Tips To Sell Your Car At The Best Price

No matter how attached we might get to our vehicles, there comes a time in every car owner’s life when it’s time to trade in those beloved wheels and upgrade to a newer, shinier model. Parting with a car can often be quite an emotional affair. As the demands of life and family inevitably change over time, we all eventually reach the point where buying a new car becomes a requirement rather than a choice.

Sensible car preparation steps

No matter your reason for selling, it’s important you gain the best price possible for your vehicle, so you should consider some general works before putting it on the market:

  • Make sure you thoroughly clean the car inside and out
  • Repair any scratches, dents, and bumps
  • Consider having your car waxed and polished so it looks the very best it can
  • Think about adding accessories that embellish your car. For example, for SUV-type vehicles, these Toyota 4runner accessories could add instant kudos and extra value for very little outlay
  • Do your research and have a clear idea of how much similar cars of comparable age are worth

Choosing where to sell your car

The make, model, age, mileage, and condition of your car have the greatest effect on your car’s valuation; however, you may also find where (and how) you sell your car can often dramatically affect the price you can realistically achieve. As technologies have changed over the years, there are now considerably more options open to car sellers than in previous times, including:

Sell your car to an online dealership: Recently, there has been a huge growth in the number of online-only car dealers that will give you an upfront price for your car based on its registration details. These companies will often accept any car – in almost any condition – and can be one of the quickest and easiest options for selling your old vehicle, though you should bear in mind they might not offer you the best price.

Advertise on social media or car websites: Where once car websites ruled the roost when it came to online sales, social media has blown the market apart, and it’s now possible for individual sellers to promote their cars online – more often than not, for free. Services like Facebook Marketplace make it very easy to advertise your car to your local or even a national market.

Sell your car privately, offline: The days of traditional newspaper and shop window adverts aren’t quite behind us yet, and you may find you can sell your car privately just by getting the word out.

Sell to a friend: One of the easiest ways to sell a car is to find a trusted friend interested in buying – plus, it will probably get you a higher price than you can reasonably expect from any other channel outlined here.

Selling to a traditional dealership: Despite advances in technology and the go-it-alone approach to car sales, dealerships show no signs of disappearing anytime soon and, for many people, trading in (or selling) a car to a dealer offers the greatest security. Of all options noted herein, selling to a dealership will usually net you the lowest overall selling price – but it can bring other advantages such as being able to negotiate the price of a new car.

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