What Does GED Stand For? What Does It Mean? What’s Its Purpose?

What is GED

GED stands for General Education Diploma Or General Educational Development Test. It is a test that is cleared by individuals without a high school diploma. This test analyses your knowledge, skills, talents, and aptitude.

Are you one of those who never completed your high school? Does this issue truncate your job opportunities? If yes, then GED is meant for you. Generally, after graduating from high school, individuals procure a diploma. This diploma is a document that verifies your credibility for high school skills.

However, some students are unable to obtain any such diploma. In such cases, they face problems to develop their career without valid documents.

Hence, GED tests are used to verify an individual’s knowledge and skills in high school. Such tests are nationally recognized as a high school equivalency diploma and proffer a uniform basis for testing the people.

What Is the GED Test?

Various states of the US and Canada proffer high school equivalent credentials to the individuals passing the GED tests. The secondary educators and the experts in the relevant fields fabricate these tests. The GED tests analyze your critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills in four main areas:

  • 1. Science
  • 2. Reasoning through language arts
  • 3. Mathematics logistics,
  • 4. Social studies

These four tests integrate to formulate your GED exam result. Each test is of at least one hour. You could give them all in a single day or at different dates. To pass these tests, the applicants need to secure the marks of the top 60% of the high school individuals.

Hence, it is a daunting task to pass these exams. 4 out of 10 people fail to clear them. But acquiring the relevant pieces of training in this regard can help you.

The GED Testing Service of the American Council on Education, along with the Department of Education of the respective states, supervises these tests.

Statistics exhibit that after the initiation of this program in 1943,  more than 20 million people have procured the GED certification. Such a certificate is proffered by the respective state or province in which the applicant dwells.

Moreover, you can qualify for these tests in different languages: English, Spanish, Braille, French, audiocassette, and large print.

But what is GED in Education?

Almost every university and organization consider the GED credentials as a high school diploma. They consider it sufficient for admissions and other requirements.

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Eligibility for GED Test-Takers

You must cater to the requirements to be eligible to give the tests. They are-

  • 1. The individual must not have a high school diploma.
  • 2. He or she should be at least 16 years of age.

How to Take up The GED Test?

You have to give the GED exams by visiting the official testing centers fabricated for this purpose. However, before going in-person, you need to fix a schedule for the same. You can do so at GED.com. There are many centers in each state.

Researches show that the US, Canada, and overseas house approximately 3,500 official centers. You should procure the various online classes and solve sample test questions to prepare for the tests.

What Can GED Do for You?

According to a study, approximately 39 million adults do not have a high school diploma in America. However, employers need such educational qualifications from the employees. So in the absence of such recognition, it is a difficult task for the adults to find profitable jobs.

To combat such problems, individuals can take up the GED exams. The credential of the GED exams helps you to procure job opportunities. This is because approximately 95% of the employers, universities, and colleges in the US accept such credential as a high school diploma equivalent.

According to research, nearly 800,000 adults go through such tests globally. Out of the above figure,  approx. Five hundred thousand individuals amass their GED certifications. Overall, around 69% of the applicants pass the GED Test Battery.

Another report by the American Council On Education exhibits that GED diplomas are approximately one in seven high school diplomas of the United States. Let us sight some of the benefits of a GED certificate.

International Recognition

Almost all universities accept the GED certification in the US and other countries around the world. Moreover, this is the only credential that is available in more than 85 countries.

Flexible Schedules

Unlike other exams, you do not have to wait for a specific date to give the GED test. You can schedule it online according to your priorities.

Augmented Credibility

As GED programs are more than 75 years old, they are highly credible. This program has been formulated between the American Council on Education and Pearson, which is a global education company. This further builds trust in the applicants.

Quick Procedure

The respective authorities score the tests on the day you give them. Moreover, you can amass your transcripts just after few days of passing the exam. This helps you to facilitate your entry into a university quickly.

Higher Secondary Credential

GED certifications work as a replacement for New Zealand’s NCEA, America’s A-level test, the International Baccalaureate Diploma, and other high school certificates.

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Purpose of GED Credentials

GED certification assists you to procure the following benefits:


People can amass jobs in factories and offices in the absence of a diploma. However, the problem comes when you need promotion or are unsatisfied with your pay.

In such circumstances, the GED certificate can help you to procure employment opportunities. Thus, the GED credentials work as a gateway for you to secure promotions and job training.


America’s goal is to augment educational opportunities and create many graduates. The GED credentials help to accomplish this goal.

Moreover, higher education helps individuals to amass high paying jobs. It also improves the reputation of the nation. This is because it is difficult to pursue further studies in the absence of a high school equivalent.

Hence, such certification assists you to get entry into esteemed universities, schools, and colleges.


Many people cannot clear the high school exams and feel left behind. This truncates their self-confidence, and they underestimate their skills.

However, by passing the GED tests, a spark to soar heights gets enlightened in them. Failing in high school does not imply that you fail in life. After fetching the GED credentials, you can procure many profitable jobs. Such success can expand your self-esteem.

With this sense of accomplishment, you can achieve higher things in life.

Hence, the purpose of a GED certificate is to obtain a high school equivalency. This happens when you do not have an official high school diploma.

What Does a GED Certificate Look Like?

Some people may be curious about the physical structure of the GED. The physical appearance of the GED certificate hinges upon your state.

Different states modify the structure. The size varies from 5 by 7 inches to 2 by 11 inches. The color of the certificate can either be White or Beige.

What Is on The GED?

There are other vital attributes printed on this certificate. These are-

  • 1. Recipient’s name.
  • 2. State Seal.
  • 3. Date of completion.
  • 4. State’s superintendent of education’s signature.

However, you should be careful about the scams related to this program prevalent on the internet.

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