Top 25 Best Photo Editing Software: Features, Prices, and More!

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Smartphones and different social media applications are regularly used in this era of digitalization. These smartphones and social media apps help people to exchange content and information. This information may be in the form of pictures or different visuals. The visuals or pictures which the people share should be of high quality.

This shows the importance of real photographers. These photographers know the value of editing the raw pictures to make them of top-notch quality. The pictures clicked by a camera are like an unprocessed film. These pictures need to be edited.

Editing the pictures helps to correct several elements of the photographs. These elements may include exposure, highlights, focus, noise reduction, etc.

Editing can be performed on pictures using different photo editors. Hence, the basic editing process of pictures has become common in this technological world.

You are likely to leave a vague impression on your target audience by sharing your raw photos. This target audience will then move onto your competitors who are posting high-quality content and pictures.

So you can integrate professionalism in your pictures and personal brand by using different photo editing software. The web has several professional photo editing software available. One of the best software which leads the list of photo editing software is Photoshop.

Photoshop has several features and a variety of tools that help to edit the pictures. But at the same time, the software also has certain disadvantages. Disadvantages are the no features available for cataloging your library or using creative ideas in your field.

Due to the disadvantages of this software, competitors have created better tools. You can even use simple and easy-to-use photo editing software like Canva. So the digital market is vast and has different options for photo editing software. It depends on you which photo editing software you want to use.

But what is the importance of editing your pictures? Let us have a look at the answer to this question.

Why Is Editing Your Raw Pictures Important?

The job of a photographer is not only to create pictures. He or she also requires to edit them. Hence, editing is a significant part of the job of a photographer. Editing can help you to create perfect pictures. This is because the editing features tend to adjust a picture like the white balance, color, exposure, tilt, zoom, etc.

Besides modifying the metrics, editing also helps you to maintain the size of your images. This means you can easily reduce the size of your pictures by editing them.

Reducing the pictures’ size is crucial for photographers who need to post these pictures on different online platforms. Smaller-sized images can improve the loading time of your website or social media account.

When the loading time is short, a greater audience will visit your website and sight your content and pictures. This will, in turn, help you to improve your ranking on the search engine pages.

Not only this, but smaller-sized images with good quality are easy and quick to post as well. So editing is the solution to several problems for the photographer.

How to Choose a Photo Editing Software?

Before using any photo editing software, you should make sure that it has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. An easy-to-use interface can help you to learn how to use the software easily. This will save your time on photo editing and will help you to post your content regularly.

Before choosing any photo editing software, you should make sure to know its different elements. These elements can include the functionality, ease of usage, and opportunities for expansion of the software.

You can answer the following questions while choosing any photo editor:

  • How intuitive is the interface of the software you want to work upon?
  • Does the software has an easy-to-use interface?
  • Do you require any formal training or prior practice to use the software?
  • Does the software has all the essential elements required in photo editors.
  • Does the software has additional plugins or presets that can help to expand its functionalities?
  • Does the software offers enough expansion opportunities or not?

So here is a list of different photo editing software. This list even explains the key elements and pricing features of the software.

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe LightroomAdobe Lightroom is one of the best photo editing tools available on the web. Its name is famous enough, and hence, the software does not need any introduction in the industry of photo editing.

Adobe owns this tool. It has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for the users. The easy-to-use interface makes the software capable of editing the images for the photographers without any hassle.

The platform has an easy workspace that allows users to focus clearly on their image. You can get an image library on the left-hand panel of the screen.

This helps you to edit your photos while working on them efficiently. On the right-hand panel, there is a drop-down menu list. This list will help you make adjustments to your photos, such as adding keywords to your pictures.

The other elements of photo editing are located on the horizontal tab of Lightroom. This tab is located on the top of the workspace.

Besides the horizontal tab, you can also get access to advanced photo editing features of the ‘Develop Module’ platform. The ‘Develop Module’ can help you modify your picture with various editing features like effects, lens correction, basic adjustments, etc.

The left-hand panel of the ‘Develop Module’ provides you with a history of your edited pictures. You can easily find out your edited images from this history and modify them. Since a single panel consists of different editing tools, Lightroom is easy to use.

Besides the intuitive interface, Adobe Lightroom also has several other features that help it stand out from the rest of the photo editing software. Some applaudable features include the customizable sliders and blurring and fixing tools of the platform.

Key elements of Adobe Lightroom are as follows:
  • You can use this platform on multiple devices due to its support and sync features.
  • The software also has different gradient and brush adjustment features.
  • Adobe Lightroom provides you with the feature of face detection. This feature helps you to organize the pictures easily.
  • It has many professional filters and presets.

With all such features, you can use Adobe Lightroom to edit your photos.

This software is not just a photo editor. It helps you to organize your pictures too. You can easily store your images according to their ranks. Since Adobe Lightroom is an organizer, you do not need to use an external organizing program. You can edit the photos based on their priority by rating them different stars.

With all such features, you can use this easy-to-navigate platform by signing up for its different plans. You may purchase Adobe Lightroom as a single application, or you may also avail of its features as part of Adobe’s package.

The best attribute of the payment feature of Adobe Lightroom is that it helps you to access the software on your mobile or desktop through a single plan. You can avail of the annual subscription of the Basic plan of Adobe Lightroom for $119.88. This plan’s price rises if the cloud storage is up to 1 terabyte and is $239.

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2. ON1 Photo RAW

ON1 Photo RAWPhoto RAW is a popular photo editing software. This platform helps photographers to create their professional images without spending much time on the editing process. This is because Photo RAW is an editing software along with organizing facilities.

The software also has a dual-mode. This mode helps the users to edit pictures and browse them simultaneously. Photo RAW has the facility of connecting the Apple photos. This feature allows the users to create beautiful images.

Once you have edited your picture, you can find it in the edit history feature. Not only the edited picture, but you can also know the steps taken earlier to transform the raw picture into a professionally edited image.

ON1 Photo RAW works as a standalone program along with plug-in software. This means Photo RAW is a complete software that has its browsing and organizing features. At the same time, it can also be used as a plugin along with Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. So, to use the software, you can download it on any device.

With some advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. Online sharing capacity is not present on this software in Windows.

Moreover, some of the elements of the software are very slow to use. Photo RAW also does not has the Geotagging or face feature. But, these disadvantages are always covered by the advantages. So you can purchase this photo editing software by subscribing to its different plans.

The new customers can get this photo editing software for $79.99. In contrast, the customers who have already used any product of ON1 can get this platform for $63.99.

But before opting for any of the paid plans, you can always try out the 14-day free trial version of Photo RAW. This free version will help you to check whether the elements of this editing software meet your preferences and requirements or not.

3. Adobe Photoshop

Adobe PhotoshopAdobe Photoshop is the best photo editing software in the world. This photo editing tool is used by several designers, artists, and illustrators all over the world.

The different features of Adobe Photoshop, like the masking layering and the retouching tools, help the users to create their edited images. These features are taken as a standard to compare the elements of other photo editing software.

Photoshop is not a standalone platform. Instead, you can use this software along with Adobe Lightroom, which serves as an additional feature. Both of the applications are complementary to each other. They help the users to create their edited pictures and organize them.

Adobe Photoshop is primarily aimed at editing the pictures through complex layers-based editing. At the same time, Adobe Lightroom can help you enhance your pictures’ look further and organize them.

As mentioned above, Adobe Photoshop is the best photo editing software in the world. But the interface of Adobe Photoshop is not easy to navigate. It has a hard-to-use interface that requires the users to learn how to use the software.

But once you learn the features and other software elements, you will know that your patience was worth waiting for. The major reason behind the difficult-to-navigate interface of Adobe Photoshop is its several features and elements.

But to help you use the different tools and features of the software, Photoshop has different preset workspaces. You can find the workspaces of Photoshop in the menu bar of the screen. Here, you will even receive additional preset options like graphics, editing, etc.

The workspace presets are aimed at teaching users how to use the tools for editing. For example, you may choose the 3D workspace. This workspace will help you to know the 3D panel and the 3D material Dropper of Photoshop.

Once you are aware of the technicalities of the software, you can easily create your customized workspace. A customized workspace is a space that only has your favorite tools and elements. These are the tools and elements that help you edit your pictures and hasten the process of editing.

Besides the workspace, Photoshop also has several other built-in features. These features include multilayer editing, filters, brushes, and 3D design functionalities. Adobe Photoshop also has advanced color editing tools and other retouching and touchup features.

Some of the features of this software are not present in any photo editing software. So Photoshop can be a perfect photo editor for your pictures or graphic design projects. You can even increase the functionality of this software by using its additional filters.

This is possible through the option of importing different presets in this platform. Besides importing the presets, you can even import your brushes to edit your pictures according to your preferences. The ‘timeline Window’ option of this software can help you create GIFs and short animations.

The photographers can get access to all such features by paying for Adobe Photoshop. You can get the software under the Adobe Photography Plan. Under this plan, Adobe Photoshop is paired with Adobe Lightroom. These two robust photo editors are available for a monthly plan of $9.99 per month.

4. Skylum Luminar

Skylum LuminarSkylum Luminar is yet another photo editing software with some of the best filters and HDR for photographers. This application is one of the best alternatives to  Adobe Lightroom. It helps you to make your photos beautiful by editing them in even no time.

The latest version of Skylum Luminar is known as Luminar 4. This version has features that represent a mix of the elements of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom.

Skylum Luminar has some of the best photo editing features. These features have fast editing controls that help you to edit your pictures quickly. The platform also has adjustment masks along with clever shortcuts. These shortcuts can help you to manage your pictures automatically.

You can even use the folders which are updated automatically in the software. These folders are updated with the content of the hard disc. Not only this, but you can also view your images in the single Image View option, film strip, or the Gallery view option.

Skylum Luminar integrates the facilities of AI. It has an AI-powered Sky Enhancer and AI and Sun Rays. With all such benefits, you can use Skylum Luminar by opting for its paid plans. This software has a one-time payment plan. The cost of this plan is $70.00.

The benefit of this plan is that it has a 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you think that the software features are not up to your mark, you can refund your payment.

5. Corel PaintShop Pro

Corel PaintShop ProCorel PaintShop Pro is a photo editing software with an easy-to-use interface and an effective approach. This software has all the basic features that can help you to edit your images professionally. Though these features are not advanced, they can help you in your editing process.

Once you pay a one-time fee for using the software, you can get access to several features. These features include brushes, backgrounds, filters, textures, etc. When the app is updated, you receive additional elements as well.

The recent version of Corel PaintShop Pro provides a new photography workspace. This workspace is designed for photographers and helps them to streamline their editing process. This is because it consists of the best photo editing features in an easy-to-use interface.

You can easily use these editing features with a single click.

Other essential features of Corel PaintShop Pro are as follows:
  • Coral PaintShop Pro can help you to edit your pictures with 360-degree image editing features.
  • This software also has pre-made graphic templates. The designers can use these templates and start working on them by modifying them.
  • Among other features, the software also has a library of different colors, palettes, gradients, and picture tubes.
  • The easy-to-use and intuitive interface make this software suitable for beginners in the industry.

With all such features, you can use this platform to edit your pictures. Corel PaintShop Pro is only available on Windows. You cannot use it on Mac.

To get access to the features, you need to opt for the different paid versions of the platforms. Coral PaintShop Pro has two different paid plans. The first paid plan is the PaintShop Pro 2021 version. This version costs $63.99.

The second paid version is the PaintShop Pro 2021 Ultimate version. The cost of this plan is $79.99. You can acquire these plans for a one-time purchase.

One of the best features of the payment policy of Corel PaintShop Pro is its 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can even get your money back if you are unsatisfied with the platform’s photo editing elements.


GIMPGIMP is an open-source and free photo editing software. The name of this software, GIMP, stands for GNU Image Manipulation program. This platform is considered one of the best free software for photo editing available on the web. It includes several features that range from basic photo editing tools to advanced photo editing tools.

These tools can help you to transform your raw images into professional images. The developers of the software can even edit or modify its source code. Modifying the source code means that you are creating an updated version of the software. Hence, the developers tend to release updated versions of the software frequently.

The updates provide users with new image editing options. These editing features are beneficial for both beginners and professionals in the industry. The beginners can use several tools like cropping, color adjustment, tilt, automatic image editing, etc.

Similarly, this software also has many elements for advanced users. These advanced users can use the options of layer masks, face swap, GIFs, resizing the content, customizable brushes, curves, etc. Not only this, but GIMP also has a customizable interface.

There are various plugins that you can add to the software at no extra charge. Hence, all such features make this platform a good alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

To get access to all the image editing features of GIMP, you can download this software. The application is downloaded only on desktops, like Linux, OS, Windows, etc. To provide more flexibility to the users, the software can also be downloaded as a portable version.

You can add this version to your USB cables and transfer it to the desktops. No costs are required to get access to the features of this platform. It is completely free to use.

7. DxO Photolab

DxO PhotolabDxO Photolab Is a robust photo editing software. It helps photographers to transform their raw images into professionally edited JPG file formats very easily. The photographers can use this photo editing software on both Windows operating systems and Mac.

Over time, DxO Photolab has become one of the best competitors in the industry of photo editing. This is due to its famous editing tools that help photographers to edit their pictures.

One of the best features of the DxO Photolab is its customizable interface options. This customizable interface provides various options to the users, like color protection, presets, and export facilities.  All such options help the users to edit their images in a single place easily.

Besides the customizable interface, DxO Photolab also has several lens correction features. These tools help to meet the requirements of the photographers.

The lens correction features include the manual and automatic mode of the software, local adjustment technology, and several optical correction features.

This photo editing software also has a photo library. The photo library has a search tool that can help you to search your images. But a disadvantage of the software is that it does not support Fujifilm X Trans files. Moreover, you need to pay additionally to get access to some of the tools of the features.

So, you can opt for the paid-up plans of the DxO Photolab to start using all its editing elements. The DxO Photolab has two paid-up plans. The first plan is the Essential plan costing $129. The 2nd paid-up plan is the Elite plan costing $199.

But before paying to get any of the plans, you can opt for the free day trial of the software. This trial will help you to know whether the graphics and editing features are up to the mark with your requirements or not.

8. Canva

CanvaCanva is yet another photo editing application with a simplistic user interface. The easy-to-use interface of the software makes it possible for photographers to edit their images easily. These photographers can even edit the pictures without having any technical knowledge in the field.

The drag and drop editor of Canva helps to streamline the editing process for the photographers. They can add layers to their raw pictures through the drag and drop editor. This editor also allows the users to add fonts and other filters to their raw images.

Hence, you can use several graphics to edit your pictures and publish them on different social media accounts or your website using canvas.

Due to all such features, different professionals use Canva to edit their images. They may edit the raw pictures for their social media accounts, websites, brochures, marketing process, etc. You can even download the mobile version of Canva to edit your pictures.

To help in the editing process, the software has more than 8000 icons and templates. These templates, pictures, and cards can help you to create visual content. You can use the image straightening and cropping option to edit your picture. This software also has the facility of a Speech Bubble Maker.

To use all such features, you need to work online on any desktop. Once you use the software, you get access to the library of different platform designs and images. You can even store your edited pictures in the cloud on this platform.

To edit your images using Canva, you need to subscribe to its paid plans. The Canva Pro plan costs $12.95 per month. The next plan is the Canva Enterprise plan. Teams with more than 20 members can use this plan to edit their pictures.

9. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate

ACDSee Photo Studio UltimateACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate is a newer photo editing software in the industry. Hence, it is not used by many professionals. But the software has an easy-to-use interface and is an all-in-one solution for editing.

It is an all-in-one solution due to its robust editing features. The editing platform helps you to edit your images from your drive directly. This means you do not need to import the files. Secondly, the software also has a facial recognition feature. This feature can help you to organize your edited images easily.

You can edit your images with blending layers and other editing options of this platform. The parametric color option can also help you to adjust the color variations of your images. To use the software, you get the facility of the one-time purchase price as well.

The users can even use the mobile sync option of the software for editing. This option can help you to send your images from your mobile device to the platform. The mobile sync option also has a record of all the photos you sent to this software.

This helps you easily know which images you need to transport to the software and which files you have already transported.

Just like other image editing software, you need to pay the price to start using this platform. ACDSee Photo Studio Ultimate has two paid plans- a subscription plan and a lifetime license plan. The subscription plan provides the user access to four ACDSee products.

Up to five users can use these products. The price of this plan is $8.9 per month or $89.00 per year. This plan also provides 50GB of storage to the users. The next plan is the Lifetime license plan that costs $79.95. This plan is applicable for a year and provides technical support and updates to the users.

10. Snappa

SnappaSnappa is an ideal image editing software for all professionals who want to edit their images for different purposes. These purposes can include posting images on social media platforms, websites, or for other marketing purposes.

Snappa also helps photographers with its collaboration facilities. These collaboration facilities make it easy for professionals to complete a project faster along with their team members. The professionals can easily edit their images on Snappa due to its easy-to-use interface.

Besides the interface, Snappa also has  Cloud-based facilities available for the users. With all such advantages, the users can easily add effects and edit their images on this editing platform. To help the photographers in their editing process, the platform has editing tools and capabilities.

You can easily edit pictures on this software using the drag and drop editor. The platform also has image dimension templates. These templates can help you to edit your pictures for specific purposes quickly. Such purposes may include posting pictures on your blog, website, social media, or other online accounts.

The custom fonts of this software provide you with more options in the editing process. You can even make use of thousands of stock photos. These pictures are available for free for the users of the software.

Not only this, but you can also easily share your professionally edited images on your social media directly from this platform. Hence, all these facilities help to streamline the editing process of the photographers.

With some advantages, the software also has certain disadvantages. It does not provide an autosave option to the photographers. Hence, there is a possibility that the pictures of the photographers may not get saved in case of difficult circumstances.

Moreover, there is no undo option while editing the pictures. And this makes it difficult for photographers to revert their changes if needed. In the end, the font search feature of the software is also not quite worthy. This is because this feature only searches for the font by its first letter.

If the editing capabilities of Snappa intrigue you, then you can opt for its different plans. Snappa has a free plan along with two paid plans.

The free plan allows users to make a maximum of 3 downloads per month. It provides a limited stock of HD photos and graphics to the users. Besides the limited stock, there are more than 6000 templates under the free plan.

The first paid-up plan of Snappa is the pro plan costing $10 per month. This subscription applies to a single user. Under this plan, the users get access to more than 6000 templates and more than 5,000,000 HD photos and graphics. The photographers also get the facility to make unlimited downloads per month.

The last paid-up plan of Snappa is the team plan costing $20 per month. This plan allows a maximum of five users to edit their images from a single account.

It also provides these users with more than 6000 templates and more than 5,000,000 HD pictures and graphics. Under this plan, the users can make unlimited downloads per month.

11. PicMonkey

PicMonkeyPicMonkey is one of the best photo editing platforms for beginners in the industry. It has a plethora of photo editing tools that help users to improve their editing skills. These tools can include collages, cropping features, highlights, saturation, touchup, etc.

It is effortless to use the editing features of PicMonkey. This is because of its easy-to-use interface. The user-friendly interface makes the platform suitable for professionals who do not want to edit their images using other software’s complex features.

These professionals can simply perform basic and professional editing by using the beginner-friendly editing tools of PicMonkey.

The easy-to-use tools and features that help to streamline the editing process of the photographers are as follows:
  • PicMonkey has a wide variety of templates. The photographers can use these templates according to their requirements.
  • The platform also provides basic filters and collage effects to the users.
  • The users can edit their images on the black canvas design of the software.
  • The collaboration features help these users to work in teams to complete their graphic projects.
  • The users can even adjust or automate the size of their pictures for social media accounts.
  • The software is constantly updated to add new editing features and tools for the users.
  • You can also edit your images on PicMonkey by downloading its smartphone application. The smartphone app of this software is workable on both Android and iPhone.
  • Several graphic design and touchup tools can help you to edit images for online publishing.

You can test all the editing features of PicMonkey by opting for its seven-day free trial. The free trial will help you to know whether the editing features of PicMonkey match your preferences or not. If you are satisfied with its editing features, you can pay for this software’s paid-up plans.

The first paid-up plan is the Basic plan costing $7.99 per month. The next paid-up plan is the Pro plan. You can get the Pro plan for $12.99 per month. The highest paid-up plan of PicMonkey is the Team plan costing $33.99 per month.

12. Fotor

FotorFotor is a famous photo editing software with more than 450,000,000 users. These users generally include beginners who want to edit images for their personal use.  Fotor has two types of editing versions. The first version is an online photo editing software.

Whereas the second version is the free desktop version of this platform. The best feature of the free version of Fotor is the RAW photo conversion feature.

This feature helps you to combine images in layers in your RAW files. Moreover, Fotor also helps you in your editing process with its scalable editing features.

You can even save your incomplete edited pictures for future editing on this platform. This helps you to perform further editing at a later time. Fotor is cloud-based software, and hence, you can upload your images on this website. Once you upload the pictures, you can edit and save them.

Fotor helps to enhance the look of your raw images instantly. This is possible due to the image enhancing and editing tools of the software. The easy-to-use interface of Fotor makes the application suitable for beginners to edit their pictures.

Besides these features, Fotor also has other advanced editing elements.

The advanced editing elements on Fotor are:
  • You can enhance your images' quality by choosing the different modes like Landscape, Portrait, Theatre, and Sunset.
  • The HD effects, retouching, filters, and touch-up options also help you easily edit your images.
  • This software has more than hundreds of shapes, stickers, and fonts. The photographers can use these elements according to their requirements.
  • The users can also choose from several design templates of the software.
  • Fotor helps its users to add borders and frames to their images.
  • You can even create collages on this software in very little time due to its Photo Collage tool.
  • The improved version of Fotor also provides the feature of the Tilt-Shift algorithm.
  • Another advantage of using Fotor is that the free version of this software will not annoy you with the advertisements.

So if you think you are impressed by the above features of Fotor, you can subscribe to its paid plans. The paid version of the software costs $39.99 if it is billed annually. But the price of the software is $8.99 per month if you bill it monthly.

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13. Paint.NET

Paint.NETPaint.NET was initially created as an alternative to Microsoft Paint. It was founded by a student who was studying at Washington State University. Since then, the platform has been transformed into free photo editing software. With its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Paint.NET is best for beginners.

The beginners or the inexperienced users who do not know how to operate this software can easily edit their pictures. This is because the interface supports different hotkeys functions. Due to the simplistic interface, the users can even use Paint.NET on slow devices.

These users can make use of a plethora of editing tools of the software. The tools and features include unlimited undo options, brightness, contrast, highlights, saturation, hue, layers, gradients levels, curves, etc.

Moreover, the developers of the software also create new plugins for the platform. These plugins help the users to get new and advanced features. One such advanced feature is the 3D zoom and the rotate tool that helps in editing the image. You can also get access to your full history on this software.

With all such advantages, you can use Paint.NET on your desktop only. This means this software is available only for Windows. There are two versions of Paint.NET. One of these versions is a free version, whereas the other is a paid one.

The free version is known as the Classic version. You can download this version at no cost from the website of the software. But the paid version is the Store version. You need to download this version from the Microsoft Windows Store. The price of this version is $6.99.

14. inPixio

inPixioinPixio is a great photo editing platform for users who want to edit their images quickly. These users can professionally edit images on inPixio and share them online. With a user-friendly interface, inPixio helps photographers who have limited photo editing skills.

The different features that help the users in editing include creative frames, borders, filters, effects, textures, blur, tone sliders, preset creation, templates, etc. One of this platform’s best elements is that it helps users edit images and share them on social media through a single click option.

To get access to all such features, the users can opt for the different plans of inPixio. The free plan of this photo editing software is available only for Windows and iOS mobile users. But the users with Mac computers can even opt for the premium version of the platform.

The Premium version or the Pro version of inPixio is known as in inPixio Photo Studio 10. This version offers a mix of different manuals as well as advanced editing features to the users. The professional or advanced features include an advanced photomontage facility and photo restoring options. The cost of the paid or premium version of the software is $19.99.

But with the many advantages come some disadvantages as well. One of the major disadvantages of the free version of inPixio is the presence of watermarks. Moreover, this version also has limited manual editing features. The software is not fully available on OS X.

15. Pixlr E

Pixlr EPixlr E is another professional-level photo editing software. It has some of the best editing features that can help you to create professionally edited images. One of Pixlr E’s best features is that you can add images on this platform from your device, any link, or directly from your social media accounts.

This makes Pixlr E an ideal application for non-photographers. The non-photographers can easily edit their images on this platform and upload them on their social media accounts.

The interface of Pixlr E is quite similar to Adobe Photoshop. Hence, the users may use it as an alternative for Photoshop Express. The popularity of this image editing software is due to its professional editing features.

The features of other similar photo editing software cannot match these professional editing features.

Some of the best editing elements of Pixlr E include automatic enhancement features, exposure, customizable brushes, color palettes, masks, layers, levels, etc. Moreover, the software allows its users to surf through more than a hundred free stock images.

Not only this, but you can also use the mobile version of Pixlr E. The mobile application of this software is available for Android and iOS. Another version of this photo editor is available online. The name of this version is Pixler X, which is explained below.

But some disadvantages of the software include the advertisements and lack of batch editing facility. The software also provides some of the premium features in exchange for a price. The premium or the paid version of this platform costs $4.99 per month.

16. Pixlr X

Pixlr XAs mentioned above, Pixlr X is yet another version of Pixlr E, which is available online.  Pixlr E is an online photo editor for professionals. On the other hand, Pixlr X is a photo editing software meant for beginners. This software helps beginners to perform quick online edits easily.

The editing process of the photographers is streamlined due to the professional editing features of the software. These features generally focus on one-click performance for basic editing purposes.

Other features of this platform include crop and resize, touch up, saturation, color palette, adjusting the white balance, hue, adjusting the light in your photography, etc.

The red-eye removal feature of the software will also help you perform portrait photography in your raw or unedited images. But the users who want to perform photography with advanced features should use Pixlr E.

This online photo editing software is available on a desktop. The premium version of Pixlr X starts at $4.99 per month.

17. BeFunky

BeFunkyBeFunky is yet another image editing software that helps users to enhance their images online. This application is ideal for all levels of people working in the image editing industry. Hence, you can work on this platform, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional in the image editing field.

BeFunky has an easy-to-use and uncluttered interface. This means you can easily navigate the software and find the right editing tools to perform your editing process. An easy-to-use interface also helps you to have a glance at your image editing history.

The users can undo or redo their editing changes if they want to. Once you have put on certain effects on the image, you can see them in real-time.

The appearance or the program of BeFunky is quite similar to Fotor. Like Fotor, it also has 3 sections named collage maker, graphic designer, and photo editor.

But BeFunky stands at an advantage from Fotor. This is because of its numerable templates, features, and designs. Unfortunately, some of the designs and templates are available only in the premium version of the software.

The photo editor of this platform has many tools. These tools include the features related to basic editing or portrait touch up as well. Basic editing features include highlights, contrast, exposure, hue, saturation, etc. Portrait touch-up features can include textures, effects, creative overlays, etc.

Besides the photo editor section, the collage and graphic design sections also provide several other features. These features include a huge list of customizable templates. The users can choose these templates as the base and modify them according to their requirements.

Hence, all three sections of BeFunky are available on its mobile application. You can get the features of these sections for free or under the premium plan also. Before opting for the premium subscription, you can try out these features prior only.

Besides these three sections, BeFunky also has drag-and-drop composition features. You can even get access to stock images on this software.

But a major disadvantage of this software is that it displays advertisements. Moreover, most of the useful templates of the software require premium subscriptions by the users.

The advantage is that you can use this platform on your mobile like Android, iOS, or even on the web. The paid version of BeFunky initiates from $4.99 per month.

18. Photo Pos Pro

Photos Pos ProThe developers of Photo Pos Pro created this software, keeping in mind the requirements of both beginners and professionals in the industry. It is due to this reason that their software has two types of interfaces. The users can pick any one of the interfaces according to their requirements.

One of the interfaces of this platform is the novice interface. In this interface, the layout of the software is decluttered.

This layout helps the users to edit their images with the help of automatic edits. The major image editing features in the novice interface include effects and filters. The users can choose any filter or effect according to their requirements.

The other interface of Photo Pos Pro is the advanced layout. This interface includes a plethora of sophisticated editing tools and features.

These features can help you to perform manual edits. Some of this interface’s editing features include brushes, actions, textures, layers, gradients, raw conversion, masks, etc.

One of the advantages of this interface is that it helps you to save your post-processing time. This is because you can easily edit your images in image batches.

If you think that any of this platform’s interfaces are suitable for you, you can opt for its different plans. But before paying the price for the plans, you can test the software using its free trial. This free trial is applicable for 21 days. The trial will help you to know the features of the software in detail.

But the major disadvantage of this software is that you can access it only on your Windows or desktop. Moreover, the export resolution is also limited to 1024 into 2014 pixels.

Despite the disadvantages, you can use Photo Pos Pro to edit your images. This is because the advantages of the software are enough to conceal the disadvantages. The price of the premium license for this platform is $29.90.

19. Stencil

StencilStencil is a graphic designing software that helps users edit their images for their websites and social media accounts. This user-friendly software is best for beginners. These beginners are the people who generally do not have the required graphic designing skills.

Even without any technical knowledge in the field, these users can edit their images on Stencil. The users generally include small business owners, bloggers, or social media marketers.

Using Stencil, photographers can easily edit images for different purposes. They can create their posts, profile pictures, headers, advertisement banners, etc., from this software. This is because of several different features of Stencil.

Stencil can help you to edit your images due to its instant image resizing. It also provides the facility to store and upload several logos. The users can also use the add ons of the software, which is meant for different search engines like Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Besides editing images, the software helps the users identify the areas in their images to integrate the content. Once you have edited your pictures, you can share them directly from this software to different social media platforms. Your edited images will appear on the dashboard of the platform.

Not only this, but the users can also keep their favorite icons and edited images in a separate column. They can quickly access their favorite images through the quick access feature of the software.

The advantages of this image editing application do not stop here. Stencil has more than 5,000,000 stock images in high resolution. You can edit these images on your stencil dashboard. You can also create banners, quotes, and other pictures using more than 1250 templates of the software.

Stencil also has more than 3400 Google fonts. You can even use custom fonts that can help you to customize your images according to your preferences.

Different business owners and marketers can make use of more than 3,100,000 icons of the software. They can also use more than 140 custom presets to edit their images according to their requirements. The feature of custom size is quite spectacular.

It helps you to design your images and customize their size. Once you have adjusted the final measurements of your picture, you can preview the final edited image.

Besides the sizing features, Stencil also has several filters that can help you to beautify your images. You can download these filters in high resolution. Not only this, but stencil also provides the users with the facility of sharing their designs in the form of a link on a different medium.

Once you are done with the beautification and sizing, you can share your images on different social media platforms. These social media platforms include Twitter, Buffer, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Using Buffer, you can even schedule your posts on Stencil.

Hence, you can access the different editing elements of Stencil by subscribing to its different plans. Stencil has three plans. The first plan is the Free plan.

Under the Free plan, you can edit and save a maximum of 10 pictures per month. The second plan is the Pro plan costing $9 per month if it is billed annually. The Pro plan allows you to save a maximum of 50 pictures in a single month.

The last paid-up plan of Stencil is the unlimited plan. The unlimited plan helps the users to save an unlimited number of pictures. The price of this plan is $12 per month if you pay it annually. The best element of the pricing feature of Stencil is that it offers the users seven days of a money-back guarantee.

This is a 100% money-back guarantee, which means that you can get your entire amount back if you are not satisfied with the software’s features. This helps the users easily pay the subscription amount and test out this image editing platform’s elements.

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20. Capture One

Capture OneCapture One is one of the most powerful photo editing tools for professional photographers. It was created by a camera company named Phase One.

Since its development, Capture One provides different unique editing features to the photographers. These photographers generally include the people who want to edit or enhance their raw images.

Due to its features, Capture One is even a better option than Adobe Lightroom. All the credit for this goes to the features of this platform. The masking facility of Capture One helps it to be better than Adobe Photoshop. You can even edit numerous images on this platform quickly.

The software provides advanced color editing to adjust the white balance and the images’ color power. Not only this, but the users can even customize the interface according to their requirements. To edit your pictures, you can make adjustments to different layers of the picture.

With so many advantages, the software also has some disadvantages. These disadvantages include the absence of cloud storage and dehaze tool.

Moreover, whenever you export an edited image from Capture one, the image will contain a watermark. You have to perform certain steps to remove the watermark, which is a strenuous process.

Despite the few disadvantages, you can give this image editing platform a try. For this, you need to subscribe to the different plans of the software. The price of the monthly plan of Capture One initiates from $20 per month.

You can purchase this plan for a total of $299 under this purchase. The users receive the support of more than 500 cameras. The Premium plans of Capture One can even cost as high as $417.00.

21. Alien Skin Exposure X4

Alien Skin Exposure X4Alien Skin Exposure X4, a photo editing software, is a combination of Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop. This is because of its huge variety of editing features that help in professional editing.

Here are the different editing features of Alien Skin Exposure X4:
  • Alien Skin Exposure X4 has an easy-to-use and clean interface.
  • This software also helps the users through its one-click presets, layers and masks.
  • You can easily transfer your edited images on this platform.
  • The printing option of Alien Skin Exposure X4 helps the users to print their professionally edited images.
  • You can easily organize your library of edited pictures on this platform due to its smart collection features.
  • To provide better exposure and highlights to your pictures, Alien Skin Exposure X4 has enhanced light filters and effects.

Hence, with the above features, you can easily professionally edit your images. But with so many features, the platform also has some cons.

These cons are as follows:

  • This image editing platform has no Geo-tagging and face-recognition features.
  • It lacks a chromatic aberration correction tool.
  • The lens profile correction tool of Alien Skin Exposure is not much efficient.
  • This platform also does not has any auto-correction tools.

Despite the disadvantages, you can use the software to edit your images. Alien Skin Exposure has different pricing plans. You can buy this software for approximately $119. The entire bundle of Alien Skin Exposure that provides all the editing tools is available for $149.

22. Inkscape

InkscapeInkscape is a free photo editing software. The photographers can use this software to edit their images on Windows or Mac.

You can even use it in your application by accessing its source code. Inkscape provides the ultimate amount of freedom to the photographers to edit their images. You can easily modify your images’ colors or overlay text and clone objects in your editing process.

Besides providing you freedom for editing, Inkscape also has certain other editing features. These features include multiple text formats, calligraphy features, copy-paste options, color picker, and additional add ons and extensions.

You can create your animations on inscape for your photos. Inkscape is also a great software for all those who want to add vector elements to their pictures. Hence, if you think all such features are suitable for your requirements, you can use this free photo editing software.

23. DesignWizard

DesignWizardDesignWizard is an ideal photo editing software for all people who want to use different design templates.

This is because the DesignWizard consists of one of the best libraries of different image templates. The photographers can use these pre-made image templates to edit their images. These templates can help them to create images for their social media accounts or YouTube channel.

The library of DesignWizard also consists of more than 1,000,000 high-quality videos, graphics, images, and illustrations. Each picture and video of the library is licensed for commercial use. This helps different marketers and small business owners to edit their images on this platform.

Besides the library, DesignWizard also has a simple photo editor. This photo editor helps the users easily edit and resize their images by adding text, logos, etc. To help marketers in their editing process, this platform consists of different marketing templates.

These templates include loyalty cards, sale posters, banners, LinkedIn advertisements, Facebook advertisements, etc. Once you have created or edited your image, you can easily share it on social media from this platform.

To get access to all such features, you need to subscribe to the different plans of DesignWizard. DesignWizard has a free plan and two paid plans.

The free plan of the software is called the basic plan. This plan provides users with access to the entire library of the software.

But the users need to pay $1 to download a single image design from the library. These designs are downloadable in PDF, PNG, and JPEG format. You can even resize these images or add texts to them.

The first paid-up plan of DesignWizard is the Pro plan. The cost of this plan is $9.99 per month. Under this plan, the users get access to a maximum of 60 image downloads for a month. Not only this, but the users can even post their custom fonts and images by subscribing to this plan.

The most expensive and most popular paid-up plan of DesignWizard is the Business plan. The cost of this plan is $49.99 per month. Before subscribing to this plan, the users can opt for its free trial. Different features under this plan include unlimited image downloads per month.

The uses also get access to all the video features of the software under the business plan. This means the users can download unlimited videos, edit these videos by adding images, text, and logos to them, and perform other editing processes to their videos on this platform.

25. Exposure X6

Exposure X6Exposure X6 is the last photo editing software on our list. This application is ideal for all creative photographers who want to edit the pictures and make them professional.

The software has superficial photo adjustment features along with a library of some excellent images.

The interface of the software makes it very easy to navigate by the users. The updates in the software have added some new automatic adjustments to it. These adjustments will help you in your editing process.

The photo editor of this software will help you to edit your pictures rapidly. The process of editing is made smoother because the application uses the GPU of the users. Other software editing tools include artistic effects, film grain, overlays, advanced color palette, etc.

Hence, Exposure X6 is an all-in-one photo-editing application. It has an extensive library of film presets. These presets or the designs of the software can help you to create modern and edited professional images.

Moreover, you can customize the different looks of exposure and save them according to your preferences. Customizing the presets will help you give a similar look to all of your images with just a single click.

Other creative editing features of this platform are as follows:
  • The software has more than 500 customizable templates to choose from.
  • The plugin support of Photoshop and Lightroom is also available.
  • The users can even use the non-destructive layers and the advanced masking elements of this platform.
  • After editing the pictures, the photographers can separate them into keywords, collection, or smart collection folders.
  • Exposure X6 provides one-click automatic adjustment and portrait retouching options to the photographers.

To try out all these editing features of the platform, the users can opt for its 30-day free trial. This trial will help them to get a taste of the editing elements of this software.

If they think that the software is up to the mark with their requirements, they can further opt for the paid-up subscription plans. The stand-alone version of this software costs $129.

Let Us Wrap It Up!

So, these were some of the most important photo editing software. You can choose any of these applications according to your budgets, preferences, and requirements.

But before choosing any software, you need to consider its editing capabilities, organization capabilities, and integration functionality.

With time, your photography skills tend to grow. Hence, this requires you to choose an image editing software that has expansion opportunities. These expansion opportunities will help you to make professionally edited pictures with your updated editing skills.

The list of the software mentioned above consists of different types of applications for different levels of people. These levels of people can include beginners in the editing industry or even professionals. So, you can choose any software according to your level of expertise in the industry.

Most of the software also has a free trial feature. This trial feature can help you to get a taste of the functionality of different applications. In the end, according to your satisfaction levels in different applications, you can select any one platform.


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