Writing a Resume Covering Letter: How To Make a Perfect Resume?

Resume Covering Letter


A cover letter is a one-page insight about your professionalism and skills. It is attached to a CV or resume of a job application.

Writing a covering letter could help you to fabricate a good resume and good CV.

You could even fetch resume writing services to write a resume. The professional resume writers concoct the perfect resume.

You can so acquire the top resume writing services to formulate an effective resume and a good resume.

How to fabricate a perfect resume covering letter?

To concoct the perfect resume and the best resume, you should follow the following tips and strategies.

Choose a Suitable Unique Visual Template

A professional visual template will help you to concoct your resume covering letter in the best way.

It would be easy to grab the attention of the hiring manager. Such a template would help you to incorporate each basic element in the cover letter.

Initiate with A Professional Header

You should exhibit your professionalism by initiating the resume covering letter with the professional header.

The professional header contains some basic information about yourself. It helps the recruiting manager to have cognizance about your identity.

You can include the following points in a professional header:

  • 1. Email ID
  • 2. Name
  • 3. Contact
  • 4. Company’s name in which you are applying
  • 5. Name of your hiring manager

To add a cherry on top of the cake, you can even add your LinkedIn profile in the header.

You can incorporate a touch of professionalism by adding your website and Twitter profile as well.

Research About the Hiring Manager

There is a probability that you may not know your hiring manager’s name. In such a case, you should conduct thorough research about the same.

You can surf the website, LinkedIn, and Twitter profile of the company in this regard.


When you are aware of the hiring manager’s name, you should greet him or her. The phrase “Dear” should precede the name of the hiring manager.

But there can be cases when you do not know the name of your hiring manager even after conducting the research.

In such a situation, you should greet him or her as – “Dear hiring manager of (the required) Department.”

Catchy Introduction

There are umpteen resume covering letters with the hiring manager.

Hence, there is a full possibility that he or she may ignore your letter in case it is monotonous.

So you should grab the attention of the reader in the first instance.

You should ensure that your introduction stands out from the rest. To do this, you can incorporate your two or three top skills and achievements.

This will develop your credibility at the starting of the cover letter itself.

Suitable Skills

You may be having many skills. But if none of your skills match with the job requirements, then it is of no use.

Hence, you should develop confidence in the reader about your suitable skills for the job.

Before displaying your suitability, you should always research the skills necessary for the particular job.

You can take help from the certified professional resume writers in this regard. 

Display Your Cognizance

You will not be considered suitable for a job if you fail to adapt to the company’s culture. So you should be a good fit for the job. This is possible only if your skills and passion match the company’s requirements.

 The hirer does not hire a person who is an ill fit for the company. According to research, 50% of an employee’s salary is wasted in the cases of quitting the job.

Polite and Cordial Tone

A perfect resume has a tint of politeness. You should not demand the company to hire you.

Instead, you should request them by delineating your suitable skills for the position.

You should also use an appropriate tone suitable to the company’s background to formulate a resume in professional profile.

Compelling Stories

You should add some short stories to ensure your credibility. This will help in developing the hiring manager’s interest as well.

Such compelling stories force the hiring manager to select your resume. The hiring manager may build his or her confidence in you.

Problem-Solving Attitude

Many fluctuations come while working in a job. Hence, you should not have a quitting attitude. You should rather be a problem solver.

You should incorporate your problem-solving skills in your resume covering letter as well.

This will keep you at an advantage from others. 

Call to Action

You should end your resume covering letter with a note of gratitude. You should also seek a sort of action from the hiring manager.

Such a call to action will help you to acquire the additional details requiring your job opportunity.

You can thank the reader for reading your resume covering letter till the end.

Formal Salutation

You should maintain professionalism until the end. So, end your resume covering letter with the formal salutations.

The following phrases can be used in this regard:

  • 1. Thanking You
  • 2. Best regards
  • 3. Sincerely

You should also write your signature and name at the end of your resume covering letter.

Proofreading Your Resume Covering Letter

Before hitting the send button, you should always proofread your resume covering letter.

You can use various applications like Grammarly to correct grammatical errors as well.

Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors exhibit a lack of professionalism.

You can even consult a third person before sending your letter. This will help you to modify your weak points.

Irrelevant Information

The perfect resume always has information that is up to the point.

Non-important information will lead your resume covering letter to land in the shredding paper machine.

Your content should be intriguing and relevant. It should always stand out from the rest.

This will help to enhance your chances of entering the organization.


To make a resume professional, the resume covering letter should ignite sparks in the hiring manager’s mind.

It should intrigue the hiring manager and arouse interest in him or her.

However, a bad resume covering letter will only be ignored. It will go to the paper shredder without serving your purpose.

You can use the above tips to concoct the perfect resume.

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