Can You Work Two Full-Time Jobs? If Yes, How?

Managing Two Full Time Jobs

Working two full-time jobs is an arduous task. However, it is always worth your efforts.

Can you work two full-time jobs? Yes.

Working two full-time jobs is common. This is because you can make the best of your potential and work in two companies simultaneously.

There may be umpteen reasons for pursuing two full-time jobs. You may want to gain more experience in the required field to enhance your career.

On the other hand, you may wish to refine your skills and talents and pursue your passion. You may also want to expand your networking outreach. This would augment your future job opportunities, as well.

Most of the time, people pursue two full-time jobs to meet their financial expenses. They want to pay off their bills, rents, other recurring payments, or to pay off their college fees.

You may also want to beef up some savings for your future.

Hence, you may think of giving the best of your potential while you are young.

That gives you another reason to work at two full-time jobs. But for this, you need to pay heed to some tips and strategies.

Meanwhile, you should also take care of your health. This is because two tedious jobs require much energy.

Let’s see how you can manage two full-time jobs.

Manage the Timings

Since you would be working in two full-time jobs, you would be facing a time shortage. You would be facing scarcity and difficulty in completing the errands of the jobs.

To combat this problem, you can stagger the schedules of the jobs. This is because it would be tedious to work in two back to back posts simultaneously.

Working in two nine to five jobs can be challenging to complete the tasks effectively of even one job.

Hence, you should lurch your schedule in a way to suit your timings. You can do this by working alternately in both the jobs.

Starting one shift at 9 am and ending it at 5 pm, you can initiate the work of the other position at night from 8 pm to 2 am.

Fabricate a Planner

Working 2 full-time jobs require a lot of planning and a proper schedule. You need to be organized enough to separate your working hours from your personal life. To do this, you can invest your time in a planner.

You should plan your activities to save time. You can jot down your work-related activities in your planner. This would ensure that you do not forget to complete any assignment due to massive pressure on you.

On the other hand, you could also note down the household chores or other activities in the planner.

Say, for example, you could jot down the menu items which you would like to prepare beforehand. This could later save your time in thinking about the same. You could use this saved time to complete your assignments of the jobs.

You could jot down your events in the planner on weekends. Fabricating a planner helps you to be organized as well.

Simplify Everyday Tasks

Another way of working two full-time jobs is to simplify your everyday activities. You could replace your gym with jogging or a walk in the morning.

Homemakers could even engage the children in activities that require minimal supervision. They can also prepare and freeze large batches of food on weekends.

Thus, engaging in activities that require your minimal supervision would help you to save time. There is an alternative to every task.

You could procure an option that saves your time. This would help you to draw your attention to your working assignments.

Formulate a To-Do List

You can use software applications to form a to-do list. This list would help you to complete your tasks before the deadlines.

In this way, you can maintain a record of your assignments of the two full-time working jobs. Hence, you can also avert procrastination.

Software like Trello assists you in writing down your errands along with their deadlines.

You can also transfer the tasks to the “completed” column, once you have completed the assignment.

Solicit for Compressed Workweeks

You can request to work on weekends from one of your employers. In this way, you can focus on both the jobs. You could take 13-14 hours shifts at and complete your errands.

Working more on the weekends makes more time for you during the busy and hectic days. You could easily concentrate on both the jobs. Enough time would be available for you as well.

Take Time Off

Working two full-time jobs does not mean that you do not look after yourself. After all, all humans need self-care. Hence, you should take out time from your hectic schedules and take a break.

A break would help you to rejuvenate yourselves. You are likely to be more productive after taking a break. It works as a catalyst in boosting your efficiency.

Taking time off can be a daunting task, especially when you are working in two full-time jobs. But it is necessary for your mental health as well.

You can work efficiently only in a balanced state of mind. Hence, you could take out a day in a week or even half a day for yourself.

Remote Working

You can choose remote working for one of your jobs. The work from home option saves your time wasted in commuting. You do not have to get ready for the office as well.

Hence, choosing remote working for a job could help you to cope up with the two tasks simultaneously.

Choose Flexible Employment Option

You should avert working on stringent guidelines in both the jobs.

Opting for a flexible schedule in one of the jobs could augment your efficiency. You would be less pressured to complete your tasks before a fixed deadline. Less stress means more productivity.

You could solicit your employer to proffer you a flexible employment option. On the other hand, you could pursue freelancing. Freelancing means you are your boss. Hence, you could modify your schedule according to your needs and requirements.

Thus, a flexible schedule would aid you in coping with the two full-time working jobs simultaneously. You could work during separate shifts for both the jobs.

Stay Motivated

Working in two full-time jobs may augment your stress and truncate your motivation. You are likely to feel demotivated for opting to work for two positions.

However, maintaining your motivation is the key to success. You should stay motivated by the aim of your work. You could be working in both the jobs for money.

So, you should use your objective as your incentive to improve your efficiency.

On the other hand, you could be working to refine your skills and gain some quality experience. So, you should focus on your goals to stay motivated.

Maintain Your Energy

An energetic and vibrant person is likely to work better. You should not be lousy while working two full-time jobs. Maintaining your energy at work is very important.

You can rejuvenate yourself by taking short breaks. You could even follow the Pomodoro technique.

According to this strategy, a person should work for 20-25 minutes simultaneously. He or she should then take a break of 3-5 minutes. This technique is likely to improve your productivity.

Maintaining energy also requires a proper and nutritious diet. So, you should take care of your diet chart.

Getting ill could cause you huge losses in your tasks as well.

Don’t Think Work While Not Working

Working in two full-time jobs does not mean that your mind is engaged every time due to extra work.

You are likely to drown in the waves of your thoughts while being with friends or family. So, you should try to calm down when not working.

You should not think of work every time. This will only increase your stress.

You should even not think of another work’s chores while completing the errands of the other job.


Working two full-time jobs is feasible. However, it is only possible if you are dedicated enough to complete the errands of both positions.

A human being cannot work for more than 80 hours per week. So you should complete your tasks and assignments of both the jobs in 80 hours per week.

Working more than your limits can lead to mishappenings at the office or home. It could even truncate your immunity. You can develop some chronic long term illness as well.

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