Some Essential Tips to Make Heaps of Money with Your Blog

1. Engage readers with dynamic content.

If you’re reviewing your web analytics and notice that halfway through your blog page your readers click away, do you ever wonder why that happened? One possible reason could be that your readers have found your content irrelevant, unconvincing, or just plain dull. What you need to do, though, is to engage them with dynamic content through convincing write-ups. The question is, how do you know if your content is good enough or not? How do you know which parts of your content should be improved? The answer is, through a content audit. Completing a content audit is an opportunity for you to uncover good and weak points so you can strategize accordingly and write your content differently from then on. Now, let’s say you’ve completed the audit, but learned that your content needs a major revision. If you lack the time to rewrite it yourself, there are writers online who can do it for you. Go to sites like Freelancemyway. Freelancemyway Type in “writers” or specific categories like “blog writer,” and “copywriter.” The search will then present you with suggested freelancers you can start to engage with.

2. Optimize your blog for SEO with keywords.

Optimizing your blog for SEO with the right keywords is crucial to capture leads and make money with your blog. Doing so makes your blog rank high in the search results and increases your chances of people clicking your link because they can find you quickly. To help you come up with the right keywords, you need to use tools such as AnswerThePublic. As an example, I typed in “freelance,” and the tool generated these suggested topics: Optimize your blog for SEO with keywords What’s smashing about this tool is that it gives you many suggestions for a category in wheel presentations and lists. These suggestions provide you over a hundred options to choose from and optimize your blog.

3. Capture readers with a punchy headline.

To capture your readers as you start blogging for income, you should use a punchy headline that’s creative, grabs their attention, and immediately answers their needs. To ensure you have punchy headlines, make the most of title generator tools available online, such as TweakYourBiz. Enter your topic in the field, and the tool produces suggestions. In this example, I typed in “how to find the best freelance writers.” TweakYourBiz came up with the following results: You can choose titles that are in their question forms, have the word “best,” pertain to a “lists” kind of content, begin with “how to,” and a lot more. These suggestions can also guide you in the kind of content to write.

4. Place ads on your site.

There are two usual types of advertisements you can put on your blog site: (1) cost-per-click (CPC) or pay-per-click (PPC) ads, and (2) cost-per-1000-impressions ads. CPC ads are typically banners placed on your sidebar or content. You earn from the advertisement each time a visitor clicks on it. CPM ads are those from which you get a fixed rate based on the number of people viewing it. To welcome and place ads on your blog site, make use of networks like Google AdSense. With it, you don’t need to contact advertisers directly. You only need to place a banner on your site, Google selects ads depending on your content, and your readers click on the ad.

5. Embed marketing videos in your blog.

Video marketing is one of the best practices to generate leads and make money with your blog. You can embed informational product videos, tutorials, or video testimonials. Videos are compelling in providing your readers an audio-visual break from all the text they’re seeing. If you have a video uploaded on YouTube, for instance, you can embed it on your site in a way that doesn’t eat up your site speed. To do so, go to the video and click the “Share” link located below it. When a box like this appears, click “Embed.”

It will lead you to another dialog box where you can copy the code and paste it into your HTML. To do this, click “Copy,” as shown below: Doing so is more convenient and saves more space than uploading the video on your blog site.

6. Improve your load speed.

Slow load speed is one of the profit killers of any website. More than 50 percent of mobile visitors leave a site that takes longer than three seconds to load. That’s a large number of people you could have engaged if only your site loaded faster. To ensure they stay, use the PageSpeed Insights tool to test your speed and improve it. I used as an example to show you how the tool works: PageSpeed Insights quickly shows you your speed score and determine whether it’s slow, fast, or average based on the legend below it, as seen above. As you scroll down, you’ll find more insights on your site’s speed factors and performance that will help you decide on the appropriate remedy or enhancement.

7. Have a responsive design.

Statistics reveal that more than half of the website visits worldwide are from smartphones. Because of this, Google has prioritized responsive design as a major factor for ranking pages. Responsive designs are friendly on smartphones as they can adjust to whatever screen size users view them. Hence, your site should have that if you want to convert readers and make money out of your blog. If you’re using WordPress, you can employ available, responsive content marketing WordPress themes that best suit your blog niche and structure. You cannot disregard this aspect as the number of mobile users you can reach out to will keep rising in the future.

8. Opt to sell digital products.

Selling digital products on your site is a nifty way to make money from your blog. Digital products can include the following:

  • Educational video courses
  • Blogging courses
  • eBooks
  • Plug-ins, apps, or themes
  • Images, music or other videos people can use.

Whatever digital product you choose, be sure it’s relevant to your readers, so they’re more likely to buy it.

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