Best Work from Home Jobs During COVID-19 Pandemic

Work From Home Jobs During COVID-19


The novel coronavirus is spreading like a wave of dreadfulness all over the world. It has indeed taken many things from us. It has deprived us of our social lives, our sense of independence, and control of our jobs.

The coronavirus is impacting our health and economy severely. But it cannot take our skills and the internet from us.

Here is a list of 20 work from home jobs. They will help you to earn money and refine your skills.


Teachers can earn enormous profits during these times of distress. There is a high demand for teachers because the students are studying from homes now. A teacher could teach full time or part-time, depending upon his or her schedule.

You can choose your audience according to your qualifications. Be it a kindergarten teacher or the graduation school teacher, teaching jobs are available in each field.

The salary of a teacher depends on the teaching subject. It may vary from $9 to $23  per hour. Outschool, K12, and Prof360 are hiring teachers who can teach online.


The job of a transcriptionist is to listen and type. The requirement of a transcriptionist in medical fields needs technical knowledge of the subject matter.

You can earn an average hourly pay of $10 to $27.00 in this job. Literably, Actera are 2 such organizations that are hiring transcriptionists.

Digital Health Content Producer

A digital health content producer develops content related to digital health. He or she also promotes the material through the healthcare provider.

This job is generally part-time with a flexible schedule. The applicant must possess the required presentation skills.

Video Editor and Animator

If you have the proficiency in video editing and intermediate illustrator skills, then you could opt for this job. This part-time job requires you to develop fresh content and eye-catching advertisements.

Spaceship Physics Developer

Excellent skills in physics may lead you to become a spaceship physics developer. It is a remote and full-time job. The applicant must have experience with version control and physics engine development.

You should be able to write multi-threaded code using unity DOTS and integrate various features.

Spanish Proof-Reader

This part-time remote working job requires one year of experience. The applicant needs to conduct research, develop content, and collaborate with the team.

You can provide your expertise in this job to gain educational experience.


You can offer your knowledge and skills to earn money as a consultant. Remote working as a consultant can fetch you high revenues.

Management consultants can earn anywhere from $17.00 to $170 per hour.

Online job boards such as up Upwork and FlexJobs can help you connect with your clients.

Virtual Assistant

Assist in the organizations from your residence. You can earn an average hourly pay ranging from $10 to $28.00 from this job.

Virtual assistants assist in various activities in an organization.

They may manage emails, plan events, or formulate social media strategies. Companies like boldly are hiring such people.


A translator’s job is to translate written or spoken words. The translation depends upon the position of the job.

You can earn m average hourly pay of $10 to $39 from this job. proffers work on a huge basis for such translators.

Mock Juror

Your interest in true crime stories may lead you to become a mock juror.

Jurors review legal cases and provide feedback on such matters. They assist clients and participate in focus groups.

You could procure an average pay of $5  to $60 per trial. This job does not require any prior experience.

Customer Service Representative

Make your home a call center and make an average hourly pay ranging from $10 to $19.00.

This job aims at assisting the customers in a wide range of industries.

You may get yourself employed in the retail sector, the healthcare industry, or the technology industry.

Apart from calls, you can also proffer your services via emails or text messages.

Contact Tracer

This high demand and lucrative job raise an income ranging from $18.00 to $24.00. The post has become famous in pandemic times.

A contact tracer tracks a disease in a patient. He or she finds an infected person who has been in contact with the coronavirus.

This job is significant in overcoming the pandemic.

Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate marketer can earn profits by selling goods without even having an inventory.

He or she promotes other companies’ products online. He or she receives a commission for each sale.

The income is dependent on the number of sales you generate.

You can sell multiple products to several people at the same time while working from home.

SEO Expert

If you have an understanding of how search algorithms work, then you can work as an SEO expert.

An SEO expert helps the companies to enhance their ranking position on the Google search homepage.  They add many SEO keywords in the content of the company.

This attracts high online traffic on the company’s website. With this, firms can earn higher profits.

Content Writer

You can whisk your creativity and effective communication skills to become a content writer.

Companies hire content writers to compose compelling and quality content for their websites.

This aids in attracting high online traffic, thus increasing sales.

Software Engineer

Being an expert in information technology, many work from home opportunities are available for software engineers.

Companies like Amazon, LocusLabs, and Upwork hire software engineers.

They get hourly pay ranging from $19.00 to $ 62.

Fundraising Coordinator

The fundraising coordinator helps to raise money for various causes. He or she communicates with the potential or existing donors.

A more senior-level position for such a job requires proven fundraising strategy and development abilities.

This job fetches an average hourly pay ranging from $10 to $24.

Claims Investigator

A claims investigator analyses the legitimacy of Individuals’ insurance claims and unemployment.

They perform in-depth research and can earn an average hourly pay ranging from $14 to $28.

This field requires specialized degrees and experience.

Focus Group Participant

Did you even know that sharing your opinions could fetch you dollars?

Yes, a focus group participant participates in surveys and shares his or her views to generate money.

The average hourly pay ranges from $1 to $75 depending upon the type of job.


Dropshipping is similar to affiliate marketing. The only difference is that in drop shipping, you set up your brand to sell the products.

The central aspect of this job is that you could generate money by sales without even having an inventory.

You act as a middleman and earn money by receiving a commission on the sales.

Another way of doing it is to set up an online store, just like Empire Promos, where you can list products on promotional sales or available at discounts.

Summing Up

Due to the practice of social distancing, remote working has become the new norm. It is a necessity in these times of distress. The companies and organizations have increased the number of work from home jobs.

People can enhance their skills and talents by working remotely from their places.

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