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Best Freelancing Websites


Freelancing is a lucrative career opportunity for people. One can start freelancing from the time they are a college student.

It helps them earn money from the comfort of their homes, at their own time. Working from home also provides flexible schedules, and this is likely to enhance your efficiency.

People pursuing freelancing are their own masters and are not commanded by anyone. This means that freelancers can earn money according to their requirements and free time.

They can extend their working period in certain circumstances such as difficult times when they require more money. On the other hand, freelancers can also halt their operations when they have other activities to pursue.

Working as a freelancer is one of the best ways to enhance your skills. It gives you the necessary experience required for future job opportunities. This experience relates to different types of activities.

Since a freelancer is self-employed, he or she has to perform a plethora of activities. These include handling accounts, conducting marketing, and acquiring clients.

With such functions, the individual can become efficient in different departments. This enhances the CV and resume of the person.

Here are the benefits that come from freelancing:

Flexible schedules

Having a flexible schedule is the biggest advantage of freelancing. This means the individual can work at any time, no matter if they are a night owl or a morning person.

It is also one of the best options for people who do not like to work under the orders of others.

Security of income

Working at a job or company has its restrictions. There can be situations where your boss or employer may terminate your employment. This can be due to several reasons. On the contrary, there can also be times when you receive less work.

But working as a freelancer helps you combat such restrictions. Freelancing provides you security in terms of income as you are your own master.

Hence, there is no risk of termination of employment. You can work whenever you want and earn additional income.

This aspect of freelancing has been verified during the pandemic, and many people are pursuing freelancing nowadays. It helps people to earn a regular income from their homes.

Freelancing is also compatible with the social distancing norms and regulations of the government.

Increased productivity

Freelancing can help enhance the efficiency of individuals. This is due to several reasons.

Freelancers are their own bosses. So, they have no stress related to the superiors’ orders, and they can work according to their own schedules.

Additionally, freelancing promotes remote working norms, due to which, freelancers do not need to commute.

This reduces the stress related to the jampacked roads and also saves time. During this time, they can focus on their working efficiency.

Due to all these advantages, many individuals are pursuing freelancing. One can practice multiple freelancing professions, such as graphic designing, writing, software development, information technology, etc.

There are various online platforms that can help you and provide you with diverse job options in freelancing. The use of digital platforms has increased the scope of freelancing nowadays. This is primarily due to the ongoing pandemic.

During this time, many people have been surfing the web while sitting at their homes. This helps freelancers and clients to connect through digital mediums easily and will help you start your career as a freelancer.

This article some of the best freelancing websites that can help you to start your career in freelancing.

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Best Freelancing Websites

Marketing your services as a freelancer can be a daunting task and a tedious process.

This is where freelancing websites come in. These websites are digital platforms that help connect freelancers with their clients. They make this tiresome process easy for the freelancers.

But, the sites have specific terms and conditions.

Some platforms may provide jobs in a particular niche. At the same time, others may include several job opportunities in varying industries.

1. FlexJobs


FlexJobs is one of the best freelancing websites. The reason that FlexJobs was created was the frustration of the owner.

This frustration was due to the increasing number of scams and ads on other freelancing platforms. Online scams can take a toll on the mental health of individuals.

But FlexJobs is free from such scams.

Experts research each job of the platform. The main aim of these experts is to provide quality service to the users.

There are a great number of users on FlexJobs, due to the wide variety of career opportunities on this site. The jobs are available in more than 50+ career fields.

Apart from the variety of industries, you can get jobs in various countries as well. The jobs can include entry-level or executive-level posts.

Also, both part-time and full-time job opportunities are available on the website.

FlexJobs also helps you build your resume.

Additionally, it provides Career Coaching and Resume Review features to the users. A team of experts monitor the Resume Review feature.

Even after all such features, some may not benefit from the digital platform. The website offers a solution for such circumstances as well. In these cases, it has a 30-day refund policy for the users.

2. Upwork

UpworkUpwork is one of the biggest digital sites for freelancing. It provides millions of job opportunities.

These freelancing opportunities are available in many different niches such as IT, networking, translation, data science, accounting, etc.

There is never a shortage of work on this platform as there are more than 18 million freelancers on Upwork.

These freelancers receive career opportunities from 5 million clients who provide more than 3 million freelancing opportunities to people.

However, to get work, you need to initiate and connect with these clients. The initial connection with the client requires a fee.

The digital platform charges between 5-20% of your prospective earnings as fees. But you can avoid such fees with effective communication skills, with which you can build up a network. This will help you to receive job opportunities from your already connected clients.

No skills are required to operate the website. This digital platform has an easy-to-use interface.

It is a friendly option for beginners, who can also give unlimited proposals to the clients on this website. This increases their chances of getting different job opportunities.

3. Fiverr

FiverrFiverr is another popular digital platform, which helps you to get freelancing job opportunities. These jobs include video editing, digital marketing, writing, translating audio, editing, etc.

You can choose any industry according to your skills. But to choose the industry, you should know the right way to use this website. This will help you to get a job quickly.

The jobs on this platform start from $5, which is the base price and increases gradually according to your skills.

Apart from jobs, Fiverr also helps you to create an impressive portfolio. This will help you procure good freelancing jobs.

4. Freelancer

The website Freelancer helps freelancers to find their clients and get job opportunities in a particular location. The freelancers can get opportunities by efficiently marketing their skills. These employment opportunities are related to different fields.

Some of the fields include software development, accounting, marketing, data entry, etc. After completing your job, you can quickly get your payment. This is due to the safe and secure payment option of the website.

This option instills a sense of security in the freelancers regarding their earnings. Apart from safe payment, workers receive full transparency due to the live chat feature of the website.

It facilitates the freelancers to communicate with the clients to avoid miscommunication or misunderstanding.

Besides the above features, Freelancer also gives a flexible pricing system. This includes diverse monthly and annual subscription packages for the clients.

5. SolidGigs

SolidGigsThere can be situations when you urgently require a side gig. In such cases, you would not like to surf through many job opportunities. This is a tenuous task and wastes your time.

This is where the role of digital platforms like SolidGigs comes in. SolidGigs is one of the best time-saving freelancing websites.

This website helps to link the freelancers with their clients swiftly. The website filters jobs to save the time of freelancers.

The filtering is done by surfing through many jobs. Then, the top 1% of the jobs are posted on the platform every week. Hence, the freelancers do not need to search for the ‘filter’ option. They can simply pick up an employment opportunity of their choice from the filtered list.

The benefits of the website do not stop here. Apart from job opportunities, it has several other features. These features include additional courses, pieces of training, and interviews.

The freelancer can refine his or her skill set through such courses. This will help the individual to get a profitable job opportunity quickly.

6. CloudPeeps

CloudPeepsCloudPeeps is an exclusive freelancing job platform. You can use the website if you have experience in the freelancing industry. The experience will help you to get job opportunities that are of a relatively higher level.

However, side gigs have very general niches. These include jobs related to marketing, copywriting, content writing, email marketing, etc.

CloudPeeps has numerous clients who provide these freelancing opportunities. Clients hire more than a thousand freelancers from the website.

7. Toptal

ToptalBefore visiting this freelancing website, you should know certain things. Toptal screens applicants based on language and personality, skills, live screening, and test projects.

Applicants should have a flair in English and be able to give a high-level performance in their respective fields.

Toptal can help you to get freelancing opportunities in various fields. These include software development, finance, and designing.

However, the freelancer should be a professional in such fields. The professional freelancers can get jobs according to their preferences. These categories involve full time, part-time, and even hourly paid jobs.

8. DesignHill

DesignHillDesignHill is a digital platform that connects graphic designers with companies. Graphic designers can exhibit their talent to companies using their portfolios.

The portfolio can include various categories of work. You may show your skills in website and application development, brand identity, social media designing, or clothing and apparel.

The platform has a broad audience where you can exhibit your talent.

Multiple job opportunities include different types of projects for freelancers. You can work in a logo store, custom design services, design contests, or other projects.

Different project packages come along with DesignHill’s Services. These packages include executive, standard, and platinum. One of the best features of these packages is the 100% money-back guarantee.

Along with this, premium packages have several other benefits as well. These benefits can include free paid invites or blog promotions.

9. 99designs

99designs99designs helps designers to find their prospective employers. Design professionals can easily get freelancing opportunities. This is due to the resource centers of the site.

These resource centers are useful to both freelancers and employers. They teach employers how to get the best services of the designers. They also help designers by teaching them how to participate in online contests and create designs.

Apart from the resource centers, the website has several other features. These features include toolkits, tutorials, and interviews. The professional designers can reap the benefit of such features.

These will help them to refine their skills.

By excelling in the field, they can find jobs in four locations on four different continents.

You can also receive the benefits of a discount. This is due to the partner services of the website. These services also assist the website in education and designing.

10. Guru

GuruUnlike many other sites, Guru is not related to a specific niche. You can apply for various industries like content writing, SEO, digital marketing, etc.

While applying, you may face certain issues. The website helps you to clear out such issues using workrooms. These workrooms help freelancers and prospective employers. Using this, both sides can interact with each other.

The freelancers can fix the deal through these workrooms. Once the deal is set, the individuals do not need to be stressed about their payments. The website provides timely and safe payments to people. This is because of the automated payment feature.

Hence, no matter what is the type or category of your payment, you will receive it timely. The categories involve hourly-paid and monthly paid wages.

Guru has several special features. One of the best characteristics is the project management feature. The project management of the website helps in document sharing.

Another special attribute is that the website does not charge any membership fees. It also helps both the parties for refund and filing disputes. Different parties can use the platform to look for region-based postings.

11. Nexxt

NexxtNexxt is one of the best cloud-based digital freelancing websites. It connects highly trained professionals or freelancers with clients. The clients can be small enterprises or big business organizations. These organizations provide different types of projects to freelancers.

The freelancers can submit their details through the website and connect with employers. The site helps them to share their logo, contact information, and other professional details with the clients.

Apart from sharing the details, they can also communicate with the clients. The website provides a good communication platform for people. This helps the freelancers to clear out queries before undertaking any project.

12. Envato Studio

Envato StudioEnvato Studio is a great website for freelancers who design logos. So, if you have proficiency in this field, you can visit the website.

It is a great site for freelancers who are beginning their careers. It provides a fast turnaround to the freelancers. The easy-to-use interface is also beneficial for beginners.

13. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHourPeoplePerHour is a UK based digital platform. It helps to connect the freelancers with the clients. The platform has a great number of workers.

The reason for this is because the website is free for freelancers. There are more than 1.5 million workers on PeoplePerHour.

The big number of freelancers also poses a threat. The threat is of higher competition on the digital platform. So, freelancers should have excellent skills to combat the competition. They can also improve the chances of getting selected by setting a reasonable fee.

The clients may hire freelancers based on two features. They may either hire them according to specific projects. Or, they can also employ freelancers based on hours of work.

14. DesignContest

DesignContestDesignContest is one of the best freelancing websites for artists. Designers from all over the world get an opportunity to showcase their talent on this platform. Businesses can collect designs for their brands from designers and artists here.

The website also promotes collaboration between designers and companies. It is said to have more than 160,000 designers.

The freelancers can establish a long-term relationship with the clients. This means the clients can procure their services even in the future.

15. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowdAs the name suggests, DesignCrowd is a website for freelance designers. The buyers can get the services of the designers for design contests.

The buyers can get more than 50 designs from different artists for a post. They have a deadline to give the results in 3 to 10 days. This serves as an incentive for the designers.

At the same time, designers have a long time to submit their work. They can submit the designs according to the requirements of the buyers.

The buyers give the requirements in the design brief. Buyers can also tell the freelancers to alter the designs. This is done through feedback and calls for revision.

After getting selected, there is a secure option of payment for freelance designers. They can receive their income timely in different currencies. There are a variety of payment options that help the designers to receive their earnings.

The website is said to have more than 888,000 freelance designers. These designers are from different locations. They can connect with different buyers according to their preferences.

16. Hireable

HireableHireable is one of the best digital freelancer websites. Freelancers can search for employment opportunities for free. Also, the searching process is quite quick.

This is due to the robust search engine of the platform. As soon as you enter the keywords, the search engine provides you with the results.

A single keyword can help you to get many results from different industries. You can also narrow your search by typing the accurate industry or company name.

Apart from the search engine, Hireable has a notification feature. This is an automated notification feature that gives notifications every time a job listing is posted.

Hence, the digital platform provides job recommendations to freelancers. But it secures the data of the workers. You can share your data only with the companies you want.

17. Smashing Magazine

Smashing MagazineSmashing Magazine is one of the best freelancing websites for developers. These developers include mobile app developers, JavaScript developers, web designers, UX designers, or Java designers.

The freelancers can connect with companies to get different types of jobs. The job types include remote, full-time, and part-time.

18. 10x Management

10x Management10x Management is a great website for freelancers who specialize in a technical field. Such people include coders, designers, or web developers.

Freelancers need to register on the website to receive support from representatives. This support is provided in the form of answers from experts. 

Once your queries are cleared, you can take up any project. After completing the project, you will securely receive your payment.

19. Dribbble

DribbbleDribbble is another ideal agency for freelance designers. It helps them to showcase their talents. The organizations in need of designing services can hire freelancers.

These freelancers include visual designers, product designers, brand designers, and UI/UX designers.

20. AngelList

AngelListAngelList is one of the largest startup communities. It helps freelancers to dive into the ocean of a startup business. There are several employment opportunities on this platform.

You can narrow down your search of various jobs from the filter option. With the ‘filter’ option, you can search for jobs according to the market location, salary, and technology.

The platform sends you a notification if a company is interested in you. This is done through an email.

21. Coroflot

CoroflotCoroflot is a digital platform, which is suitable for more experienced freelancers. These freelancers include people in the designing field. They can be art directors, creative directors, fashion designers, etc.

Freelancers can post their portfolios on the platform. The buyers, in turn, post their projects.

The platform helps to connect the buyers and freelancers. This is done when the requirements of the buyers align with the freelancers’ skills.

After getting connected, the freelancers pursue the projects and receive a salary from the buyers. But, the platform does not reveal the personal information or salary of the freelancers.

22. Indeed

IndeedThis job search website makes searching easy for freelancers. It looks out for employment opportunities from all platforms. The best jobs are placed on the website.

You can easily search for the required job category. The website has an easy to use interface. More importantly, it is free of cost for freelancers.

Freelancers looking out for remote jobs can search for them here. Moreover, you can also find jobs in your local community.

23. College Recruiter

College RecruiterAs the name suggests, this website is ideal for college students. College students or recent graduates can find many job opportunities here. These job opportunities relate to part-time freelancing options.

Such options will help you gain work experience. Hence, it is one of the best freelancing websites for beginners. By working as a freelancer, a college-going student can expand his or her network as well.

24. ServiceScape

ServiceScapeServiceScape is an old global freelancing platform. The website was launched in the year 2000. Since then, it has completed more than 301,000 projects. Also, more than 89,000 clients have visited this digital platform since its launch.

These figures verify the popularity of the platform. The website has many buyers which include SMBs and startups. These companies hire people who are editors, writers, graphic designers, or translators.

Freelancers can interact with clients using various features. They can message the buyers or call them. This helps them to clear their doubts related to the job opportunity.

25. Craigslist

CraigslistCraigslist is an American website. It helps the freelancers to find their prospective employers. Besides jobs, the site has several other items displayed for sale.

The website was founded in 1995. Since then it has been serving in 570 cities. The cities belong to more than 70 countries.

The popularity of the website is evident from its views. More than 20 billion people view it per month. These people can check out several freelancing opportunities. More than two million jobs are posted on this platform per month.

26. Contena

ContenaContena is a freelance website specifically for content writers. It has many well paid and high-quality jobs. People with a flair in writing can visit the website.

These freelancers can include writers, content creators, editors, etc. They can receive either full-time remote jobs or freelancing opportunities.

These freelancing opportunities relate to various fields. You can pursue ebook writing, sports writing, technical writing or photography focused writing.

27. BloggingPro

BloggingProBloggingPro is one of the best digital platforms for bloggers. It offers various jobs for writing blogs, content editing, story writing, etc.

People with a tight budget can visit the website. This is because it is free of cost.

Besides topics related to blogging, you can also help people to start their blogs. On the other hand, buyers can post jobs on this platform. They get responses within two to three days.

These jobs are further checked by the website. After thorough scrutiny, the best jobs are placed on the platform.

28. Codeable

CodeableCodeable helps WordPress experts to find freelancing jobs. It aligns the programming skills of freelancers with the recruiters’ needs.

It helps the recruiters by offering them a variety of features. They can get WordPress themes and Plugins.

These WordPress clients can find various experts. Thus, WordPress experts can come to this website to get WordPress developer jobs.

29. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff TalentHubstaff Talent is one of the best platforms for freelancers. Here, freelancers can look for full-time working opportunities.

They get such jobs based on hourly contracts. These jobs have a fixed price for the freelancers. The employment opportunities on Hubstaff Talent relate to various industries.

Freelancers can apply for jobs like infrastructure manager, product manager, receptionist, head, desk manager, networking manager, account executive, etc.

To apply for the jobs, they need to provide their personal information. The website also asks freelancers for their skills and availability schedules.

30. Gigster

GigsterGigster is another freelancing website. It helps to establish a connection between professional freelancers and companies.

Freelancers should be proficient in app development. They get to work with tech experts. These experts are trained in building apps.

The freelancers or professionals that sell their services on Gigster include startup founders or students from reputed schools. The reputed schools of these freelancers are MIT, Stanford, etc.

The freelancers can also enjoy AI assistance on the platform. It helps in faster working and increased efficiency of the individuals.

The website also helps to maintain accuracy. This is done through the code library. Hence, companies can easily get professional assistance to enhance their brand from this website.

31. Truelancer

TruelancerTruelancer is a great platform for freelancers. It helps connect freelancers with various employers. These employers require the services of freelancers in different industries.

They provide work from home jobs, online jobs, marketing jobs, and virtual assistant jobs to individuals.

Freelancers and employers can access this website very easily. It can be opened from a browser, Android, or an iPhone device. It has four important features which include-

  • Post project
  • Find and hire
  • Avoid and pay
  • Work and approve

32. Zeerk

ZeerkZeerk is a freelancing marketplace. The jobs here can provide incomes ranging between $3 to $200. The employment opportunities are related to various topics. You can get jobs in fields like:

  • Data entry
  • Website reviews
  • Content writing
  • Sales promotion
  • Blog writing and posting

Even after an employer approves your services, you can withdraw your request. However, this requires one to pay a Withdrawing Fund.

The website also has an inbuilt conversation management system. This system helps freelancers to provide feedback to the clients. The website also helps users in other ways.

33. ProductionHUB

ProductionHUBProductionHUB is a freelancing digital platform. Though it is comparatively expensive, it has profitable jobs.

The basic plan of the platform starts from $5.99 per month. It helps you to look for jobs related to video editing and media production.

Freelancers can look for jobs easily. This is because of the filter option of the website. The filter option helps to search for jobs. These jobs are based on categories, types, location, etc.

You can also search for jobs based on your talent. This means the freelancers are required to exhibit their work on the platform.

To exhibit your talent, you have to create a profile. The profile helps to bid on projects. These projects may relate to full-time or part-time jobs.

34. Stage 32

Stage 32Stage 32 is a US-based freelancing platform. It falls in the niche of television, theatre, and films. Thus, freelancers can initiate a career in video editing from this site.

The jobs of this platform are for various posts like:

  • Screenwriters.
  • Production directors.
  • Short film
  • Film production designer
  • Documentary editor

35. Zirtual

ZirtualZirtual is an online platform for freelancing opportunities. It is the best website to offer full-time working opportunities to freelancers. These freelancers can work full time from their homes.

The facilities of remote jobs are liked by many people. These people get jobs related to the marketing niche from this website.

Various categories of the job posts are:

  • Email management
  • Event planning
  • Researching
  • Scheduling

Once people get freelancing opportunities, they can reap many benefits. But the employers select employees only from the US.

36. Behance

BehanceBehance is one of the best websites for freelance graphic designers. Designers can showcase their skills on this platform.

Their work has a higher chance of showing in the search engines. The reason is that the website has a comparatively higher Domain Authority (DA).

Thus, employees get an advantage in exhibiting their talent. They can work as a full-time freelancer. Or, they may work per project for different companies. Various categories on which the freelancers can get jobs are:

  • Architecture
  • Branding
  • Photography
  • Illustration

Employers can provide work in certain other fields as well.

However, employers can get employees from some specific countries only. These countries include Canada, Belgium. Afghanistan, Australia, USA, etc.

37. SEOclerks

SEOclerksAs the name suggests, SEOclerks is a freelancing website for SEO services. Freelancers can easily find suitable jobs due to the filter option. The filter option helps to search for jobs based on the price level, categories, etc.

There are various categories of jobs. Some of the categories are increasing site traffic, on-page SEO, online marketing, building backlinks, etc.

When the freelancer searches for any of these categories, he or she receives notifications. These notifications are sent through emails for similar recommendations.

38. WriterAccess


WriterAccess is one of the best freelance platforms for writers. These writers include translators, editors, writers, content strategists, etc.

Freelancers or writers are from different countries. The website is prevalent in countries like:

  • The United States.
  • The United Kingdom.
  • Canada
  • Ireland
  • Australia

People of such countries can get fair payments from freelancing jobs. The payments are based on the research required for the project.

People who are starting their career in writing can also use this website. This platform provides free content marketing training to such beginners.

39. Bark

BarkBark is another freelancing digital marketplace. It has changed the working scenario for local buyers and sellers. The platform helps freelancers search for suitable jobs quickly. This is due to its smart technology and team.

The website also helps to search for ideal employers for the employees. It contacts the buyers on the behalf of freelancers. Hence, it helps you to align your skills with the required job positions.

For any job opportunity, you can contact suitable companies. This is through the Messenger of the website. Messenger helps you to receive details and share job requirements with the clients.

So, you can receive details about a wide variety of jobs. These categories of jobs include:

  • Web design
  • Translation
  • Copywriting
  • Transcription
  • Content writing

40. Skyword

SkywordSkyword, a digital freelancing website, offers lucrative opportunities. The opportunities are in content writing and other creative fields.

Freelancers like writers, media influencers, graphic designers, and videographers can visit the site.

The website has an international customer base. Hence, the digital platform can accept payment in different currencies. But, it has its headquarters only in two locations in the US.

41. LinkedIn ProFinder

Linkedin ProfinderLinkedIn ProFinder was launched in 2015. This digital platform helps LinkedIn members based in the US to find freelancing job opportunities. It helps to connect employers with ideal employees.

The buyers can get prospective employees within 24 hours. They do not have to conduct an extensive search. The platform helps them to get ideal buyers.

Once employers get employees, they can connect with them. The website has a good communication channel.

This channel helps the buyers to message freelancers. They can establish long-term relationships with their employees.

The monthly membership cost for employers to use the platform is $60.00.

42. Freedom With Writing

Freedom With WritingFreedom With Writing is another writing freelancing platform. It helps the freelancers to earn revenues in two ways.

Firstly, the freelancers can sign up for the newsletter of the website. This newsletter helps freelancers to get various writing opportunities.

Besides the newsletter, freelancers can also work for the website. This means they can submit their written work to the website.

If the platform selects the work, then the freelancers get selected and will get paid well. But for this, they should have a good concept in mind to create compelling projects.

A unique concept will help them to provide a good pitch. But even if the pitch fails, they can wait for opportunities from the newsletter.

43. Mediabistro

MediabistroMediabistro is a freelancing digital marketplace. This website has job opportunities for different types of categories. As soon as you open the website, you can find out various options for jobs.

The options of jobs on the home page of the website include:

  • Writing jobs
  • Editor jobs
  • Creative jobs
  • Marketing jobs
  • All jobs

These jobs are provided by reputed and professional companies. Various brands that offer freelancing job opportunities on this website include:

  • CNN
  • HBO
  • Group Nine Media
  • Bloomberg
  • Meredith
  • Dow Jones

44. Contently

ContentlyContently is a great digital website for freelance writers. It helps to connect the writers with the clients. These clients include successful brands and startups.

But before connecting both parties, the platform conducts a screening. The management screens the portfolio of each freelancer. After the freelancers pass the standard, they are connected with clients.

The clients provide the freelancers with very well paid projects. Besides connecting, the website also gives freelancing advice to individuals.

45. Assemble

Assemble Assemble is a professional freelancing website. It provides seamless benefits to both parties. These parties include freelancers and employers. The freelancers are the creatives in their respective fields.

Various types of people that apply for jobs here are:

  • Photographers.
  • Copywriters.
  • Editors.
  • Motion artists.
  • Directors.
  • Video Graphics

The platform screens each applicant. After this, they can apply for jobs in the marketplace. This site helps freelancers to connect with professional and renowned brands.

46. ArtWanted

ArtWantedAs the name suggests, ArtWanted is a freelancing website for artists. The artists include digital illustrators or graphic designers. This platform helps to match artists with prospective clients.

The clients search for the artwork of people through keywords. Keywords help to narrow down the search and provide results quickly.

47. Working Not Working

Working Not WorkingWorking Not Working is another freelancing website for creatives. It was started by two former freelancers. They created a freelancing community for other individuals.

This platform accepts the applications of very few people. These freelancers can join based on the projects and payments.

Once the freelancers get access to the website, they can earn huge incomes. The revenues are generally in six figures. The revenues are provided by various companies.

Some of the companies include Facebook, Apple, and Google. The companies provide jobs to producers, advertisement, expert photographers, designers, etc.

48. Joomlancer

JoomlancerJoomlancer is a freelancing community for tech experts. When you visit the website, you can easily sign up from the homepage. The signing up process is very quick. After this, the site shows you various jobs.

However, the jobs are not meant for beginners. These jobs relate to intermediate and advanced level projects.

49. Fancy Hands

Fancy HandsThis digital freelancing website provides freelancing opportunities to virtual assistants. These virtual assistants can easily work from home in different industries.

The categories of the job include a wide array like:

  • Data entry
  • Call centers
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Replying to emails
  • Food delivery

But working in such industries requires you to have different skills. The clients look for excellent researching skills. The freelancers should also be proficient in using smartphones. If they have these skills, they can easily get employed.

50. Freelance Writing

Freelance WritingAs the name suggests, freelance writing is a marketplace for freelancers. These freelancers should have their flair in content writing.

Searching for jobs is free for individuals. The search process is made easy using the filter option.

You can search for various jobs such as:

  • Technical writing
  • Automotive writing
  • Instructional designer
  • Production editor

51. PubLoft

PubLoftPubLoft helps clients to find freelance writers. Before suggesting the writers, the site conducts a screening process.

The screening process is done to check the background of the freelancers. Once the freelancers pass the screening, PubLoft suggests them to the clients.

The clients provide weekly pay to the freelancers. Hence, these individuals do not need to worry about their monthly income.

52. All Freelance Writing

All Freelance WritingAll Freelance Writing is another digital writing platform. It helps to connect the writers with their prospective employers. The writers can search for various jobs.

They can even narrow down the searches by using the filter option. The filter option helps them to find jobs based on their availability and choices.

The jobs are related to various industries. You can indulge in arts and news writing or lifestyle-related writing. The freelancers can also get jobs in editing.

To search for different jobs, the freelancers need to click on the ‘find jobs’ option. This option is present at the bottom of the homepage.

Besides this option, another option is present on the home screen. This option is known as’ post a job’. It is meant for employers.

53. Testbirds

TestbirdsTestbirds is a freelancing website that provides employment opportunities for software testing. Hence, the freelancers that visit this website are primarily software testers.

These people help to increase the usability of software and websites.

The freelancers provide the testing reports to the clients. They can get their payments increased by detecting bugs.

More importantly, the freelancers can work at flexible schedules. Hence, be it a morning person or a night owl- the website provides job opportunities for all.

54. UserTesting

UserTestingUserTesting helps freelancers to earn money by testing various websites. You can get access to this platform either through its website or application.

To use the site, you should have a PC, an Internet connection, and a microphone.

As soon as you open the website, you can find certain features. These features are located on the top of the screen.

The elements of the website include:

  • Platform
  • Solutions
  • Customers
  • Partners
  • Resources
  • Get paid to test

You can choose any of the above features according to your requirements.

The home page also has two other elements. These elements include ‘login’ and ‘request trial’. You can choose your preferred option to get job opportunities.

Hence, once you complete the website testing, you will get your income in a few days. The income is transferred to the PayPal account of the freelancer.

55. Textbroker

TextbrokerTextbroker is a freelancing website for content writers. These content writers can be individuals who have initiated their careers in the field.

The freelancers should have a flair in communication skills and creative imagination. With such skills, they can create intriguing articles.

The payment given to the freelancers depends upon their articles. The freelancers can always get their payments increased. This is done by writing a greater number of high-quality articles.

56. Konker

KonkerThis digital website provides freelancing opportunities related to search engine optimization. The freelancers can apply for various jobs.

They can pursue content marketing using on-page and off-page SEO techniques. Otherwise, the freelancers can create backlinks, conduct keyword research, or site optimization.

These individuals can sell services either online or offline.

They can find jobs by using one of the options on the homepage. This option is ‘sell services’ and is located in the middle of the home page.

There is another option for clients. This option is ‘buy services’. It is also located in the middle of the home page. Thus, the visitors on the site can click on any of the options according to their requirements.

57. ClickWorker

ClickWorkerClickWorker is a freelancing website primarily for software professionals. It includes jobs in various categories. You can indulge in AI, SEO, researching, or writing.

But before applying for any of the jobs, the freelancers have to take an assessment test. Once they pass the test, they can use the website to search for jobs.

Freelancers can search for job opportunities from various companies. These companies are related to different industries.

Some large companies like PayPal also hire freelancers from this website. So, the website is a great platform to make important connections and earn a good income.

58. Mandy

MandyThis digital freelancing platform relates to the film and TV production industry. It searches for relevant job postings and shows them to the freelancers. Thus, the searching process is fast and easy for the freelancers.

But, there are many competitors on this website. So, the freelancers should make sure to stand out from the rest. They can do this by creating a great application and a compelling portfolio.

59. Talent Cupboard

Talent CupboardTalent Cupboard is a great freelancing website for beginners. It helps beginners to improve their skills. They can refine their resume from this platform.

Hence, freelancers can get lucrative freelancing job opportunities. These opportunities are of different categories and provide them with the necessary experience to build their career.

60. theCreativeloft

theCreativeloftAs the name suggests, theCreativeloft is a freelancing website for creative people. This website provides job opportunities for freelancers in various industries.

Some of the common categories of jobs on this website include:

  • Entertainment
  • Photography
  • Event planning
  • Music
  • Fashion
  • Interior design

Freelancers can search for any job according to their preferences. However, most of the jobs are based in the US. Majorly, the jobs in the photography industry are for the citizens of the US.

61. Creative Jobs Central

Creative Jobs CentralCreative Jobs Central is a freelancing website. It helps to connect various professionals with their prospective employers.

These employers include more than a thousand actively posting companies on the platform.

The marketplace also guarantees freelancers. This guarantee states that they will get a job in their location.

To search for such jobs, the freelancers can spend on premium membership. However, the website is free to join.

62. Programmer Meet Designer

Programmer Meet DesignerThe name of this freelancing website is self-explanatory. This website helps the programmers to connect with the buyers.

These programmers are freelancers who help to improve the UX of the websites. Such freelancers can also include developers and designers.

These people can easily search for various jobs. You can narrow down your searches using the various filters on the website.

Some of the filters that help you to search for jobs include budget, deadlines, and other requirements for the posts.

63. Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise Ship JobsCruise Ship Jobs is a digital freelancing community. It helps freelancers to find job opportunities in the travel and tourism industry. These job opportunities aim at making an income by traveling the world on cruise ships.

Thus, travel enthusiasts should visit this website. These travel enthusiasts can also include photographers. Such people can earn money by clicking photographs of nearby places.

64. Remotive

RemotiveRemotive is another freelancing website. It has numerous jobs related to various categories.

But the most important industry that provides jobs on this platform is marketing. Hence, various freelance marketers can search for jobs on Remotive.

They can easily find job postings for free. Jobs can also be searched based on the locations of the freelancers and companies.

65. Time etc

Time etcTime etc. is a freelancing website. It helps to connect virtual assistants with prospective employers.

Virtual assistants can easily search for several job opportunities on this website. They can work as a freelancer right from the comfort of their homes.

66. YouTeam

YouTeamYouTeam, a digital freelancing marketplace, is meant for software developers. It helps to connect such software developers with the people who want to buy their services.

These software developers can opt for remote working opportunities. The freelancers can also indulge in long term projects.

They can work on long-term projects while being a software developer in another company. This company could be an IT firm or a software development company.

But before getting a job, the freelancers have to undergo a screening process. This screening process is done to verify the background of the software developers. Hence, this helps to increase the reliability of the platform.

67. Journalism Jobs

Journalism JobsAs the name suggests, Journalism Jobs provides jobs related to journalism. This is a freelance digital marketplace.

It helps to connect the journalists with the companies requiring their services. But, you can even search on the website for other categories of jobs, such as writing and editing gigs.

68. Photography Jobs Online

Photography Jobs OnlineThe name of this website is self-explanatory. It describes the types of jobs available on the site. These jobs are meant for freelancers.

It is one of the best sites for freelancers who have a good stock of photos. They can exhibit their photography talent here.

All they need to do is to post their photographs on the platform. They can receive money and jobs from their photographs.

69. Aquent

AquentAquent is a freelancing marketplace. This digital platform helps to secure connections for the freelancers. They help the freelancers by making connections with the clients.

These freelancers can procure jobs in various niches. The most important types of jobs available here relate to marketing. However, creative gigs are also posted on this platform.

70. Boldly

BoldlyBoldly is a freelancing website for virtual assistants. The platform is more premium than other similar websites. It helps virtual assistants to get higher-paying jobs. But with higher-paying jobs come more regular work.

Moreover, the freelancers should have special skills to complete the given work. They should have experience and an appealing portfolio. This will help them to get lucrative employment opportunities from this platform.

71. VA Networking

VA NetworkingThe name of this website itself explains its purpose. It is a marketplace for virtual assistants. Virtual assistants can easily find jobs on this website. It has great work from home opportunities for such people.

The website also assists beginners. Beginners can use the suggestions and tools of the website. This will help them to improve their skills and gain experience. In this way, freelancers can get better jobs.

72. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiterZipRecruiter is a famous freelancing website. It offers job opportunities to a wide variety of people. Besides full-time jobs, it also has freelancing opportunities for individuals. Freelancers can get high paying jobs from this platform.

These jobs can help them earn a huge income.  But your revenues depend upon the company, your experience, and your skillset.

The right mix of these elements helps the freelancers to earn good pay. The pay can range between $500 to $10,000 per month. You can also pursue a contract which can get you a part-time salary and commission based on sales.

73. Red Hat

Red HatRed Hat helps to connect freelancers with clients. These clients include high level and renowned companies and brands.

The clients provide remote working opportunities to the workers. These opportunities relate to various niches.

The buyers may purchase software development services or sales services. But they select freelancers based on their experience. So, make sure to have a great experience and a refined skillset before visiting the website.

74. Virtual Vocations

Virtual VocationsVirtual Vacations is a freelancing website. It offers jobs related to customer support to freelancers. It is ideal for freelancers who want to help others from the comfort of their homes.

Professionals can easily earn a steady income by remote working.

75. Belay

BelayBelay is another freelancing marketplace. It helps people to work from the comfort of their homes. People who visit this website mainly include virtual assistants.

Several clients purchase the remote working services of these virtual assistants. The freelancers can choose any category of a job according to their skills and experience.

76. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon Mechanical TurkVirtual assistants can also find lucrative job opportunities on this platform. This website helps freelancers to find quick work. More importantly, it has a ton of jobs related to virtual assistants.

However, the companies provide low pay to freelancers. To avoid this, virtual assistants should conduct thorough research.

This research will help them to find ideal companies. These companies can help them to earn comparatively higher revenues.

77. Assistant Match

Assistant MatchThe freelancing employment opportunities for virtual assistants do not halt. Assistant Match is another freelancing website for such people.

The platform is meant for all those who want to do away with the hectic process of searching for jobs.

It helps connect suitable employees with employers easily. Thus, the searching and selection process is hassle-free on this platform.

Freelancers are selected based on their skills and the requirements of the clients. But freelancers who are starting their career as a virtual assistant get comparatively lower pay.

They can earn a significantly higher income by gaining experience in the field. This is also possible if they participate in the training provided on the website.

78. SkipTheDrive

SkipTheDriveSkipTheDrive is a digital marketplace for sales jobs. It helps to connect freelancers with prospective employers.

The name of the website is self-explanatory. It tells how the freelancers can work from their homes and skip the drive.

The website is at an advantage over other competitors due to this unique feature. It tells the freelancers the advantages related to remote working and no commute.

This is done by displaying the approximate amount people can save by not traveling to the office. Hence, such information serves as an incentive for individuals and freelancers.

79. Support Driven

Support DrivenThere are very few freelancing websites for customer support. Support driven is one of them. It helps freelancers to find jobs related to customer support.

You can always find any employment opportunity that aligns with your supporting skills here.

80. We Work Remotely

We Work RemotelyAs the name suggests, We Work Remotely is a freelancing website. It helps freelancers to work from the comfort of their homes. Thus, freelancers can save their time by not commuting to their workplaces.

These working activities relate to all types of niches. However, We Work Remotely focuses more on the industry of customer support.

There are many customer support jobs on this website. You can choose any according to your preferences and skills. Such jobs will help you to make money by helping others.

81. Lorem

LoremLorem is a freelance website. It is meant for the website developers.

People initiating their careers as website developers should visit this digital marketplace. It provides plenty of job opportunities in the website development industry.

The beginners can choose from different varieties of jobs. They can create a website, customize it, determine its theme or design.

Jobs related to marketing strategy and debugging errors on the website are also available.

So, if you think you can perform such activities, you should surf through this website.

As soon as you open it, you can find an option in the center of the website. This option is “get started free”. It helps freelancers to start their search for free.

Besides this option, visitors can also click on other options. You can find three other elements on the top left corner of the screen.

These options on Lorem are:

  • How it works
  • Pricing
  • Our services
  • Meet the experts

These elements help you to know about the functioning of the site. You can know about the different services and activities of the platform.

82. is a technical hiring marketplace. It is a digital freelancing website and is especially meant for freelance software engineers. But these freelancers should be professional with great experience in the field. The website helps to connect freelancers with clients.

But before connecting both the parties, it conducts a selection process. The selection process of the platform aims at screening the freelancers and the companies.

Once both parties are scrutinized, the team of continues with the next step. In this step, the experts tend to align the skills of the freelancers with the necessary jobs. Thus, they help to find suitable jobs for freelancers.

Freelancers in the industry of software development and engineering should visit this website.

As soon as you open the website, you can find two options on the top of the screen. These options are “hire a freelancer” and “become a freelancer”.

The companies that require the services of freelancers should choose the first option. Freelancers can choose the second option.

83. Userfeel

UserfeelUserfeel is designed by the UX researchers for software testers. It has several freelancing website testing jobs. The specialty of this site is that the jobs are available in more than one language.

So, different freelancers can join the platform to become a tester. For this, they are required to register on the website.

Once the software tester registers, he or she has to clear a qualification test. After clearing the test, the freelancers can easily test the website and get different jobs.

Userfeel is one of the best websites for beginners. You can initiate your career as a freelancer in software testing from this digital marketplace.

84. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbitTaskRabbit is an online marketplace for freelancers. It provides freelancers with a variety of jobs in different industries.

They can pursue freelancing jobs in furniture assembling, yard work, housekeeping, grocery delivery, etc.

But before searching for jobs, the freelancers need to sign up on the platform. After signing up, they should provide their professional information to the marketplace.

This will help the website in marketing the skills of the freelancers and find ideal clients for them. To work online for the clients, the freelancers require a computer or a phone with an Internet connection.

With a phone or computer, they can get access to the website. Freelancers can easily communicate with their clients.

This will help to increase their efficiency and reduce errors while working. In the end, the freelancers will receive payment for their work. This payment is given online.

85. ProBlogger

ProBloggerAs the name suggests, ProBlogger is a freelancing website for bloggers. These bloggers or freelancers can indulge in various content writing jobs. Such jobs include blog writing, article writing, copywriting, editing, etc.

To get a job in a company, you need to create a resume. ProBlogger helps you to create a compelling resume. It also allows you to save and bookmark jobs. This enables you to search for jobs even later.

Besides searching for jobs, you can modify the job alerts on this platform. The website also has a dashboard. You can modify your job on this dashboard as well.

86. Catalant

CatalantCatalant helps connect professional freelancers with future employers. The website is integrated with machine learning and artificial intelligence. Such technologies help the platform to work more efficiently and quickly.

Artificial intelligence also helps to increase the user experience of the customers. It is integrated with various options like the ‘filter’ option of the website.

Innovative technologies also help Catalant to align with the modified trends of the environment. Due to such features, many freelancers use Catalant to search for jobs.

There are different categories of projects and jobs available in this marketplace like:

  • Researching
  • Business plans
  • Social media marketing
  • Market analysis
  • Financial projects

After getting any freelancing opportunity, you can easily communicate with your prospective employer. This is because of the workspace of the website.

This workspace helps the clients and the freelancers to communicate and collaborate in a secure way.

87. Worksome

WorksomeWorksome is a comparatively new freelancing website. It helps to connect skilled and professional freelancers with the required companies. The website broadly encourages the freelancers of the United Kingdom.

But customers from other places can also visit the platform. Presently, there are more than 6000 freelancers on the website.

These freelancers are hired by different companies. Worksome is free to be accessed by such companies.

88. Microlancer

Microlancer.ioMicrolancer is a unique freelancing website. It helps freelancers to find jobs in different categories. In return for the jobs, the freelancers are rewarded with digital money.

The digital money paid to the freelancers on Microlancer is bitcoins. So, the website can serve as an advantage for some, but a disadvantage for others.

If you like to collect Bitcoins and invest in them, then Microlancer is a good option for you.

This platform also makes updates regularly. New job postings are constantly made in the marketplace. It ensures that the freelancers do not have a shortage of companies to find jobs from.

89. Sisnolabs

SisnolabsThis digital platform helps to connect the freelancers with the clients or companies. But before connecting the freelancers, the team of the platform conducts a thorough search about the freelancers.

They manually select freelancers according to their skills.

New job postings of different companies are constantly updated on the platform. These companies hire freelancers who have initiated their careers in different industries.

Hence, beginners in the freelancing industry should visit this site.

90. Rev

RevRev is a great freelancing website for transcriptionists and YouTubers.  These freelancers can earn their revenue depending upon the number of transcriptions performed.

Freelancers can make a dollar per minute by transcribing the videos. This requires skills to clearly understand the videos and convert them into text.

On the other hand, freelancers can also earn money through YouTube. They can make dollar one per minute through captions. This requires individuals to write captions for YouTube videos.

91. Glassdoor

GlassdoorGlassdoor is a freelancing job board. It connects freelancers with various buyers or clients. The platform provides many jobs in different industries. Also, freelancers can always find a job in their local area.

Finding employment opportunities is very easy on this platform. As soon as you open the website, you can see a “find a job” option. This option helps you to search for jobs, companies, reviews, salaries, and interviews.

92. Twine

TwineTwine is a digital freelancing marketplace and helps to connect the freelancers with the persons requiring their services.

These freelancers generally include the creatives. The number of freelancers on this platform is more than 380,000. Freelancers work in a variety of industries.

Some of the categories on which jobs are available on Twine are as follows:

  • Design
  • Music
  • Graphics
  • Illustration
  • Film
  • Game Design

Freelancers can surf for various job categories according to their skills. They can search for job postings for free on Twine. No fee is charged from the freelancers.

So, you can search for job postings if you have a tight budget. As soon as you open the website, you can find a signup form on the right side of the screen.

It also has a sign-in option. You can choose this option in case you have already entered your credentials before.

93. Boonle

BoonleBoonle is yet another freelancing platform for creatives. These creatives include the freelancers. The platform helps to connect these freelancers with the authors of the project.

The projects given to the freelancers can be of different categories. The pay differs according to the type of project and company.

From the pay, the platform takes 30% as its fee. So, the freelancers who have no problem with such compensation should visit the website.

94. Jobs Outsourced

Jobs OutsourcedJobs Outsourced is a freelancing website. It has jobs for both online and offline freelancers. Freelancers can search for job postings in a variety of industries.

The categories of jobs start from copywriters to virtual assistants, handymen to gardeners. To access these jobs, you need to sign up, and then you are on your way to get a job.

95. Creative Group

The Creative GroupAs the name suggests, Creative Group is a freelancing website for creatives. These creatives or freelancers relate to different types of industries.

The categories of jobs include marketing, advertising, designing, public relations, etc.

These jobs can be taken up by various freelancers from the US. The citizens of the US can also submit their CV on the website. The CV or resume will help the freelancers to connect with different clients.

96. Freelancer Club

Freelancer ClubFreelancer Club is a website based in the United Kingdom. It is a freelancing marketplace. It helps freelancers to connect with clients using two options.

The first option requires the freelancers to take up a free account. The free account gives limited access to the features of the website.

In the second option, the freelancers can take up a premium account of the platform. This premium account costs £11.99 per month.

Since it is a premium plan, it gives access to all the features of the website.

The freelancers can access the business directories or apply for an unlimited number of projects. The premium account also helps freelancers to rank on the charts of the website.

So, you can try the Freelancer Club to look out for jobs in various categories.


These were some of the best freelance websites. You can choose any website to find different job opportunities.

But, make sure that these job opportunities align with your skillset and educational qualifications.


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