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Writing is one of the best ways to earn extra income. It can even be considered as a side gig. People may pursue this side gig as their passion or hobby.

Some people may also indulge in writing as their full-time job. Writing jobs help people to earn a good income.

But people can make money by writing only if they have good and effective writing skills.

They should write articles without any grammatical errors and plagiarism. The grammatical errors or mistakes in the written content show the unprofessionalism of the writer.

So, people should be skilled in using various writing and editing software and tools. The software helps them to avoid grammatical errors while creating written content.

The best editing software is Grammarly. The writers can use this online platform to check their grammatical errors.

Besides checking the grammatical errors, Grammarly also checks your content for active and passive voice sentences. It helps you to maintain the readability of your written content.

Just like Grammarly, other software help to check the plagiarism of the written content. Some of these tools include Plagiarism Checker X, DupliChecker, etc.

All such tools help the writers to create professional and unique content. This content will help them to earn income in various ways.

Different people may pursue writing for a living due to many reasons. They may be in debt or may have quit their job. Some students may also pursue writing to earn extra revenue.

Writing for a living has many advantages. People who pursue this profession get flexible schedules. They can work anytime from anywhere.

The people may write from their workspaces or their homes. There are no strict schedules. Moreover, freelance writers can even choose their clients or the people with whom they want to work.

With all such advantages, you can turn your writing skills into cash. For this, you can choose any option to create written content. Writers get a plethora of options to earn income. Let us take a look at them.

Start Your Blog

A blog is a piece of writing that can help you to disseminate information. People usually start their blogs for various reasons such as providing information about a niche, publicizing brands or products, etc.

According to a study, 86% of companies create blogs to publicize their products or brand. These people can earn high incomes by creating articles or blogs.

Before starting your blog, you need to decide your niche. A niche is a particular topic around which your content revolves. It decides the success of your blogs.

But before deciding your niche, you should create a list. This list should contain various topics which you prefer to write about.

Then you should assess this list based on the demand-supply level. Researching the demand-supply level of a niche is very crucial.

There can be 2 outcomes that come from analyzing the demand-supply level of your niche.

In the first situation, the supply may be higher than the demand. In such a case, you should not choose a particular niche.

This is because since the supply is high and demand is low, you will not reap the benefit of the niche.

Whereas in the other case, the demand may be higher than the supply. You should definitely choose such a niche.

This is because you can create blogs on that niche to match up with the demand level.

After assessing the demand-supply level of a particular niche, you can select it. But after selecting this topic, there are other factors to consider.

First of all, it is difficult to write blogs for all the people out there in the market. In fact, writing for a broader target audience is also a daunting task. So, you should make sure to choose a specific niche.

Let us say, you choose to write up on the niche of dogs. But you can make your niche more specific by choosing a particular breed of dogs to write upon.

Some other topics that you may choose are Gaming, Social media, Travel and Tourism, Medicines and Healthcare, and Photography.

After choosing the niche, you need to choose a domain for your website. Your domain or website name is a crucial factor that helps to attract the audience towards your site.

You should choose a domain very carefully before because changing it later is a hectic process.

The domain should have the keywords relevant to your blogs. You should use try to use ‘.com’ in your domain.

Moreover, you should also make sure to maintain an optimum length of your domain. The usage of hyphens or double letters makes your domain difficult for the audience to understand.

So, always aim to create a simple and easy to remember domain.

After the domain, the bloggers need to choose to host their blogs. You can self host your blog on WordPress or choose other hosting services.

Some of the web hosting providers include A2 Hosting, Bluehost, Cloudways, Dreamhost, etc.

Once you decide on the right hosting services for your website, you can choose the theme. The theme should always align with the niche of your website.

It will help to attract your target audience to your blogs. Once the theme is decided, you can choose the relevant topics and their keywords to write upon.

In the end, there is always scope for improvisation. Improvisation will help you to change your techniques according to the dynamic trends of the environment.

Guest Blogging

BloggingGuest blogging refers to creating content or articles for the blogs of other people. You can indulge in guest blogging to make money.

This means you can create content for the blogs of other people using the guest blog.

For this, you should surf the web for different sites that help in the guest blogging. After searching for the particular site, you can read the blog and content of it.

This will help you to know the writing style of the particular site. Knowing the particular writing style is crucial to make your pitch for creating written content for that blog.

This written content will help you to earn income. You can receive income on various bases. Some websites may pay you based on the traffic which your blogs help to generate.

Whereas, others may pay you based on your written content or number of words.

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Magazine Journalism

As the name suggests, magazine journalism aims at creating content for different magazines. The magazine journalists write articles and blogs for different magazines.

You do not need to be a professional writer to become a magazine journalist. All you have to do is to share your information and viewpoints in your articles.

Magazine journalists can write on various topics. You can also choose to share your views on your hobbies or interests.

Writing Competitions

With a flair in writing skills, you can also participate in various writing competitions. In this era of digitalization, various online writing competitions are also being held.

You can participate in these competitions on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Besides social media, various websites also hold different writing competitions. These competitions may require you to write short stories, articles, poems, or other written content.

They help you to earn cash prices. Apart from the monetary benefits, the participants can also improve their writing skills.

But you need to complete various formalities to participate in such competitions. Some competitions may also require you to give an entry fee.

You can consider this entry fee as an investment that can help you to earn future income and improve your skills.

Publish Your Own Book

Write a BookAs a writer, you can also write and self publish a book. Who knows, perhaps you could be the next JK Rowling! Writing a book requires you to mix your effective writing skills and creative skills.

Moreover, you should write your book while keeping in mind the intended target audience.

After creating the book, you can self publish it on Amazon. But only publishing the book is not enough. After publishing the book, you should market it.

This requires you to know effective marketing and commercial skills and techniques. You can use digital platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. to market your book.

Making use of your networks will also help you to increase the sale of your book.

Fillers and Snippets

Some publications offer cash prizes to the writers who create fillers and snippets. These writers may create content for different fillers like recipes, tips, jokes, and other snippets.

But other publications may not offer cash prizes for fillers and snippets. They may provide writers with other gifts or benefits.

Feed Content-Hungry Businesses

You can feed the content-hungry businesses by meeting their demand for content writing. Writers can do this by becoming a freelancer or pursuing an internship.

This internship or freelancing job helps the writer to earn income and improve his or her skills. But working with such businesses requires the writers to pay heed to various features.

For this, they should create content for a specific audience. This requires the writers to have an understanding of the niche.

Secondly, the writers need to have a writing portfolio. This portfolio helps them to get selected for different jobs or internships.

The portfolio should describe the skills of the writers effectively. These skills can include written communication skills, marketing skills, editing skills, SEO skills, etc.

These skills decide the type of job or internship which the writers get. Different freelancers and writers can earn income based on their job and content.

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Become a Copywriter

A copywriter is a writer that creates content that exhibits the identity of a particular brand. This content may relate to both online and offline writings.

The content written by a copywriter may be meant for clients, customers, or even the staff of the company. No matter for whom the content is meant, it exhibits the identity of a brand or company.

Copywriting can be of different types based on the target audience. For example, there is business to consumer copywriting and business to business copywriting.

Business to consumer copywriting or B2C is when a copywriter creates content for the consumers.

On the other hand, business to business copywriting or B2B is when the copywriter makes content for other businesses.

All types of copywriting can help the writer to make money. The average income which a copywriter can get is $63,200.

Use a Job Board

A job board acts as a digital platform between the writers and content marketers. Different content marketers and business owners post writing jobs on this platform.

The writers can apply for these jobs and get selected based on their writing skills. For this, you need to have an impressive writing portfolio.

A job board posts writing jobs for different types of writers. These writers may include graduates, students, or inexperienced people as well.

You can choose any job according to your skills and preferences. Different jobs have different salaries for writers. Generally, the income ranges from $40 to $50 per hour.

Connect with Past Clients

This earning option is suitable for people who have pursued writing before in their career. They can take advantage of their experience.

All they need to do is to connect with their past clients. The past clients may have some demand for written content which these writers can fulfill.

Work Under Other Freelance Writers

freelance writingYou can even work under other freelance writers. These freelance writers may hire you for subcontracts. They may even help you to get different jobs related to your writing niche.

Working under other freelance writers also helps you to improve your skills. You may even help the freelancer with your creative ideas and suggestions.

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Offer Writing Courses

You can also make use of your writing skills and talent by offering courses. These courses can be offered to freelance writers.

These writers are the people who are starting their careers in the freelancing industry. You can mention various tips and the procedure to become a freelance writer in these writing courses.

Various writers can start their writing pages on social media. These social media can include Instagram or Facebook.

The writers can promote sponsored content on social media. They can even place affiliate links in their content. These affiliate links help the writers to earn income in the form of a commission.

Review Films, Products, Music, Etc.

Writers can even earn income by reviewing different topics. These topics can include various movies, products, music, gadgets, digital platforms, etc.

The writers can review different products or movies on several websites. These reward websites help writers to earn income.

One of the best examples of such a website is slicethepie. By signing up on this platform, the writers can give short reviews. These reviews belong to several songs or fashion items.

The writers can even register on this platform to become a product tester. By reviewing different products, the writers can get income.

They may even be allowed to keep their respective items or sell them to earn a higher income.

Write Translations

You can use your effective language skills to write translations. This will help you to earn income. Translating requires you to write content in a particular language.

Many businesses will pay you for translating text for them. But some languages will help you to earn higher incomes as compared to other languages.

You can always go through various websites like Fiverr. This will help you to estimate the earnings of different translators.

These translators get income based on the language in which they translate the text.

Work as A Technical Writer

Technical writing is one of the best options to earn income through writing. But it is kind of a long-term career rather than a quick way to earn income.

A technical writer creates content based on the company or the industry in which they are working. They are generally required to explain complex or technical information in simple words.

Besides writing simple information, technical writers are also required to create instruction manuals. For this, they have to conduct extensive research and explain different processes of a topic.

They explain the topics in a way that is easy for the target audience to understand.

Hence, becoming a content writer requires you to have experience in a particular field or niche. This experience will help you to earn high revenues as a technical writer.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of a technical writer is around $60,236. All you need is well-written communication and researching skills to earn this amount.

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Work as A Ghostwriter

GhostwriterMany people have great writing skills, but these people do not want to accept public attention for writing articles or content.

In such a case, these people can work as a ghostwriter to earn income through their written content.

The ghostwriter helps other people to create written content. This content can include books, articles, guides, speeches, etc.

But the ghostwriters do not get the credit for their written content publicly. Hence, the salary of a ghostwriter depends on the industry or company for which they write.

Ghostwriters can receive comparatively higher incomes for high profile projects. But they require experience in the field to complete such projects.


So, you can choose any of the above writing options to earn income. This is the right time to pursue your profession as a writer.

You can easily create content from the comfort of your homes and earn income as a writer. Writers enjoy full flexibility of schedules. They also have the power to choose the clients for which they work.

You can also pursue writing as a side gig. It will help you to earn extra income to pay your debts or loans. Similarly, various students can also write content to earn income for their education fees.


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