What to Do When You Hate Your Job – 16 Ways to Motivate Yourself

what to do when you hate your job

With a plethora of challenges and burdensome errands in a job, it is likely to feel demotivated. Sometimes various stressful thoughts may arise in your mind. You may think the following thought…

“I hate my job. I hate working”

“I hate my boss.”

“I don’t want to work anymore.”

“I hate my coworkers.”

“I have no motivation.”

“I hope that I can turn back the time.”

You may not give your cent percent in your projects due to the lack of motivation.

There can be umpteen reasons for disliking your job. You may be frustrated by your coworkers and your boss. Sometimes, the job may not even suit your passions.

Let us have a glimpse of various ways and words for motivation to continue with an unpleasant job.

Find a Solution

What do you do with a problem? You find a solution for it. Similarly, you should find the origin of your lack of motivation.

You should try to resolve it by engaging in various motivational activities. There may be some tasks that may be burdensome and which may demotivate you.

On the other hand, other activities, like mentoring and training, may not demotivate you.

The solution to your problem will help you to feel motivated.

Try to Enjoy Your Job

You can set various deadlines to complete your tasks on time. Dividing your tasks at different levels of the games and completing them at different schedules will help you to stay motivated.

This would also augment your efficiency and productivity.

Cordial Relations with Colleagues

Sharing always relieves pain and stress. You should maintain healthy relations with your colleagues and frequently connect with them.

Their working speed may motivate you, and you may even learn motivation skills from them.

Analyze Yourself

If you feel unmotivated after receiving bad reviews about your work, then you should analyze yourself. You may assess your weaknesses and try to work upon them.

In this way, you could fetch better results next time to elevate your motivation.

Think Again

When you hate your job and hate work, then you may take a deep breath and switch off for a moment. During this break, you must search for some motivation photos or surf the web for topics like how to not hate your job.

This can significantly boost your enthusiasm and morale.

Change Your Role

To truncate your frustration, you can modify your role and engage in some motivation activities that interest you. You may engage with some other department or formulate some quality content for your organization.

You may change your role according to your skills and preferences.

Try to Bring Positivity

It is often said that we exhibit what we think. We should not always be cynical about our jobs. Our negativity may deteriorate our work despite our excellent skills.

Thoughts like, now I am motivated, I’ll show you how great I am, and much more should arise in your head.

Forge New Skills

Sometimes due to a lack of skills, your work may not be up to the mark. Your boss may hence, get disappointed with you.

To avert this problem, you could formulate new skills related to your work. You could do this by getting training related to your work.

This may lead to an appreciation for your work and, in turn, enrich your motivation.

Motivational Activities

When you hate your job, then most of the days are bad days. But you can manage these days and help to rejuvenate yourself by engaging in activities which you love.

This may include a call with your friend or reading a book, or even writing on a motivation topic.

Give Your Boss a Reason to Appreciate You

When you are admired for your errands, you feel motivated to work harder the next time.

So in order to motivate yourself, you should always try to give your best and deliver commendable work.

Avert Public Judgments

You should always try to keep away with the negativity. You can do this by not caring about public perceptions.

Some of your colleagues may try to demoralize you and degrade your efficiency. You should not pay heed to them and give your best.

Paying attention to the negative comments of the public may affect your mental health. You should turn a deaf ear to them and emphasize on your job.

Envelop Yourself with Positive People

You should always try to encircle yourself with positive people. Such people radiate positivity and help you to do the same.

They would always try to appreciate your efforts and boost your morale. By doing this,

This would help you to feel motivated.

Do More Hard Work

To combat the lack of motivation, you should always pursue hard work.

This is because hard work is always appreciated, and it would aid you in delivering quality content to your boss.

This would, in turn, impress your boss, who may then, appreciate you.

There is no bigger motivation than appreciation. So give your best and leave the rest.

Differentiate Between Hatred and Improvement

Why do you want to leave your job? Is it because of your hatred towards your job? Or is it because you need some changes in your skills?

If the latter point pertains to you, then you should always try to improve yourself.

Once your weakness is transformed into your strength, then no one can make you feel unmotivated.


To reduce your mental anxiety, you can volunteer for some activities in your office, which can elevate your spirits.

Such activities may involve recruiting new employees and training them for their jobs.

This will not only raise your motivation but will also create a good impact on your boss.

Think About Your New Dream Job

Planning your exit from this job and thinking about your dream job may help you to feel motivated and rekindle your energy.

You would then try to give your best for the time being in this job.

Wrapping Up

There are times when you may not like your job.

But unfortunately, you have to continue with this job while you are searching for your dream job. So, to stay motivated during this, you can search for some motivation, pictures, motivation examples, inspiring things, etc.

The motivation photos may assist you to elevate your truncated self-confidence and boost your enthusiasm.

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