GoDaddy Website Builder Review: Cost, Templates and All You Need to Know

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In this era of digitalization, creating an online presence is very crucial for different businesses and organizations. An online presence helps companies, organizations, and other individuals market their skills, talents, and brand. People can create an online presence of their business or brand through a website.

For this, they need to create different websites with the help of technical codes. But many people do not know the various codes that help to create a website. All such people can use the website builders to get their websites completed without knowing any code quickly.

One such website builder is GoDaddy. GoDaddy is a website-building platform with an easy-to-use interface. This software helps the users to create websites quickly. These users can create their websites for different purposes. They may make a business website, blogging website, shopping store, etc.

Now let us know in detail about GoDaddy.

GoDaddy Website Builder

GoDaddy is a website building platform that was founded in 1997. This platform was launched as Jomax Technologies by Bob Parsons. Besides helping create websites, this software is a domain registrar and provides web hosting services and SSL certificates.

Moreover, this platform’s website hosting services are completely secure, with an uptime guarantee of 99.9%.

The headquarters of GoDaddy is located in Scottsdale in Arizona. The platform provides services worldwide to users. It had earned approximately $873.9 billion in 2020 from its services. All this is possible due to the hard efforts of 7000 employees working in the company.

Besides the number of employees, several other numerical figures will help you to believe the popularity of GoDaddy.The platform has 14 offices in different places like Seattle and Belgrade.

The number of entrepreneurs that have used this platform to create websites for their businesses or other purposes is more than 20 million. GoDaddy provides more than 80 million domain names to such users.

Now let us have a look at the different features of GoDaddy that make it one of the best website builders.

Features of GoDaddy

GoDaddy homepage1. Sites for Different Purposes

GoDaddy helps its users to create websites for different purposes. Be it booking appointments, selling products, or building websites to put up your blogs, GoDaddy provides you sites for all such purposes. Other features that help the software to create websites for various purposes are as follows:

  • GoDaddy allows the users to manage several different characteristics of the websites in a single place. Using this platform, you can manage your website, social media, email marketing, and e-commerce all in a single place.
  • The software has excellent mobile editing and designing facilities. It helps you to create a responsive website. This means your website can easily adapt the screen resolution of the device on which it is operating.
  • To help you create different types of websites, GoDaddy also provides website hosting services. Website hosting ensures that your site runs smoothly without any errors.
  •  This website creator also has many customizable themes. These customizable themes make it possible for users to create different types of websites. You can make use of more than 20 theme filters. These filters will help you modify your website’s look by changing the colors, font, layout, etc.
  • GoDaddy also helps you to create content for your website. This is possible by using the beautiful templates, graphics, and forms of this software.
  • The  Web pages created by GoDaddy have rapid page loading performance. This helps you to attract a target audience to your website.

2. Tools to Create Your Website

The website builder helps you to create your website. But what are the important features that help in the process of creating a website? Let us have a look at these tools.

  • GoDaddy has a click-and-drag reorder feature. This feature helps the users to create their websites by moving a section. All they need to do is to click on the particular section and move it.
  • GoDaddy also provides different promo banners to the users. The users can place these promotion banners on their shopping or business website.
  • One of the most important features of GoDaddy is the backup and restore option. This feature helps you to sleep soundly by knowing that you already have a backup for your website.
  • You can use a variety of customizable themes to build a concept or base for your website. This base will further help you modify and enhance your website’s look according to your preferences.
  • Another advantage of using GoDaddy to create your website is the number of pages you can make. GoDaddy helps you create an innumerable number of pages using the Drop-Down menu option of this software. You can add the different pages in the Drop-Down menu option. This also helps to make your website easy to navigate by the users.
  • This platform also provides you with the option to link your contact information with your website. This makes it easy for visitors to contact you and solicit information about your business or brand.
  • GoDaddy has a single image library. This helps you to keep all your pictures in a single library.
  • This software helps you to integrate call-to-action into your websites. Call-to-action helps to attract sales and attention to the important products or pages of your website.
  • Another advantage of GoDaddy is that it helps you to create password-protected pages. Such pages help the users to secure their information.

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3. Marketing Features

GoDaddy not only helps you to create a website but also market it. This is because building an online presence without making sure that people know about it is a waste. So GoDaddy helps its users in the process of website promotion.

  • GoDaddy helps you in search engine optimization. Through effective search engine optimization, you can improve your ranking on different search engine result pages like Bing, Google, Chrome, etc.
  • This website building platform also helps you to connect your website with your company’s Facebook page. In this way, your visitors can easily know a lot about your brand or business.
  • GoDaddy helps you create your business website and get it on Google my business listings or Google search and Maps.
  • You can also connect your Instagram account with your website created through GoDaddy. GoDaddy helps you to get insights into your performance by going to the GoDaddy dashboard.
  • You can increase engagement and convert leads by sending emails to your visitors.
  • GoDaddy has a review widget. This tool helps the users to get insights about their business from Facebook or Google on their site.
  • You can also establish a connection with your visitors using GoDaddy. This is possible by sending customized messages to your visitors from the dashboard of this software.
  • Another marketing feature of GoDaddy is to create social media posts. This helps you to create appealing posts on this software. These posts can easily attract traffic to your website.

4. Features Related to Web Analytics

Once you create your website and market it, you need to keep a check on it. Checking about the performance will help you to know whether your website is running smoothly or not.

GoDaddy not only helps you to create your website but also to check its functioning later. It does so through its various functions that can help you to track your performance.

  • GoDaddy helps the users to track their search engine ranking. This will help you to know whether you need to improve your ranking on the search engine result pages or not.
  • You can also receive Facebook insights with the help of GoDaddy. These insights include your posts, views, likes, etc.
  • This software helps you to track orders in case of a shopping website. You can track your orders and their shipment procedure on your dashboard.
  •  This website-building platform also provides you with features to manage your online comments.
  • In the case of an online store, the users can receive automatic checkouts reminders.  This means they can know the customers who came back to their carts to purchase some items.
  • To ensure that your website functions smoothly, GoDaddy also provides you with suggestions and recommendations. These recommendations help you to improve your online presence.
  • Apart from the suggestions, you can also receive advice based on the business or industry you are functioning in. This advice is based on the data of more than 1 million GoDaddy customers.
  • The insights feature also helps you to know the page views and a comparison score. This comparison score is against your similar or competitive websites.
  • Web analytics help you to connect to Pinterest Meta tag, Google Analytics, and other such tools. To add another similar tool, you can use the HTML element.

5. E-Commerce Features

GoDaddy makes it very easy for users to create an online store. This online store can help you to sell products and services from any corner of the world. Products or services can include digital or physical products.

One of the best features of GoDaddy is that it helps you to manage all such products in a single place. Let us look at different options that can help you create an E-Commerce website on GoDaddy.

  • The E-Commerce website created through GoDaddy can accept payments through different options. These options include credit cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc.
  • Using your e-commerce website, you can provide discounts or coupons to the customers to promote your products.
  • GoDaddy helps you to create different tax and shipping rates according to your preferences.
  • The software also provides the option of abandoned cart recovery. This means you can remind your customers about their products kept in their cart.
  • You can also provide product reviews to your customers on your website created through GoDaddy. These reviews can be in the form of downloaded files that exhibit your work.

6. Blog Features

GoDaddy hostingBesides creating an online store or business website, you can also create a blogging website. Blogs are one of the best ways to attract traffic to your website. These blogs are written content that helps to disseminate information on a particular subject to your target audience.

To create blogs on your website, you will require some tools. GoDaddy helps people by providing them with the tools necessary to create a blogging website.

  • GoDaddy provides users with several customizable layouts. You can choose any design or layout to create your blogging website according to your niche.
  • This software also provides the feature of commenting on your blogs. Commenting will help your visitors to interact with you and suggest different ideas for new blogs.
  • Besides commenting, other features of GoDaddy include social sharing and email subscriptions. All such features are possible because of the built-in linking of GoDaddy with Disqus. But unfortunately, you can create content for your blogs only in the form of text, video, or images. The software does not provide any HTML editor to its users.
  • GoDaddy has basic image editing features. These features will help you to modify the images that can work with your blog.
  • The users can create blogs in different categories. So, GoDaddy provides the option to manage your content into different categories. You can then place the content into separate web pages on your website.
  • One of the best blogging features of GoDaddy is that it helps you to link your previous or existing blogs with the new blog. This existing blog can even belong to some other platforms.

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7. Pricing Plans

Before using any website builder, one of the most critical attributes the users consider is the pricing factor. While considering the different plans’ prices, the users also want to know the features these plans offer.

So, before using GoDaddy, you should know its different pricing plans.GoDaddy has one of the lowest pricing plans out there in the market. It also has a free monthly trial.

This trial can help you to assess the functions of the software. If the functionality of the software satisfies your preferences, then you can subscribe to its paid plans. This website building platform has four different plans.

No, once you have started working on the paid-up plan, you cannot revert to the free plan. You can only start working on the free plan when you create a completely new website.
You cannot directly initiate the process of creating a website through a paid plan. You need to click on the “start for free” button to start working on this website building platform. After clicking on this button, you can immediately choose the next paid-up plan according to your preferences.

Basic Plan

The cheapest plan of GoDaddy is the basic plan costing $10 per month. This plan provides a plethora of features to the users. These features include blogging functions, image editing features, video implementation, etc.

Websites that you create using this plan have fast page loading speed and are fully mobile responsive. This means these websites can easily adopt the mobile device’s screen resolution on which they are operating.

Moreover, basic plans also provide 24/7 support services to the users. These users get access to SSL security, marketing, insights features, social sharing, and other built-in features of the platform.

Standard Plan

The next plan, in order, is the standard plan costing  $15 per month. The standard plan includes all the features of the basic plan plus some additional features as well. These additional characteristics include more social sharing features and other search engine optimization options.

This plan can also help you to analyze your ranking on search engine result pages and improve it. The platform also provides suggestions to the users that enable them to improve their ranking on these engines.

Premium Plan

Another plan of GoDaddy is the premium plan. You can get access to this plan at $20 per month. There is a huge difference between premium and standard plans. The premium plan helps the users create their website with a plethora of additional features.

These features can help you accept payment through credit cards, sync your website with your social media accounts, book different classes or events, make appointments or check payment histories, and manage your clients’ details through client management tools.

E-Commerce Plan

The last paid-up plan of GoDaddy is the E-Commerce plan. The price of this plan is $25 per month. As the name suggests, the E-Commerce plan helps people to create an online store.

This online store is fully equipped with different features that will help it function to the best of its capabilities.

Different features of the E-Commerce plan include:

  • Modifying the shipping and tax rates.
  • Manage your products through fast checking facility.
  • Quickly manage orders and inventory.
  • Provide discounts for special promotions to the users.
  •  Send notifications to the users once they place their orders.
  • Reminding the customers about the products kept in their carts.
  • Connect your website with different marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

8. Domain Registration Services

GoDaddy provides one of the best domain registration services in the world. It is straightforward to set up your domain using this website-building platform. The users can purchase a domain for one year at $9.99. But if you want to purchase the domain for two years or more, then the first year’s services cost only $0.01.

The platform also provides migration services. This means the users can transfer a domain to this platform if they already have one. But this is possible only if the users subscribe to any one of the paid plans of GoDaddy. The custom domain of the users can be .com, .net, etc.

GoDaddy provides one of the largest and most trusted domain registration services in the world. It helps people to easily create their online presence with the help of a domain name.

The users can easily buy a domain name on GoDaddy by using the domain search tool feature of the software. They can also find the website address using the domain name generator tool.

9. Security Features

Different packages of GoDaddy include SSL security. SSL stands for Secure socket layers. SSL security helps to maintain the privacy of your data between a web browser and a web server.

It works as a connection between these two attributes. The security features help only particular people to log into the web pages using their ID.  Moreover, the uptime guarantee of GoDaddy is 99.9%.

Due to SSL Security, you can be assured that your data remains confidential between the web server and the web browser. You need not spend extra effort and time protecting the privacy of your data.

10. Advertisement Facility

GoDaddy affilliateGoDaddy provides free advertisement to its users. The users receive banners on top of all their web pages. However, they can even get this advertisement removed from the paid plans.

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11. Language

Unfortunately, GoDaddy does not help you to create a multilingual website. But the dashboard of this software is available in several languages. The default language of the dashboard and the editor of GoDaddy is English.

12. Navigation Features

The websites created by GoDaddy are easy to navigate. It is possible to add a menu to your website through this software. This menu can display further options that can lead the visitors to new web pages.

A menu also helps the users to navigate through the website easily. But GoDaddy is not much appropriate to create websites with more than 20 web pages.

13. Widgets and Other Tools

GoDaddy also has several other widgets and tools that can help you increase your website’s functionality. Using this software, you can add a website pop-up, an appointment scheduler, and a live chat Messenger on your website.

GoDaddy also has several other features that can help you to link your website with external media. These media tools include OpenTable, Yelp, SoundCloud, etc.

But the disadvantage of GoDaddy is that it does not help its users with an application store. This may be a limiting factor of this website-building platform.

14. Monetization

The website which you create using GoDaddy can help you to earn income through various means. You can even add Google AdSense on this website.

15. Search Engine Optimization

Though GoDaddy provides search engine optimization features to its users, they are quite basic.  The free and the first paid plan of GoDaddy is just limited to description and page titles in terms of SEO services.

Moreover, even after upgrading to the higher paid plans, you receive limited search engine optimization services. The users cannot modify their blogs later to improve the SEO strategy and techniques.

One of the most significant disadvantages of this software is that you cannot change the URL of your pages. The URLs are auto-generated, and they change each time you change the title of the page.

This is very poor in terms of search engine optimization services. Hence, the SEO tool of GoDaddy is useful only if you are a beginner in this field.

16. Contact Information

GoDaddy has a sophisticated contact form feature. This feature can help you to add different fields and your contact information to your website. You can even add a ‘message us on WhatsApp’ option on your website.

To customize your website’s look and your contact information, choose any layout meant for this purpose. For example, you can add a map to your website that exhibits your address to the visitors.

17. Newsletter Tool

The newsletter tool can help users in their email campaigns. The users can get insights into their statistics with the help of the newsletter tools. These statistics can include many clicks, opens, bounces, etc.

18. Storage

GoDaddy provides unlimited storage to users. It does not have any bandwidth or space limit. The users can create up to 999 pages using this website-building platform.

19. HTML code

The HTML element of GoDaddy helps the users to add several codes to their websites. These codes can include CSS, JavaScript, or HTML.

20. Site History Feature

Using the site history feature, you can create backups and restore your data. But restoring does not let you change your blogs or content.

21. Customer Support

The users can receive 24/7 support from the award-winning support team of the platform. They can get their queries cleared through telephone, chat, or FAQs. But they cannot use email to receive suggestions or recommendations from the software.

GoDaddy also provides different videos and guides that help people to create websites. These videos contain information in detail telling how to create a website on GoDaddy. Besides the videos, the software also has a blog and community forum to help the users. The helpline number of GoDaddy is (480) 463-8363.

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WordPress Themes and Templates

GoDaddy create websiteGoDaddy offers a plethora of WordPress themes and templates to its users. The users can even customize or modify the look of these templates with thousands of software plugins. Let us have a look at the different themes of this website-building platform.

GoDaddy has some of the best and reliable WordPress hosting plans, themes, and templates. GoDaddy helps you to use these features by upgrading to the latest version of WordPress.

This helps you to get the latest features of WordPress for your website. GoDaddy also helps you to manage the content of your website from a single place. You can enhance the look of your website with the different themes and functionalities of this website builder.

1. Barista

This theme provides you with contemporary designing features. You can create your menu in bold using the Barista theme. It helps you to place oversized images and animated buttons on your website.

2. Keynote

Keynote enables the users to create a rotating image Gallery. You can also create your homepage, which focuses on your content to attract the audience.

3. Everett

Everett helps to make your website easy to navigate by providing a huge amount of white space to your web pages. You can also design a front-page image Gallery using this web template.

4. Philo

Philo is the best website template that can help you to create an online store. You can enhance the shopping experience of your users by using this website template. It provides different designing features to your home, product, and shopping web pages.

5. Ashby

This theme template enables the users to create their web pages in a clean background. You can further add your contact information and portfolio on this clean background.

6. Jane

Jane is another website template that has bold typography and call-to-actions. You can even place product highlights by using this template on your website.

7. Bento

Bento is a modern template that can perfectly match your business requirements. It will help you to provide a comfortable browsing experience to your users.

8. Chai

This template has some of the best image layouts. You can increase the engagement on your website by using the muted colors of this template.

9. Figure

This template provides you with bold typography, oversized images, and other features. You can even add a call-to-action on your website using this template.

10. Alder

Alder provides a classic color pattern for your web pages. It also has dedicated pages for different projects or purposes.


Thus, GoDaddy is one of the best beginner-friendly website building platforms. This platform uses the support of artificial design intelligence (ADI) to create websites for its users.

ADI helps to create websites in a faster way. It makes use of the information entered by the users to create intriguing and compelling websites for beginners.

GoDaddy has approximately 20 years of experience in website hosting services. With the help of expert web designers, developers, and technology, GoDaddy provides one of its users’ best website hosting services.

It is also a fast website builder with an easy-to-use interface. It can help you to create a website in any industry within just minutes. You can make use of different professional templates to create your website on GoDaddy. All you need to do is add images and text to these templates to build your online presence.

So start your journey with GoDaddy today!


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