SEO Trends to Look Out for in 2020

SEO Trends in 2020

Search Engines are one of our beloved figures which helps us to explore, learn, and enlighten us across all the items of one’s wish list.

Anytime and anywhere you can insert your thoughts or query into the search box, and the system just makes you relief and happy, when you got the exact information you’re eagerly looking for. Search Engines are always made you feel connected.

And because of these huge people dependent on search engines for facts and info, Search Engines are expected to maintain quality content and recommendations when selecting sites on their SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). And the competition is at its peak.

Getting your Website to make an appearance in the First or foremost page and position, is dependent on the content you are providing to offer the world and helping these Search Engines by making them comprehend the message you have in the mind that you think would be the best solution to offer the puzzled searchers.

According to the research on predicting the SEO trends and future in 2020 says, it’s going to be more difficult to rank high on SERPs in the coming years.  A structured database may show more result info than organic results can.

Due to the introduction of featured snippets, smaller sites that have more properly structured answers can rank well than those with huge content.

Search engines are updated from time to time and getting smarter. And now the answers are mostly right there on the SERPs itself.

The foremost features that rundown are assembled that would be a trend in 2020.

Snippets Feature

For instance, in the Google search engine when we enter something in the search box, you’ll get to see a more competitive space than before.

When someone research on any kind of commercial queries the SERP’s first space will be occupied by images or block images or quartet of text ads are positioned prior to the organic search results.

For common information and facts the search result page includes:

  • Knowledge Graphs,
  • “People also ask” reference boxes,
  • Related Images,
  • Related trending news,
  • YouTube Videos, etc.

These snippets will be a major part in full filling the researcher’s demands as in basic answers.

And these newest features have made the work of researchers more simple by allowing them to see more relevant or related questions that to be made by users on the next pace on the ‘People also ask’ snippet.

Mobile-First Index

It is the most prominent device used by most of the users around the world. Mobile devices are getting upgraded and that is placed to be on one of the needed features in the Google search engine.

In March 2018, Google announced the rundown called the Mobile-first index.

Just a few months later on this feature release, Google launched the mobile speed update.

Loading speed became a factor in calculating the mobile site ranking. A lightning-fast mobile UX site fetches you the Golden SEO ticket.

It is predicted that there would be more than 7 billion mobile devices worldwide by the year 2023. More than 85% of adults own a smartphone in the year 2020.

Brand and its Reputation

When Business comes, it is very important to create, build, and maintain the brand and reputation. Not for the popularity thing but for the brand to be recognized by the people around you.

To receive, these SERPs trustworthiness is not as easy as promoting the brand. It has to create a tangible impact on SERP’s decision on the place and position placement.

One easy and common way to gain your brand’s reliability is through Backlinking.

In this way, external sites link to your site, which is like Google ask voting for your site. The number of link votes your site gets the more legit your website’s presence in the SERP.

It is not always helping hand especially in for newer brands on the screen, but it is one of good and gradual promoting types.

Providing quality content

It was quite enough to just make an appearance on the internet to simply churn out content and search engines signals your site could be a helpful resource for users in back the days.

But now in 2020, due to the increase in content presence and competition in the market, the quality of the content plays a crucial role. Also, the internet has shed its training and development for a long while.

The new update of Google’s broad core algorithm has a new feature to evaluate the websites that meeting the company’s EAT standards.

The acronym of EAT stands for Expertise – Authoritativeness – Trustworthiness. EAT step up the competition about offering your web visitors fetching blog posts by thorough Knowledge bases, and engaging news and video materials.

Remember to provide internal links of other web pages on your website, which drives traffics.

All these ways are good at getting your site noticed and signaling to Search Engines to direct people out at your place.

Voice Search

It is one of the expected updated features in Search Engine and everybody saw coming. The huge the mobile internet grows, with that new features like voice searching also developed by removing the old good typing searches.

It is expected that Web browsing will go screen-less by 2020, a trend to keep optimizing.

Each year brings new technological development and the ways of understanding and exactly listings are being categorized.

Adjusting your target keywords to reflect how someone talks and search of your thoughts, rather than typing it.

To improve the voice search engine for users to get specific results in their researched queries.

For that, use long-tail Keywords, highly descriptive search phrases. These long-tail keywords often turn into questions by AI assistance like Alexa, Siri, Google assistance, etc.

Protect your user’s data

Have you ever noticed the little pop message on the right upper corner of your browser or a lock icon that appears in the left corner of the URL bar?

And, this super alarm sometimes starts on a corner the frantically waves a red flag says, “Not Secure”. A not reassuring welcome to the site.

Due to the increase in cybersecurity issues in this competitive world, protecting the users’ personal information is one of the major tasks to every website especially if the website is collecting customer insights.

The General Data Protection Regulation, that progress full effects in May 2018 is a European Union measure implemented to ramp up personal data privacy by restricting what companies can do with those details that they hold and gather from the users.

Explore beyond the Search Engine

It is true that people are looking beyond the most common and popular search engines for the required facts. One of such content provider to pay attention to is Amazon.

A survey of consumers conducted by Kenshoo shows 56% of people usually head straight to Amazon, before looking elsewhere. This a special significant statistic for eCommerce sellers, everywhere to take that note off.

For an SEO Company, such tricks play an important role.

Another platform that distributes facts and details to pay attention is YouTube. It is the marketing heaven for a lot of advertisers. Even though we know it is a subsidiary product of Google.

As more people are heading to a video-sharing platform before they are trying their work on Google’s conventional search page, it is also a way to expand the online presence of your content and brand in this internet area.

By 2021, the online video platform is expected to account for 80% of overall online traffic.

User Experience

The User Experience of a website has the capability to make or break a deal of any website’s traffic.

Thus, business owners who want to keep making a profit with their brand and sites will have to do their best to guarantee a smooth UX (User Experience)/customer experience.

That includes an appealing appearance, easy-to-understand contents, intuitive design, lower page load time, Compact layout, easy map line, and absolutely no technical issues.

A website appearance gives a better impression of any business than any kind of advertisement.

It is the nature of people to visit straightly to the website of brands they know or the recently visited site which they had most satisfactory information, the cause of reliable information they are in need of and the appearance of the site also determines the visitors’ level and frequency to a website.

Use your powerful assets to bloom your reputation.

Marketing with Influencers

It is always said to be great to have a famous person to vouch for your brand for you in the market.

Especially for the competitive business, where the increase in competition and you want your business to know at least the brand was there in the market by the common people.

To get the people’s attention and attraction there are a lot many ways, yet one of the easiest ways is to make the influenced people talk on behalf of your brand.

To make that possible, first, you have to find and connect with the influenced people.

One advantage is that you can find them pretty easily in the social media platforms, so finding doesn’t a matter yet get their approval to what you and your brand do it really matters.

AI in Search Engines

AI (Artificial Intelligence), the fast-growing innovative technology has a massive amount of potential in it and its time to time new updates and new technological development impacts the business and consumers in numerous ways.

It is still wondered how businesses are actively adapting to AI, as the uncertainty it carries around may cause huge loss.

But when compared to the profit and upgrades it fetches in business minimize the risk factor.

Businesses are actively looking to the ways to use and implement AI in their work.

That same for the Search engines, popular search engines are already adopted AI features in their work-space like deep learning.

If the search engines would found the inevitable help of AI, it will have effects in SEO rankings.

For example, if AI could be integrated into SEO ranking algorithms of any search engines it could be aided in more effectively to sniff out websites practising.

This coming year has immense development and competition in SEO algorithms and ranking.

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