How to Make Websites for Free: Top 9 Platforms to Use

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In this era of digitalization, a website plays an important role. It helps to establish the online presence of any business or individual. Such an individual can use the website to show his or her knowledge on a particular topic.

Different businesses, organizations, and people can even use a website to promote their business and companies.

But the website which such organizations create should have an easy-to-use interface. This means the website should be easy to navigate, and only after this will the users use it in the future.

Moreover, it should also have a good design with several customization features. These customization features help website owners to modify the look of their website. Modifying the website regularly is important in this dynamic environment.

Due to the dynamic environment, people tend to change their preferences from time to time. So the website owners should also aim at modifying their websites regularly. This modification can be in terms of designs, font color, background color, features, etc.

All such features in a website are possible only through a website building platform. So opting for a website building platform is a crucial task for businesses and individuals. Such a platform helps people to create their websites.

There are many free website-building platforms. These platforms provide a custom domain along with the hosting service to their users. All such services are provided at no cost. So, the people who are beginning as a blogger can use such platforms.

They can create personal blogs using free website building platforms. Since these platforms are free, they have lesser features as compared to the paid platforms. But, these features are enough to help you create a website.

Let us have a look at different platforms that can help you to create a website for free. This article will even describe the different features which these free website building platforms provide. Some of these platforms may even have a paid version. But you can use the free version to create your website.

List of Platforms to Create Websites


wordpress.comPeople can easily create their free websites on This software is a free platform that Automattic owns. These people generally include the new bloggers, organizations, or reputable brands. Some of the brands that use to create their websites include Spotify, TIME & TED.

But the platform is one of the best options for beginners. These beginners can create their websites for private blogs or other purposes on One of the best elements of is that it helps the users by providing them with a free website hosting facility.

To begin working on, these users need to create their accounts. Once the account is created, you can follow the installation process. The installation process is a guide that helps you to create your website.

You can also design the look of your website on This is possible due to the hundreds of customizable themes of this platform. These themes are flexible and will help you to create a mobile-friendly site as well.

Apart from the different themes, also has a page layouts feature. As the name suggests, the page layouts feature had the users improve the look and design of their website’s pages.

This feature provides several predesigned layout options for different website pages. The users can use these layout options to create a basic template for their pages. Hence, it helps people to easily create their websites and customize the look of their pages.

Pages that have the pre-designed layout options on are as follows:
  • Contact page
  • About Us page
  • Home page
  • Menu page
  • Blog page
  • Team page
  • Services page
  • Portfolio page

But there can be situations when you do not like these predesigned layouts of the pages. In such cases, the software also has another alternative. has an inbuilt tool of the platform called the block editor. This editor helps the users to customize the look of their predesigned layouts.

Let us understand this with the help of an example. We assume that you want to use the home page layout of the layouts feature. The layout has space for a picture. But the photo which you can place here is circular.

Using the block editor, you can change the shape of the photo or even add or remove new pictures.

URL structure- A subdomain hosted by

[Your username]

For example,

Migration feature: There is scope for migration.

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2. Blogger

BloggerCreated in 1999, Blogger is another free website builder. Different people who want to share their knowledge with others through a website can use Blogger. Blogger helps them to create a free website with an easy-to-use interface.

Blogger has many easy-to-use templates. The users can use these templates to enhance the look of their website. These templates offer several background images and flexible layouts to the users. To further improve the website’s appearance, the users can also change the color and font of the layouts.

Apart from the designing and layout features, Blogger also provides a free subdomain to its users. These users can also earn income by posting different advertisements on websites. The advertisement element is provided due to the Google Adsense facility of the software.

Blogger also helps to create a free website with certain other features.

Other features on Blogger include:
  • A free SSL certificate
  • Ad campaigns
  • Google interactions
  • A simple text editor
  • Built-in analytics

In the end, after creating your website, you can easily store your content. This content can be different posts, photos, etc. Storing is done on Google for free.

URL structure- [Your username ]

For example-

Migration feature: There is scope for migration.

3. Jekyll

JekyllJekyll is a free website building platform. The software helps to convert raw text into static websites. The users can host this website on different hosting platforms.

This software is also a major element behind all the GitHub pages. This helps the users to host their website or content on GitHub pages for free. Besides these, people who do not have any technical knowledge can also use Jekyll to create websites.

This is because the software supports HTML and Markdown for website pages. Markdown is one of the most appropriate choices for creating pages with a simple structure.

Jekyll helps the users to govern the appearance of their web pages through its different layouts. The users can choose from four different layouts. Layouts include different templates with different fonts and color backgrounds. The users can choose any layout according to their preferences and requirements.

URL structure :

Subdomain –

Custom subdomain –

Apex domain –

Migration feature: There is scope for migration.

4. Jimdo

JimdoYou can even get your website created on Jimdo. Jimdo helps the users to create their web pages under its free and paid plans. The users can opt for the free plan of Jimdo to create a website.

The software has different features that help to make the website attractive and easy to navigate. Some of these features include the commenting system, Google Analytics function, and social bookmarking.

Just like other website builders, Jimdo also has designing features. People without any technical skills can even use these designing options to enhance their web pages’ look. The platform has some of the best drag-and-drop templates.

By using these templates, the users can easily edit or reframe their content accordingly. These users can also check out the ‘template filter’ option of Jimdo. This option helps people to find a template with several features.

The newer templates of the software also provide a ‘suggested layouts’ option to the users. As the name suggests, ‘suggested layouts’ recommends a set of predefined layouts to the users. These layouts can help you to place your content and elements in different blocks automatically.

Using the suggested layout option, people can make different types of pages of a website. These pages include the home page, About Us page, services page contact page, and blogs or posts pages.

But there can be situations when the users do not like these predefined layouts. In such cases, they can even create their layouts. This is because, as the name suggests, suggested layouts are only a suggestion.

The users can use these suggestions as the starting point to create a layout. You can easily edit, delete or add new elements to the placeholder content of the predefined layouts. This will help you to create a personalized website with the perfect pages.

Migration feature: There is scope for migration.

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5. Ucraft

UcraftUcraft is yet another website-building platform. You can create web pages on this platform under its different free and paid plans. The software helps you to connect an existing domain and provides SSL security at no cost.

So, it is one of the best platforms to create a website for free. But the disadvantage of Ucraft is its limited features for the free plan. The users can only create 15 pages using the free plan of Ucraft.

Besides, the disadvantage you craft has special features as well. The designing and layout options will help you modify your web pages’ appearance according to your requirements.

These designing options and styles include different fonts, spacing, and colors. The users can also choose from a variety of templates. The modern and elegant templates help to enhance the look of the websites.

URL Structure –

Migration feature – There is no scope for migration.

6. WebStarts

WebStartsWebStarts is one of the most popular website building platforms. It has approximately 4 million users and claims to be the top-rated free website builder. You can create beautiful custom websites on this platform.

These websites can help you to share information with the public. You can also create an online store or blogging website on WebStarts. Creating a website on this platform is a straightforward task.

First of all, you need to choose a design for your website. There are hundreds of designing options on the software. You can even customize these options by using the drag and drop editor of WebStarts. After choosing a specific design, you will receive a free custom domain. Now you are ready to attract traffic to your website.

Like other website builders, WebStarts also has different layout options that can help you govern your web pages’ look. Whenever you choose a specific layout, you can even modify it. To modify it, you need to do is to click on the different objects of the layout.

Once you click on the objects, you can rearrange them according to your preferences. After clicking on an object, you can see grey-colored objects called handles. You can reframe the look of your object by clicking and dragging on these handles.

In the end, you can save the page when you are satisfied with the required layout. Similarly, you can create different pages of your website with the same layout. For this, you need to copy a layout and use it with different page names.

URL structure –

Migration feature – There is scope for migration.

7. Site123

site123Site123 is an easy-to-use website builder. Using this software, users can create one-page or multi-page websites. Creating these websites is easy due to a good choice of plugins of the software.

The users also get access to SSL and SEO settings. To begin using the platform, you need to sign up on site123. After the signing process, the users receive daily emails related to the software and its functioning.

Besides this, the platform also has a collection of pretty templates and themes. All such designing options are responsive.

Different designing options that help you to enhance the layouts of your web pages are as follows:
  • Layout width - The layout width helps the users to set the scale of their webpages.
  • Header opacity - Using the header opacity, the users can easily set the theme of their header.
  • Header size - Header size helps determine the header's importance as a feature in your web pages.
  • Header font style - A particular header font style describes the look of your header.
  • Menu link style
  • Menu font size
  • Header style
  • Header logo background-color
  • Background patterns library

Hence, the software consists of many features that can help you improve your website's look. You can change the header size, font color, and menu font size according to your preferences.

URL structure-

Migration feature- There is scope for migration.

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8. Webflow

WebflowWebflow is a website builder that is meant for designers, developers, or advanced users. These users can create a free and responsive website in their browser using this platform.

After this, they can host their website through world-class hosting. This complex tool provides a lot of customization options to the users. These options help the users to enhance the look of their web pages.

This is possible by employing different layouts of Webflow. The software has collection field and conditional visibility feature options that help to create layouts. Not only the layouts, but the users can also use the responsive designs of the software.

These designs help to preview and adjust layouts or create a new layout. All such features provide more flexibility in creating web pages. In the end, you can also immediately see your designs due to the visual editor of Webflow.

These web pages can be created by using raw materials. After this, the users need to organize their elements and create reusable symbols. The software also helps the users to design the website with real content. This is possible by working directly with E-Commerce products and CMS data.

URL structure –

Migration feature – There is no scope for migration because the platform has no migration tool.

9. IM Creator

IM CreatorIM Creator is a free website building platform with a simple and fast user interface. People with less knowledge in coding can create a website in minutes on IM Creator. This software consists of an industry-leading editor.

This editor helps the users to modify the appearance of their web pages according to their niche.  For this, the users can choose from different designs, layouts, and templates of the software.

The templates help to make the website visually impressive. This is because of the different animation effects, visuals, and layouts in the templates. Not just the templates, you can also use the free website building tools of IM creator. These tools will help you to add some more elements to your web pages.

The users can also use the SEO tools of IM creator. These tools help to increase the traffic and leads of the websites. Moreover, the content which you add to your website is responsive. This means it adjusts automatically to any device, be it a tablet, smartphone, or PC.

Thus, IM creator is one of the best free website building platforms. Be it a 1-page website or a 1000-page website, IM creator will help you make any website.

It also helps you to connect your custom domain and provides site hosting for free. The websites created on this software are hosted on amazon’s and Google’s free servers.


So, these are some of the free website building platforms. You can easily create websites of different pages using these builders. Your choice depends upon a variety of factors. These factors may include the designs, layouts, templates, migrating features, etc.

Sometimes, your choice may also be influenced by the type of site you are willing to create. Since all the platforms are free to use, you can always stop using any software. This means there is less risk when making your choice.

You can also check out our other article. This article helps you to create websites at very low rates.


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