Genuine Ways To Make Money Online

genuine ways to make money online


Money is the most essential need for survival. People look for different ways of earning wealth. The traditional way of earning money is by getting employed in companies or other spaces of business. People then go to their workplaces and work to earn.

However, technology has completely changed the modern lifestyle. A corner of your house has now become your new workplace. This has reduced stress and time taken to commute on jam-packed roads.

But, this digitalized era has taken a toll on several traditional jobs. At the same time, it has invented various digital jobs.

These jobs facilitate online earnings, which has been made easier than ever. Therefore, you can initiate your own business just at a click.

Technology has modified the lifestyle of people. It is a source of income for some and the source of entertainment for others. You can connect with people globally, almost instantaneously, for economic benefits.

Thus, there are many ways to make money online. The best thing is that you do not need massive investment to start your business digitally.

All you require is a computer with a good Internet connection. Apart from this, here are some tips for you to get started:

1. Seriousness

A virtual job is also a real job. It requires the same efforts as compared to traditional jobs. But many people tend to underestimate the seriousness of an online business. Hence, you should be very serious about your business before starting it.

Complete dedication, along with passion, will definitely pave your way to get success.

2. Professionalism

Online businesses require you to communicate in the best possible way. Miscommunication or misunderstanding will lead you to incur significant losses.

The process of communication mostly takes place through different mediums. These platforms may include social media, emails, or other texting software. So, the individuals should maintain the utmost professionalism in their writing tone.

You should not fill online texts and emails with typos and grammatical errors.

Numerous digital applications can help you to avoid making errors. One of the best applications is Grammarly software. It helps you to proofread your letters and emails before you send them and also helps you edit reports.

3. Find Your Niche

You should look out for your niche before starting a business. A niche is a particular topic or category that interests you. Choose a niche that interests you so you can work for an extended period and be successful. In an alternative case, you might not get success eventually in the business.

4. Consistency

Online businesses offer lucrative career opportunities for people. However, you can get high earnings only if you are consistent.

Consistency means putting regular efforts into your business. Initially, such efforts may not give the returns you expected for your hard work. However, the pay will rise gradually with dedication and consistency.

5. Morals

Many people may trap you in their webs. These webs are usually frauds and tend to offer you different opportunities and shortcuts to earn money online.

Despite this, you should never forget your morals and business ethics. It is your determination and morals that will give you success. Shortcuts only have a preliminary result in the long term.

The technology which helps us to earn money also gives advantages to tech-savvy people. These people tend to exploit the less knowledgeable audience through several scams.

Thus, you should be cautious while initiating your online business.

Once started, the business will give you revenues. This hard-earned money helps you in multiple ways. You will not only be able to pay off your debts but also save and invest in future opportunities.

However, certain people are still unaware of online businesses. They may surf the web to know the different ways to earn money. Many articles out there on the Internet serve as a sales pitch for different professions.

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Similarly, this article will explain the genuine ways to make money online:

1) Blogging


Blogging is a lucrative side gig to make income. People may pursue it to follow their passion and hobbies. They may also write blogs to disseminate information, update content, or provide content to other sites.

Other reasons for creating a blog may include:

  • Monetizing a business
  • Building a personal brand
  • Creating a credible portfolio
  • Develop trust and a relationship with the target audience

But, pursue this profession only if writing is your passion. You should have a creative imagination and practical communication skills to write blogs.

Having such skills, along with interest and passion will only help you to continue the job in the long run.

You can start blogging by deciding on a specific niche to write on. A niche should be a topic that interests you, even in the long term. Such a topic will encourage you to continue writing in the future, whereas losing interest in a topic quickly will stop you from writing.

Conduct market research about the demand of your niche to decide on an interesting niche. This demand determines the entry of organic traffic on your web page.

Estimate your budget and investment after deciding your niche. Blogging requires a significantly lower amount of investment. Bloggers generally only have to invest in two steps:

  • Firstly, they need to invest in a domain name.
  • Secondly, numerous web hosting services can help you to publish your write-ups.

Investing in these services is crucial to get your blogs published.

Some of the best web hostings are-

  • BlueHost
  • HostGator
  • A2 Hosting
  • SiteGround
  • Hostinger
  • WP Engine
  • Cloudways

Thus, niche, domain, and web hosting give the basic framework for blogging. After that, you can create a website and choose a theme. The theme should align with the niche of your topic.

A blogger should also be aware of some on-page and off-page SEO techniques. The SEO techniques help to rank the website on search engines.
The higher you rank, the more traffic your website gets. More traffic means higher incomes. You can even increase the traffic after publishing your blogs. This is done through traffic analysis. Traffic analysis helps to form effective marketing strategies. You can improvise and grow with such methods.

Check out this blog to learn more about blogging!

2) Start a YouTube Channel

start your youtube channel

You can follow your passion and hobbies by starting a YouTube channel. Such a channel helps you to spread information using videos.

This is unlike the written content used in blogging. Nowadays, there is a greater focus on the web towards the videos than the written content. This makes YouTube one of the most-used digital platforms.

Initiating your YouTube channel is easy. But you should research your niche well before starting your channel.

This subject will help you to determine your target audience. The target audience on YouTube is your subscribers.

Once you decide on the topic, focus on your content. The content should have long term implications. This will result in more significant traffic attracted to your videos even after a long period.

Apart from the content, many SEO techniques help to determine your rank on the search engines. Yet, ultimately, your rank on the search engines depends upon your traffic. You can increase the traffic by using appropriate camera angles while shooting videos.

Sometimes, your audience may not like your videos and content. In these cases, there is always a scope for improvement.

Generally, you can know the problems of your audience through the comment section. Be responsive in the comment section. This will help you to build a relationship with your audience.

Once you receive higher traffic, you can even earn from YouTube through ads.

So what are you waiting for? Direct your interests and skills in the right way to make money online from YouTube.

3) Instagram Influencer

instagram influencer

An Instagram Influencer is a user on Instagram who influences a significant following on Instagram. The followers of an Instagram influencer include people who resonate with his or her thoughts.

You can share similar opinions and ideas with people by becoming an Instagram Influencer. You should decide on a niche before becoming an influencer. Choose any field that interests you like fashion, food, travel, etc. A niche helps you to know the topic on which you would encourage the public.

Once you choose a specific topic, you can download the Instagram app. Here, you need to create a business account. A business account will give you an insight into your followers’ activity.

Knowledge of the audience’s activity helps them to modify their functions. Thus, a business account has many benefits over a personal account.

After creating a business account, move on to the next step. The next step is to create an Instagram bio.

A bio is a short description of your brand or company. This description serves as a reflection of your personality. So, it should be appealing enough to attract the audience towards your account.

You can also include a link in your bio. This link may be a blog or website related to the account.

Once you finish writing your bio, you should focus on your posts. All posts together make up your account. An artistic and appealing account is critical for Instagram influencers.

Besides making an aesthetic feed, you should make sure to be consistent. Consistency means posting regularly and building up your posts. Being dedicated will help you to gain followers.

You can always contact other brands with higher followers. Connecting with brands helps to increase your influence on the target audience.

You can also earn by promoting these brands. Thus, you can earn by becoming an Instagram influencer.

4) Content Writing

content writing

Content writers are people who create content. Creating content requires people to have excellent written communication skills and creative imagination.

They write articles for clients that can be written for different platforms. The clients may upload them on Instagram, LinkedIn, email, or websites.

Content writers have to modify their strategies according to the platforms they use. Such tactics should aim at the target audience. You can learn these strategies only after experience in the field.

But you can gain experience only if you begin your career in this field. So, exhibit your excellent writing skills and vocabulary to your clients to gain money online.

5) Online News Writer

online news writer

A news writer is a person who collects information from varied sources. They then share this news in the form of write-ups with other people.

Writing news also requires the individual to attend various events. This means that the news writer may interview many people and attend conferences or events.

Interviewing people and attending conferences is possible only if the writer is updated. Being updated helps to gather the latest information.

Such information may relate to changes in society or major events. You can broadcast information to your clients through digital platforms. Your earnings depend on your writing skills and the customer.

6) Web Designing

web designing

A web designer builds or designs web sites. They will be required to develop a new website or update the original one. For this, one needs to be creative and imaginative with a good sense of aesthetics.

Designing refers to deciding the layout of the website. It also includes integrating multiple elements with the text, such as pictures, videos, or sound.

Besides designing, several clients require the web designer to create a sample site. The clients may be software consultancies, IT firms, or web designing corporations.

These companies hire people with formal qualifications in the required field. A portfolio is essential to practice this profession along with proper certification.

Your portfolio can include the previous websites which you may have designed. Therefore, you can earn money through your web designing services online.

7) Website and Application Testing

website testing

You can become a website or an application tester with strong technical skills to test websites and applications, respectively. They perform numerous tests to ensure high-quality applications and websites. These tests are performed before the app or website is launched in the market.

The main aim of performing the test is to check for bugs. Resolving the bugs before launching the app is imperative to maintain its efficiency.

Apart from bugs, a website tester performs other functions as well. They check the usability, functionality, and security of the app. Verifying the compatibility of the site or app is also vital.

If these functions interest you, you can earn a good income by becoming a website tester. This field has a broad scope in this time of digitalization.

Businesses and companies are increasingly using websites and apps. Hence, they need website and application testers to test their digital platforms.

8) Graphic Designing

graphic designing

Graphic designing is an extensive field. People who pursue this field are called graphic designers.

These people tend to represent their technological skills in visual forms. Such visual forms may result in designing images, logos, sales pages, or even web pages for the clients.

Graphic designers should know how to use several tools to create such images and designs. These tools may be Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

You can learn the usage of tools and graphic designing through many courses. Apart from the courses, companies also require you to have a compelling portfolio. This portfolio largely determines your earnings based on your skills.

9) Software Developer

software developer

Software developers are the people behind the coding and development of applications. They create software that helps the end-users. The software may be used for playing games, watching a movie, or organizing tasks.

For example, you may use:

Creating software requires strong technical and creative skills. Technical and coding skills also help to update the existing apps.

Regular updates align the software with the requirements of the target audience. Besides updating the software, developers also test the final apps. Testing ensures security by resolving the bugs and other issues of the software.

You can perform all such functions by getting formal credentials in the field. Software developers generally take up subjects related to computer science and programming. These subjects will make you capable of practicing software development and earning a high income.

10) WordPress Developer

WordPress developer

WordPress is a digital platform that helps to create websites. It manages more than 30% of the websites. The great demand for WordPress requires many WordPress developers.

Since WordPress is open-source software, anyone can use it. Thus, WordPress developers can build themes or codes of WordPress. They may also generate WordPress plugins.

The developers need to know diverse skills to build such features. They should have technical skills and knowledge of certain languages. These languages include CSS, PHP, JavaScript, and HTML.

A WordPress developer can also learn these languages and skills through numerous online courses and tutorials. The Internet has a plethora of books and video tutorials in this field.

You can run your WordPress development company with knowledge of the industry. This will help you to earn high revenues online.

11) Buying & Selling Domain Names

buying and selling domain names

Buying and selling domain names is one of the best options to pursue online. But the profession requires you to know the availability of domains.

In the absence of such knowledge, you will buy many domains. Such domains may not be able to find a seller or an owner. In such a case, you may incur huge losses. Hence, you should know the places to buy and sell domains.

Once you buy the domains, you should be aware of the transfer procedure. The transfer procedure is facilitated only at a particular price. You can research the right price for the domain.

Along with the price, there can be some trademark issues related to the procedure. The individual should make sure to combat such issues. This is possible only when you consider various factors before purchasing the domain. These factors may include limiting your focus to a particular niche of the domain.

A specific category of the domain is easy to find the target audience. Also, the domain name should have real value.

Once you have knowledge of the above factors, you are ready to make money online. Initially, it may be hard to find the sellers of your domain category. Nevertheless, you can usually earn significant dollars with experience and practice.

12) Buy & Sell Niche Sites

Niche sites refer to a website on a particular category or topic. You can purchase such sites, upgrade their content, and sell them. This is a profitable business that you can conduct online.

Since it is conducted online, the market place is global and very huge. You can easily search for people who want to sell their websites.

Connecting with such people depends upon your networking outreach. Make use of social media and your networks to search for website sellers.

Once you find a seller, you will have to proceed to the second step. Here, the individual tests the website. This test ensures the profitability of the website.

First of all, you have to estimate the potential purchase of the site. After that, you can audit the content. Once satisfied, purchase the website.

Purchasing requires all the transactional formalities. Make sure to procure the secondary assets along with the purchase. These assets may include social media accounts, LinkedIn profiles, etc.

You can upgrade its content after purchasing the website. Upgrading means aligning it with the requirements of the target audience. Once the site is upgraded, you can sell it.

Make sure to sell the website when it is at its peak. This approach will help you to make notable dollars. The technique primarily aims at purchasing the right website and selling it to the right person.

Some famous platforms to buy and sell websites are Flippa, FE International, and Exchange Marketplace.

13) Start Your E-commerce Store

start your e-commerce store

In this age of technological innovations and digitalization, selling things online has become easier than ever. Starting your own online e-commerce business has great scope.

Since it has great scope, it has higher competition as well. So, you should follow several tips to be successful and stand out from your competitors.

The first tip is to decide on a particular niche. This niche helps to determine your target audience. Purchase a domain name after deciding the niche. Your website name should be the reflection of the niche.

Once you get a website name, you can start working on it. But before that, make sure to complete all the paperwork and legal formalities. Adhering to the legal rules is important. It can help you to hire a web developer later to mold your website according to its niche.

Modifying the website theme is also necessary. It gives the first appearance to the visitors. The theme should always give an idea of the niche of the site.

Besides physical aspects, other features of the e-commerce website are also critical. These features include the payment system and other filter options. Users should easily be able to navigate through the website.

Navigation and UX (User Experience) of the website should be your top priority. A good website gives full UX to the audience. It can help you to generate high revenues online.

14) Create An Auction Website

create an auction website

Starting an auction website is another excellent option to earn money online. An auction website provides a platform for people to sell and purchase items on this site through auctions.

You can either display your products for sales or you may allow other vendors to sell their products on your site. You can ask for a flat fee or a percentage of the earnings from these vendors.

One of the best examples of an auction website is eBay. Just like this, you can start your own website.

However, you will require a hosting service for your website. There are many web hosting companies out there in the market. You can choose any, according to your budget and preferences.

15) Build A Review Website

build a review website

Creating a review website will help you to earn satisfactory money online. As its name suggests, a review website is used to provide reviews of different things. These things may include tourist destinations, hotels, books, movies, novels, etc.

There is a wide variety of topics to build a review website. This expands the reach of the review websites.

Many people surf through the reviews websites. This is because of the word of mouth referrals that aid sales of a product or service.

One of the best examples of such a site is the TripAdvisor website. This site has a worth higher than $1.5 billion. You can verify the success of this business from this fact.

But, to be successful, you should be very cautious. This industry has great competition. You can contend with the competition by choosing a specific niche. A particular subject helps you to define your target audience easily.

Once you decide on a topic, you can attract greater traffic. You can also earn money through several methods when your site reaches its peak. These methods comprise paid reviews, advertisements, affiliate marketing, etc.

16) Create Your Micro-job Website

create your micro-job website

A micro-job website is a business platform. It helps you to earn money by acting as a middleman. Here, you can help to connect employers with prospective employees. These employees may involve contractors or freelancers.

A study done in 2020 shows the rise in the freelancing industry. It shows that more than 36% of the US workers pursued freelancing. Therefore, these freelancers can connect with potential employers through micro job sites.

This shows the tremendous expanse of these digital platforms. These digital sites can help you to make money online from the jobs listed. Many micro-sites are presently making money through job listings. These websites include Fiverr, UpWork, PeoplePerHour, etc. The net worth of these sites is millions of dollars.

But, the great extent of these websites also poses great competition.

You should select the right platform to create a micro-job website. The best platform is WordPress. It gives your site a domain name like "" Once you get a domain name, you can procure WordPress hosting. Hosting helps to store the information on your website. You can also get SSL certificates along with hosting. These credentials are required to maintain the security of the site. In the end, you should select the theme. Since you have a micro-job website, you can choose the micro-job theme of WordPress. Now you are ready to initiate your business using the micro-job website.

17) Start Your Membership Website

start your membership website

You can start a membership website and earn money online. This website will help you to get income by selling subscriptions. These subscriptions may provide multiple access to users. Access can relate to premium content or other community guidelines.

You may also provide different types of access, depending on the type of membership website. For example, some websites give exclusive access to members related to the content. Other subscriptions may provide access to community features like Slack, Facebook group, etc.

The best thing about subscriptions is that it helps you to earn money even without advertisements.

You should get WordPress hosting before initiating your website. In case of a limited budget, BlueHost is the best hosting web service. However, if you are not adhering to any budget, you can choose the WP Engine's services. You can choose the WordPress membership plugin after selecting the hosting services. One such plugin is the MemberPress. When creating a website, you can also select different subscription models and online payment systems. Multiple payment options help to attract a prominent target audience. The payment options can include credit cards, PayPal, or both.

18) Create An Online Job Hunt Website

People generally search for employment and business opportunities online during the current digitalization period. You can reap the perks of the web by creating an online job searching website.

A job searching website serves as an intermediary between employers and employees. Such a website helps to connect people with economic benefits.

Starting the job hunt website is very easy. Initially, you should get a web address and a server space. The web address is the domain name of your website. On the other hand, the server space is the hosting of your website. Once you choose these features, you can decide on a platform for your website.

WordPress is one of the best platforms for a business website.

After deciding the platform, it is critical to determine the theme of your website. This theme should be a reflection of the type of category. WordPress has many paid and free themes. These themes provide the basic framework and are ready-made sites in themselves.

Now, you are ready to start your site. You should add the job listings to your website. There are two ways to add jobs to a job search engine:

  • Firstly, the admin can add jobs.
  • Secondly, registered employers can add their prospective employment opportunities on the website. The employers register on the website to add the jobs. Then, they choose the payment package and fill the form accordingly.

Once the above formalities are completed, you can attract the audience towards your web page. You can pursue numerous marketing techniques for this purpose. Always improvise on your website to make greater profits.

19) Affiliate Marketing

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best forms to earn passive income online. This means that even while sleeping, brushing, or eating, you can make money online. Isn’t it interesting?

But, what actually is affiliate marketing?

As the name suggests, affiliate marketing is the process of marketing by an affiliate. An affiliate is a person who earns a commission by marketing the products and services of a company.

They search for profitable products that are easy to market. These products and their sales define the earnings of the affiliate marketer.

The number of sales is processed through numerous affiliate links. Affiliate links also help to determine the revenue of the affiliate marketer.

The earnings can be known by three methods. These methods are pay-per-sale, pay-per-lead, and pay-per-click.

20) Email Marketing

email marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways of digital marketing. It helps to drive sales towards business and enhance its target audience. If done in the right way, email marketing can help you to make high revenues.

The right way is by sending the correct mail to the right people. If you send an email to a person who is unaware of your brand, it is likely to yield a negative result. But sending a message to your prospective customers may help you. This message should resonate with the thoughts of the people. It should begin with a compelling subject line. The subject line should induce the people to open up your email rather than deleting it. After the subject line, write intriguing content. The content can be supported by pictures and videos. It should be able to satisfy the needs of the audience.

After writing the email, sending it to the target audience is very important. You should determine the target audience according to the brand you publicize through email marketing.

With your expertise in the industry, you can start your own email marketing agency.

21) PPC Specialist

ppc specialist

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click. It is a paid advertisement method and runs on platforms such as Google Ads. PPC experts can make money online by advertising.

The advertisers pay a fee to these specialists each time the ad is clicked on. PPC experts use their expertise to maximize the number of clicks on the ads.

The PPC expert needs to take care of multiple features. The features include the content, template, and SEO techniques related to the ads. Creative suggestions are required for the templates. These templates should be appealing enough to attract the target audience.

With knowledge in the field, you can start your own PPC agency. There is a lot of information about this field on the web. You can make use of it or take different online certification programs. These programs show your credibility and help you to start your business in the field.

22) SEO Expert

seo expert

SEO or Search Engine Optimization helps a website or web page to rank on the search engines. Ranking on the search engine is essential to attracting a higher target audience. This target audience helps a business to earn revenue by converting it into leads.

Attracting the target audience towards a website is not easy. For this, several companies and agencies hire the services of an SEO expert.

To become an SEO expert, you need to have a strong knowledge of multiple keywords and phrases. Moreover, you should know how to integrate these keywords into the content. Mix them in a way that does not modify the meaning of the material.

Apart from using the keywords, you should also know on-page and off-page SEO techniques:

  • On-page techniques are directly related to the content of the web page.
  • On the other hand, off-page SEO complements the on-page SEO. It helps to spread the good word about the website of a brand.

With knowledge of special marketing techniques and SEO practices, you can earn high incomes from any corner of the world.

23) Leads Generation Expert

leads generation expert

Leads generation experts help to generate leads for several businesses. These businesses require the services of leads generation experts to increase their revenues.

The importance of lead generation services is also shown in a study. The report says that 75% of the users never return to a web page. Thus, such experts can monitor the interests of these individuals.

They can help them to become prospective clients of the business. This is done in many ways.

For example, a leads generation expert may compel users to subscribe to the company’s YouTube channel or other social media accounts. The best way to generate leads is to use the email address of the brand.

Adding the email ID on the web page is a cost-efficient method to generate leads.

Apart from the email ID, the expert may also use numerous forms. These forms can be added to the web page of the brand. By filling up such forms, the users can get regular notifications about the business.

With greater usage of the internet, there is a wide scope in this industry.

24) Online Tutoring

online tutoring

You can even earn income by sharing your knowledge on digital platforms. This knowledge may relate to a particular subject and can help you to become an online tutor.

You will also require expertise and formal credentials to become an online teacher.

According to your qualifications, you may teach the following:

24.1) Different Subjects

By becoming a teacher, you can teach any subject to the students. Let us say you specialize in technical and programming skills. In such a case, you can become a computer teacher.

24.2) Teaching Classes

Sometimes you can also sell teaching services to new teachers. These new teachers can be individuals who have started their profession as a teacher.

You may teach them various soft skills along with technical skills. Soft skills include effective communication skills and leadership qualities.

24.3) English

English is a universal language. People from all over the world learn it.

Hence, there is a higher demand for teachers to teach English to students. With excellent vocabulary and knowledge of English, you can easily teach this subject.

As an English teacher, you can teach English grammar and literature to the students.

After deciding your teaching subject, it is crucial to determine the digital platforms. These digital platforms help you to provide your online teaching services to the students.

There is a rise in the usage of digital software due to the pandemic. These apps are easy to use and maximize the efficiency of the teachers. Some of the best teaching apps are Zoom and Skype.

The money earned from this profession varies based on several factors. These factors include your:

  • Educational qualifications
  • Experience
  • Teaching subject
  • Category of students

25) Sell E-books

sell e-books

There is a wider scope in the market for selling e-books. People still prefer books that can explain a technical topic. Therefore, you can reap the benefits of this opportunity by creating your e-book.

Writing an e-book requires you to have several skills. You should have practical writing skills along with an understanding of the target audience.

Let us suppose you are writing an e-book on different types of software and applications. This requires you to know your target audience. Your target audience will include the IT sector and students graduating in this field.

Once you have defined your target audience, you can write information according to their needs. This requires dedication and full effort on your part.

After making the e-book, you can sell it on different platforms. The best medium is to sell on Amazon’s Kindle Program.

You also need to conduct numerous marketing strategies to sell your e-book. People tend to buy your book only if they know about its features and cost. Hence, good word of mouth referrals can help you to gain customers.

The cost of your e-book is a means to generate high passive income. Earning income through e-books requires less investment. It includes giving your full efforts in writing and marketing the book.

The industry also has a low barrier for entry. This helps you to dive into this field easily.

26) Sell Audiobooks

sell audiobooks

Similar to selling e-books, you can sell audiobooks. There is a shift of the web towards audiobooks nowadays.

People tend to prefer audiobooks to learn diverse technical subjects. This results in less popularity of e-books.

But before selling audiobooks, you should initially create an e-book. Then, you can convert the e-book into an audiobook using different platforms.

One of the best platforms is the ACX (Audiobook Creation Exchange) platform of Audible. To use the platform, you can hire a producer.

You may opt for the ‘pay-per-hour’ hire program too.

Once the audiobook is completed, you should implement varied marketing techniques. The strategies will help to spread the word about your audiobook and leverage its sales.

27) Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant

A virtual assistant provides administrative support to the organizations. The individual conducts corporate activities of companies while sitting at home.

The activities are completed using online platforms. This requires virtual assistants to have strong knowledge in the computer field.

They should know how to use MS-Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. After completing their work from the computer, virtual assistants are required to communicate with their clients. So, they should have effective communication skills.

Besides communicating, a virtual assistant should finish a project before the deadlines. The individual performs the project for various clients.

Thus, you can start your agency and provide virtual assistance services to businesses.

The main functions of a virtual assistant include:

  • Making calls and emails.
  • Handling the social media accounts of the business.
  • Providing customer support.
  • Conducting marketing, data entry, and extensive research for the organization.
  • Writing, managing, editing, and proofreading blogs.
  • Bookkeeping.
  • Project management.
  • Event planning.

A virtual assistant helps to keep businesses running smoothly. With a virtual assistant by their side, businesses can focus on the core areas of their organization.

28) Create & Sell Online Courses

create and sell online courses

You can share your expertise on a subject by creating and selling online courses. This profession can help you to make very high incomes. Nonetheless, high incomes come with great efforts.

Initially, you will have to put in great time and effort to build your online course. You can create the course by using the LMS (Learning Management System) software.

Though before creating the course, you should know the multiple steps.

At first, you should discover a niche on which you will design the course. The niche should be a topic with great demand. You can check out the demand by using several tools. These tools include Google Trends or Google’s Keyword Planner.

You can also search for the demand of different keywords on Google. This will help you to pick out a topic that has a long-term demand.

Such a topic can help you to make revenues even in the future. Once the topic is selected, you can look out for competitors and collaborators.

Knowing the competitors and collaborators will help you to identify their strategies. You can learn from the experiences and techniques of your competitors.

After learning the numerous strategies, secure pre-orders for your online course. Securing pre-orders help to know whether people are interested in your online course or not.

If people are willing to pay for your course, you can start creating it. Once your course is created, you can sell it on a website. To increase the sales, look out for various affiliates who can market your product.

Marketing helps you earn passive income even after a long period of time.

29) Sell Your Products on The Shopify Store

sell your products on the shopify store

E-commerce websites can make significant profits if executed in the right manner. One of the best platforms that help you sell your products is the Shopify store. It is a one-stop-shop. This means you can sell different types of products on this platform.

It integrates all the features that can help you to start your e-commerce business. These features comprise hosting services and order management.

With the help of such attributes, you can easily focus on the core of your business. This is because Shopify takes care of the technical skills related to using an e-commerce website.

Hence, you can run your business on Shopify even with little or no knowledge of coding skills.

30) Local Business Consulting Services

local business consulting services

You can sell your consulting services to the people who require them. Your suggestions can help them to make profits. The profits are based on your experience, skills, and qualifications.

With expertise and knowledge in a particular industry of business, you can help other people.

Your expertise may be in marketing, business strategies, or manufacturing. Many small business owners and companies require such knowledge for their benefit.

These people will be ready to hire your services. Your services can help them to solve an issue related to administrative or business functions.

You can sell such services at different prices depending upon the functions and your expertise.

31) Online Travel Consultant

online travel consultant

If you are a travel enthusiast, then you could become an online travel consultant. You can practice this profession online by advising people.

They may require pieces of advice on different topics. These topics include the hotel prices, locations, destinations, cheap flights, etc.

Online consultants can give them advice and suggestions on these topics. These people randomly search for different destinations and their accommodations.

If you are one such person, then you can make your career in this field. Initiate your journey in this profession by word-of-mouth referrals.

You can give such referrals or recommendations to your close friends and relatives. Then, start your LinkedIn or Facebook group to help the people in this field. In the end, you will get success and can start a travel agency.

32) Online Dating Consultant

online dating consultant

Many people have difficulties in building relationships and dating. This is due to the lack of soft skills like effective communication, patience, and nervousness. However, they can learn such soft skills with the help of a consultant.

An online dating consultant is a person who knows how to maintain relationships. They can make money online through this talent.

Such an individual also teaches people how to use different online dating apps and sites. These apps and sites include Tinder, Omegle, etc.

If you think you can help people in this field, then you can start your own online dating consultancy.

33) Online Fitness Coach

online fitness coach

With a mix of business and fitness skills, you can try your luck as an online fitness coach. An online fitness coach is a fitness buff. They help people to maintain their fitness.

By practicing this profession, the coach can pursue two goals at the same time. They can earn an income and maintain fitness.

Maintaining fitness is a trending topic. Hence, there is a huge demand for fitness coaches these days.

High demand means more clients. By meeting the needs of your clients, you can earn significant revenues in the field.

But initially, you should build up your reputation. You can do this by writing blogs related to fitness. Apart from this, you can get your work publicized on different social media accounts.

34) Micro-business Marketing Consultant

micro-business marketing consultant

A micro-business marketing consultant sells their services online. These services relate to promoting a brand or business.

A marketing consultant is a professional who can promote a brand through planning and strategies. Such strategies are endeavored to attract the target audience.

They align the services of clients according to the needs of their target audience. This means the consultant conducts extensive research about the business’s target audience.

After knowing the target audience, they alter the content and blogs of the business. The alteration is intended to employ on-page and off-page SEO techniques.

Once the content is adjusted, the marketing consultant markets the business. These businesses are micro-businesses.

By hiring the services of a marketing consultant, they can focus on the core of their business. And at the same time, the consultant helps to market their brand.

35) Become A Virtual Notary

become a virtual notary

Millions of documents are notarized traditionally in the United States each year. But in this era of digitalization, you can even notarize the documents online or digitally. For doing so, you have to become a virtual notary.

A virtual notary notarizes multiple documents. These documents can include wills, handgun applications, citizenship forms, or other documents.

With knowledge about these documents and their execution, you can start this business online. Once you build your reputation, you can also create your website. This website will help to spread the word about your business.

36) Start Online Corporate Workshops

start online corporate workshops

This is the time of competition. Companies want to be at an advantage over their competitors. So, businesses are striving to maximize their proficiency in the field. For this, they want their workforce to be efficient in their tasks.

The employees can become skilled by taking up several online training. Online corporate workshops provide such training.

You can begin your workshop by using your talent in a specific field. Your business skills will help you to disseminate information in the field.

You can share information with the employees by creating one day or half-day lectures. Give out these lectures by contacting the organizations.

You can reach out to the organizations using LinkedIn or other digital platforms. Once you are reputed in the field, you can even start a blog.

37) Initiate A Podcast

initiate a podcast

A podcast is a series of audio files. These audio files may relate to the distinct niches. For example, you can create a podcast about music. But choosing a specific niche is essential.

A particular niche helps you to align your podcast with the target audience. You can create a podcast related to a particular era, genre, or artist in the above example.

After choosing a niche, you can create your podcast. An audio file and an RSS (Rich Site Summary) feed are needed to make your podcast work. RSS feed helps the users to subscribe and download your audio files.

Several website development platforms have an inbuilt RSS feed. WordPress is one such platform. For this reason, users tend to start their podcast using WordPress.

After building your podcast website on WordPress, you should let the people know about it. You can do this by connecting your podcast with numerous apps like iTunes.

This helps the users to download your files easily. The podcast helps you to earn great revenues.

You can also make income by many other methods such as advertisements, partnerships, sponsorship, and affiliate marketing.

38) Data Entry

data entry

Businesses and companies have huge data and information. This data needs to be stored in the databases. Storing the data helps to organize it. You can easily fetch the organized data when needed.

The organization of data requires the services of a data analyst. A data analyst helps to store the credential information of the company.

For this, they do not require any special skills. All they need to have is a computer with a good Internet connection.

They can type the data into the computer and upload it. Fast typing skills and attention to detail keep data analysts at an advantage.

Since minimal skills are required, data entry is an easy profession. Besides being easy, it also has a great scope. This is because each business requires to store its data. For this, they hire data analysts.

This helps them to focus on the core functioning of their organization.

39) Freelancing


Freelancing has seen an upswing in the last few years. This is because of the many benefits that come along with it, such as a flexible schedule. People can work remotely from any corner of the world. Digital platforms support remote working.

There are several digital websites and apps that help in freelancing. Some of the websites are Upwork, Fiverr, Peopleperhour, etc. These websites can help you to become a freelancer.

By becoming a freelancer, you can earn a high income. These incomes may range between $5 to $100.

However, to earn revenues, you should work hard in a specific industry.

Your industry can belong to any niche that interests you. There are numerous freelancing fields like digital marketing, content writing, SEO expert, PPC specialist, lead generation expert, etc.

You can pursue any field from the corner of your house. All you need is a computer system with a good Internet connection.

With consistent efforts and hard work, you can satisfy your clients. But remember, clients tend to pay you only after checking your project.

Your project should be able to meet their requirements. Only then can you get high pay in freelancing.

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40) Lend Your Voice

lend your voice

You can also earn money online by lending your voice. With powerful speaking skills and training in the field, you can make huge revenues.

Lending your voice requires you to become a narrator. Narrators can provide their voices to different people.

These people or clients may be filmmakers, video creators, or other people using digital platforms. Many YouTubers require the services of a narrator too.

The narrators speak the content for the videos in a compelling way. But speaking in the right manner requires you to take basic training in the field.

Apart from the skills, you may need certain other things to practice the profession:

  • First of all, you should possess a mic. You should have a good quality mic like Rhode Podcaster.
  • Secondly, to record the audio, you should have audio recording software.

With both these devices, you can record and send your audio to the clients. These clients can pay you accordingly.

41) Language Translator

language translator

Since English is a universal language, many people know it. But people who know languages other than English are at an edge.

They can easily make money online by sitting from the comfort of their homes. All they need to do is to translate multiple projects from and to English.

The projects need to be translated into different languages like German, Spanish, Arab, etc. The pay differs for each language.

You can receive payments from several clients globally. The clients tend to hire language translators. They do this to do away with the time-consuming work of translating the projects.

42) College Admission Essay Editor

college admission essay editor

With excellent writing and creative skills, you can become an essay editor. The function of such a person is to edit essays of college students.

This helps the students to get an entry into a college. Due to this, many parents can hire your services. They will pay you according to your skills and expertise in the field.

43) Proofread Articles

proofread articles

If writing is your niche, then you can even proofread articles online. To proofread and edit the articles, you should give strong attention to details. It will help you to pick out the errors from the content and resolve them. So, the content is the main focus of a proofreader.

Apart from correcting the content, the proofreader can also learn different exciting topics. But proofreading the content demands the individual have knowledge of various software.

One such software is the Grammarly application. It helps you to check grammatical errors and correct the typos of the articles.

Once the article is corrected, you can send it to the client. You will receive your payment when the client approves the content. Proofreading gives the practitioners a high per-hour income.

44) Transcribe Interviews

transcribe interviews

Transcribing interviews means translating the interviews into writing. These interviews may be taken by journalists, lawyers, doctors, etc.

People need these interviews in writing for various purposes. They hire the services of individuals who can transcribe interviews.

These individuals should be able to hear the audio again and again and transcribe it. Jotting it down in the right essence is very crucial.

You can easily get an amount between $5 to $15 from this profession. The pay can even rise. It rises in case you have an education in the medical or legal field.


These are some of the professions which you can pursue. You can indulge in any online job, according to your interests and passion.

Remote working and digital jobs are likely to increase your efficiency. But, this is possible only when you give your 100% while working from home.

Sometimes, working from the comfort of our house leads to many distractions. These distractions can involve procrastination, watching television, playing games, or having a gala time with your family.

Try to stay away from such distractions. This can be possible only if you maintain a healthy work-life balance.


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