20 Best Self-Employed Jobs During COVID-19 Pandemic

20 Self-Employed Jobs

The ongoing pandemic has severely affected the economic lives of the individuals. The people have fear regarding the fall in their incomes by their employers. They are even insecure about their jobs.

The employers have decided to carry out operations on a small scale due to less demand. Many people have thus become a victim of unemployment.

This article is ideally meant for these people who can now become the master of their own business.

20 high earning self-employed jobs to pursue during the Coronavirus crisis


A writer is a person who specializes in writing blogs, articles, social media content, advertising, and other types of content. He or she should have a great flair in written communication and great imagination as well.

The average salary of a writer is $24.11 per hour.

Affiliate Marketer

This is one of the best self-employment jobs to engage in without a substantial investment. You can earn without even having an inventory by promoting the products of other companies and organizations.

You are paid commission based on the number of sales you help to produce.

Drop Shipper

A drop shipper creates his or her brand to promote the products of other organizations and clients. He or she is also paid based on the sales rendered. Thus, the income is dependent upon the hard work of the drop shipper.

Graphic Designer

If you have excellent skills in using different types of software applications, then you could become a graphic designer. The central aspect of this job is to create visual content and material for clients like videos and logos.

An average salary of $18.23 can be amassed from this profession.


A developer should have a good flair in various coding languages. He or she is hired to develop various software applications and systems.

The average annual salary of a developer is $89,592.


If you are specialized in any stream or subject, then you could become an online tutor. You could proffer online classes during these pandemic times and earn a high income.

The average salary of a tutor is $24.29 per hour.

Business Consultant

The business consultant assists the business to enhance in a specific field. He or she should be skillful enough in that particular field and have fundamental communication and researching skills.

The average annual salary, which can be fetched from this profession, is $65,892.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

As the name suggests, the needs of Amazon get fulfilled by the person who practices this profession. He or she is basically a supplier of Amazon. People who buy from Amazon actually purchase the products from these people.

The allowance entirely hinges on the sales made by Amazon for the supplier’s products.

Social Media Marketer

Nowadays, social media is becoming a great trend to convey your message to the audience. To augment the number of your target audience, you can hire a social media marketer.

A social media marketer should have excellent digital marketing skills. He or she helps you to augment your number of followers on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Social media marketers can make an average salary of $13.92 per hour.

Career Coach

A career coach helps the individuals in matching their skills with their respective jobs. Such coaches help the students and individuals in formulating their future career paths.

They guide the individuals by telling them some successful business strategies.

An average salary of $14.70 per hour is available to the career coaches.


With effective listening skills, a transcriptionist is required to transform the recorded speech or sound into text. There should be no grammatical errors in the process, and the correct syntax should be used.

An average salary of $13.71 per hour is available to a transcriptionist.

Online Surveys and Product Research

This is a great job to pursue during the pandemic. All you have to do is browse the Internet, conduct some research, and answer the questions of your clients.

You can procure money between $1 to $5 per survey.


You can procure and sell products and services online by engaging in this profession. Websites like eBay and Amazon provide you the opportunity to initiate this business. Your earnings depend on your number of sales.

You can augment your earnings by increasing your customer base and providing better quality products.

Selling Royalties

Selling royalties means earning money by selling your pieces of work. You could be a musician, an artist, or a writer to engage in this profession.

You can sell your books, music, or videos and earn money whenever someone downloads your content. Hence your earning depends on your sales.

Web Designs

The more prominent organizations want to make their websites appealing. This helps them to entice a broader target audience towards their content.

They hire web designers for this purpose. These people create compelling websites and incorporate SEO keywords and phrases in them.

The earning is solely dependent upon the type of websites you create.

Website Translation

A website translator should have fluency in more than one language. He or she can provide translation services to organizations that are looking to translate their website for an entirely new region.

Personal Shopping

You may be startled to hear, but people actually pay for procuring a company while going for shopping. To initiate your personal shopping business, you should have excellent knowledge of clothing and styling as well.

Your pay depends upon your clients and their satisfaction.

App Development

In this digital era, applications are being developed on almost every topic. You could engage in the software development business. This profession is booming and has lots of opportunities.

You can earn a considerable income due to the broad scope of this job.

Stand-Up Shows

If you have a witty sense of humor, then why not pursue this profession in these stressful times?

This profession would even help to alleviate the spirits of the people during these bothersome times.

You can become a stand-up comedian and post your videos on YouTube. You could be earning money on the basis of the views on your videos.

Editing and Proofreading

If you have excellent grammar skills, then you can become an editor and proofread the articles. Since people are buying more and more online books and ebooks, there is enormous scope in this field.


Nowadays, self-employment is emerging as a great side gig and even as a full-time job. This is because of the umpteen advantages which this profession poses during the coronavirus. Self-employment means that you are the sole master of your business.

The new norm of remote working and technological advancements has considerably favored the self-employment profession. When self-employment, one enjoys greater flexibility in the working schedule.

The individuals have no fear of the insecurity of their jobs and fewer incomes. During the time of the financial crisis, they can work even harder and have access to a broader network of clients.

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