheets, MS Excel, Zoom, etc. facilitates remote working. You should learn to operate such applications.

However, to use them, you should possess devices like a smartphone or a computer as well.

Exhibit Your Communication Skills

To increase your chances of entering into a remote working organization, you should have exceptional communication skills. This is because, during remote working, you need to communicate with your colleagues and your manager frequently.

So you should know how to frame professional emails and text messages. The typos exhibit your amateurism and work as a hindrance in the communication process.

gallup report

A report by Gallup states that approximately 60% of US employees expect to work from homes in the future. Remote working proffers an excellent medium between self-employment and traditional job.

To combat working within the confines of 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM, you should find a remote job.

You should conduct a remote job search according to your skillset and preferences.

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